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About your host

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Hi! My name is Swati Nigam. I am an Intuitive Life Coach who loves to teach people how to easily & happily design their lives the way they want to. And for this, I offer many different tools. One can use them all, or pick whichever they like most.

I used to work in the corporate world and believed in cutthroat competition. I enjoyed it, too. But after my first child was born, I changed completely. I lost my interest in the corporate world, or even in a regular job. I started to wonder more about life, what is beyond what we can see with our physical eyes if there are non-physical beings who help us, why God created this world, what is the point of it all. And my spiritual/metaphysical training started with traditional Usui Reiki.

After that, I learned with all kinds of teachers and learned many different things. And I had many amazing spiritual, mystical experiences (I had them even as a child, but did not understand then). This led to a lot of understanding...and most of all I understood that we needlessly complicate life. Things are much simpler! We can achieve what we want through our inner world much better than by meddling with the "outer world". 

I was so excited about it all, it felt like I was always in love! In love with life, in love with ALL. And I found myself happily teaching whoever was willing to learn how exciting, how fun life actually is. Doing this made me very very happy! And now this is what I am doing through my online membership site The Purple Flower Life Mastery Academy

Other than that, I am wife to a software engineer, mother to two human kids, and 5 cats. I LOVE animals. I LOVE the Divine. And I LOVE painting!