Let's Talk About Our Relationship With Money

What are your beliefs & thoughts about money?

Do you happen to have a problematic relationship with money? You’re not alone if you do. Many of us have strange, weird beliefs about money. And these beliefs stop us from earning well, or from having enough money. I used to have many such faulty beliefs too. 

Everything has consciousness. Even money. Tell me, if you think badly about someone, and have strange beliefs about that person, will that person want to be with you? Money will behave in the same way.

It is never bad to be wealthy. Remember, money in the hands of good people brings blessings to the world.

Below is a list of faulty money beliefs that I wrote down from my client sessions as well as my own weird beliefs. See if you can recognize yourself there in these beliefs, and then work on letting go of these beliefs:

  1. Asking for money is being greedy (even if I worked for it - this was my belief).
  2. Accepting money from anyone is being greedy (even if I...
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Visualization Technique For Manifesting Money

Money isn’t everything, but it is one of the important things we need in our lives. Many think that money is the root of evil. That is wrong. Money is simply money. It is how we use it that is good or evil. You can help so many people when you have enough money, isn’t that true? Money in the hands of the right people is always a blessing for this world.

Here is a very simple visualization that I had learned many years back from one of my Reiki Masters. She said that whenever she does this, money starts flowing into her life. I tried it too, and I must say it works for me! I improvised on it a bit and added my own spin.

Try doing this visualization every day and come back and tell me what happened.

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

2. Breathe easily and relax.

3. Focus on the sensations you feel within your body for a few seconds. This will make you relax further.

4. Turn your closed eyes upwards about 30-45 degrees like you are...

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How To Deal With Difficult People

I got an interesting suggestion from one of my email subscribers. He asked me how he can deal with difficult people. And I think this is a very common problem most people face, so I decided to write about it.

To understand how to deal with "difficult people", we first need to understand the nature of reality. I will explain in short here:

1. Each of us lives in our own reality/hologram, even though it looks like we are all together as equal participants. We are not equal participants.

2. Each of us is the only Operant Power in our own reality. If I compare life to a fiction book, then each of us is the ONLY author of our own individual books (called our reality/life/universe).

3. Everyone in our individual reality is "ourselves pushed out". This simply means that everyone else in our individual reality is a character from our own fiction book. They seem to have free-will but they don't. God gives each person complete dominion over their own realities. So how others behave, or...

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Angel Reading - Timeless - 21

Hello, Superwomen & Supermen!

Are you ready to start the 21-Day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge? It will cost nothing at all. But all I do ask from you is, if you join the group to do this challenge, please put your heart and soul into it. And prove to yourself that you are less than no one else and that in fact, you are powerful beyond measure. 

Sign up for the WaitList for the No-Cost 21-Day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge here: https://www.thepurpleflower.com/pl/269812 and then make sure you see your email from me after signing up, to make sure you are getting my emails because 1) I will be sending you the welcome email with information 2) On the 22nd of February I will send you the email with the link to the private Facebook group where the challenge will be held, and 3) Every day for 21 days you will receive emails from me with the link to that day's video.

NOTE: It is REALLY important that you check if you are getting my emails for the above 3...

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Are You Overwhelmed With Too Many Problems At Once?

There are times when we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by way too many problems of all kinds. And we don't know what to fix, what to let go of, what to fix first, and what to fix next. 

Have you faced such a situation? I have. And I can assure you, almost every human faces this at some time or another.

And you might already be aware of how the Law of Attraction works. You might even be aware of the Law of Assumption, and Neville Goddard's techniques of manifesting. But then, when faced with too many problems, you might feel confused about what issue to tackle first.

What if you needed a new job...

And you needed to fix your health...

And you needed to heal a particularly important relationship...

And also, you needed to quickly pay your rent...

       And so on?

These are all important. How can you choose to focus on one thing over another, and prioritize? When you are in a situation like this, you need to manifest them all together. 


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How To Manifest The Specific Person You Love

Are you in love with someone?

