When Archangel Michael sent me a Purple Iris through my friend Sharanya

Angels can send you their love in many different ways. And it is so amazing when that happens. Archangel Michael sent me a beautiful gift through my friend Sharanya, who was not technically a friend at that time. We knew of each other’s existence, but that was all. He sent me a painting of a Purple Iris through her.

Purple flowers are a sign from Archangel Michael to me. I have written about this in the story of the purple flower.

As I said, I did not really know Sharanya well then. We both used to visit an online angel forum but did not really interact with each other.

Here is Sharanya’s story in her own words:

I love Irises, and one day there was this urge, a strong urge to paint a Purple Iris. So as usual I argued and found reasons not to till one day the urge was so great everything else seemed to melt away. So I sat down and painted it, then as soon as I was done I put it away, with no attachment, no pride or anything.

One day...

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17 Undeniable Signs of Angels

angel signs angels Jul 02, 2020

Over the past few months, I have been collecting questions that people have sent to me about Angels. I will write about them here, one by one.

One of the questions I am asked often is:

How do I recognize the signs my Angels might be giving me?

1. A sudden fragrance of flowers or other beautiful scents when there is no source of the fragrance around. 

2. Finding a feather in places where you usually will not find them. But even if you find one where there are birds around and you feel drawn towards that feather it is your Angels trying to get your attention. And this is especially so if you have asked them to show their presence to you and you find a feather.

3. Finding coins in unexpected places is another undeniable sign of Angels. Their most common sign is finding pennies or the small coins of any currency on the roads, paths, etc.

4. When you have been thinking of someone, or a problem, or a question, and you hear a song on the radio that reminds you of that person or gives...

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