Angel Reading - Timeless - 21

Hello, Superwomen & Supermen!

Are you ready to start the 21-Day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge? It will cost nothing at all. But all I do ask from you is, if you join the group to do this challenge, please put your heart and soul into it. And prove to yourself that you are less than no one else and that in fact, you are powerful beyond measure. 

Sign up for the WaitList for the No-Cost 21-Day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge here: https://www.thepurpleflower.com/pl/269812 and then make sure you see your email from me after signing up, to make sure you are getting my emails because 1) I will be sending you the welcome email with information 2) On the 22nd of February I will send you the email with the link to the private Facebook group where the challenge will be held, and 3) Every day for 21 days you will receive emails from me with the link to that day's video.

NOTE: It is REALLY important that you check if you are getting my emails for the above 3...

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Angel Reading - Timeless - 19

Hello, Superwomen & Supermen!

Are you wondering why I am calling you that? Because each and every one of us is a Superhero, but most of us have forgotten this fact. No, I am not writing inspirational stuff here. I am writing facts.

Here is a letter to you all, please read this before you scroll down to the angel reading.

We each have an undying connection to God/All-That-Is, and NONE of us is less than another. None of us is more special than another. So if anyone tries to tell you they are more special than you, better than you, superior to you, walk away. Because we are all the same Being. ONE Being - God. God created to experience everything God is. And that's why we are here. We have no REAL separate identity from God. 

So as "God-particles", each of us is powerful beyond words. 

One of the ways to realize that you are powerful beyond measure is to work with Conscious Manifesting. When you realize how easily you can change what you call "reality", you will realize...

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