And is that person not with you? They broke up with you, but you still love them and want them back. Or they live somewhere far away and they think this won't work. Or they don't know you love them. Or they have friend-zoned you. Or...they might not even know you exist!

AND...some well-meaning Law of Attraction coaches are making you feel guilty about wanting a specific person and keep telling you things like - you cannot manifest any specific person, it is against their free will, you should "let the Universe pick the right person for you", etc. Or they might be treating you condescendingly for "wanting your ex back".

In their defense, this is what I will say - they DO mean well, but fortunately for you, they are wrong.

Can you manifest a Specific Person?

You absolutely CAN manifest the one you desire.

But what about their "free will"?

Free-will is one of the most misunderstood concepts. To understand this, I will explain a little bit about how reality...

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This Is How You Can Manifest GOOD Health

You Can Easily Improve Your Health With Affirmations.

If you don't believe me, give it a try, and see for yourself. But do it with an open mind. Let me tell you 2 stories first.

A Client's Story of Healing:

She had chronic migraines. And she needed strong, prescription painkillers almost every day. So I advised her to visualize for 3 minutes or so every day that she is telling someone about her miraculous healing, and how she does not get migraines anymore. And then I asked her to write an affirmation 15 times (right after visualization) that went like, "I, (her name), am completely free of migraines now". Within a month her migraines stopped completely, and she didn't need painkillers anymore.

My Story of Healing:

At one point in time, I had very high cholesterol and my doctor was worried. She wanted me to go on lifelong cholesterol medication. So I asked her if I can wait for 30 days and see if I can improve it on my own. She looked skeptical and said that I can try...

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Angel Reading - Timeless - 20

Hello, Superwomen & Supermen!

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you celebrate this day with everyone you love - soulmates, friends, family, pets, everyone you love. And this includes YOU. Do not forget to celebrate yourself. In fact, get yourself a special gift, or do something special for yourself.

After all, how you treat yourself is what determines how others will treat you.

I am going to start a 21-Day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge. It will cost nothing at all. But all I do ask from you is, if you join the group to do this challenge, please put your heart and soul into it. And prove to yourself that you are less than no one else and that in fact, you are powerful beyond measure. 

Ready? Want to do this? 💜

Sign up for the WaitList for the No-Cost 21-Day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge here:

Also, I have restarted my YouTube channel, and I am posting videos there as free tools that can help you. I...
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Angel Reading - Timeless - 19

Hello, Superwomen & Supermen!

Are you wondering why I am calling you that? Because each and every one of us is a Superhero, but most of us have forgotten this fact. No, I am not writing inspirational stuff here. I am writing facts.

Here is a letter to you all, please read this before you scroll down to the angel reading.

We each have an undying connection to God/All-That-Is, and NONE of us is less than another. None of us is more special than another. So if anyone tries to tell you they are more special than you, better than you, superior to you, walk away. Because we are all the same Being. ONE Being - God. God created to experience everything God is. And that's why we are here. We have no REAL separate identity from God. 

So as "God-particles", each of us is powerful beyond words. 

One of the ways to realize that you are powerful beyond measure is to work with Conscious Manifesting. When you realize how easily you can change what you call "reality", you will realize...

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You CAN Change Your Past By Re-Writing It


If you can stop negative events from your past from affecting you now won't it make a huge difference in your life? Read the rest of this blog post and do the meditation to achieve this.
We have heard many times: “The past is gone, we cannot do anything about it. 

They say to let the "past go" because it is already done, and we can do nothing about it. I have discovered something different sometime in 2012. I learned that I can re-write my past so that I am aligned with the energies of the happier past. Later in 2019 when I came across the amazing Neville Goddard's teachings, I realized that he had taught the technique of changing the past too! He called it "Revision". It made me feel that I was not crazy after all! Neville had taught this process ages back. I wasn't even born then! And many people had already applied his technique and changed their lives. 

I came across this process when I was really upset over something from...
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