17 Undeniable Signs of Angels

angel signs angels Jul 03, 2020

Over the past few months, I have been collecting questions that people have sent to me about Angels. I will write about them here, one by one.

One of the questions I am asked often is:

How do I recognize the signs my Angels might be giving me?

1. A sudden fragrance of flowers or other beautiful scents when there is no source of the fragrance around. 

2. Finding a feather in places where you usually will not find them. But even if you find one where there are birds around and you feel drawn towards that feather it is your Angels trying to get your attention. And this is especially so if you have asked them to show their presence to you and you find a feather.

3. Finding coins in unexpected places is another undeniable sign of Angels. Their most common sign is finding pennies or the small coins of any currency on the roads, paths, etc.

4. When you have been thinking of someone, or a problem, or a question, and you hear a song on the radio that reminds you of that person or gives you guidance on your problem or question. Sometimes when you are sad and suddenly an uplifting song starts playing on the radio that pulls you out of that low mood, that is your Angels trying to help you.

5. Have you noticed that sometimes clouds form shapes of angels, wings, feathers in a very unmistakable way? Yes, that's them forming the cloud pattern in such a way that you can see those forms.

6. Sometimes you suddenly feel uplifted and happy for no reason. You could have been sad, or not. But suddenly feel a lot better, a lot happier, and optimistic. You get this sudden feeling of "All is well". That is your Angel hugging you to either cheer you up or just to let you know you are loved.

7. If you feel a temperature change - sudden warm or cool feeling on some part of your body, that's their energy. When Archangel Michael wants to reassure me of his presence he makes my left hand warm.

8. You suddenly feel a soft breeze even when there is no wind blowing. You could be in a room with all windows shut, and no fans or air conditioners running, but you still feel this soft caressing breeze. This is your Angels touching you. I feel a soft cool breeze on my face when I am trying to sleep at night even if no fan is running. I have tried turning and twisting here and there just to rule out a draft of breeze coming from somewhere. But it does not change. I even cover my face under the blanket, and I still feel it! That makes me smile because I know that there is no other way I would feel that.

9. Do you sometimes feel a tingling or vibration kind of a feeling inside your body, or on your skin? It could be on top of your head on the scalp, or on your arms, your tongue...could be anywhere. That's their energy you are feeling.

10. Do you have pets at home? Or babies? Have you noticed that babies seem to look at something and smile and laugh, but there is nothing there? Or do you see your dog or cat watching intently behind you or above your head? My son had started speaking certain words very early. And often when he would be lying down he'd look up at the ceiling and laugh. When I'd ask him, he'd point to the ceiling and say - Roger! Giant dog! And no we never had any dog called Roger. Or he'd point somewhere and say - Blue Mama! And there'd be no one there! I knew that he was looking at his angel, and spirit animal angel. My cats often seem to stare at seemingly thin air. Or they play very vigorously with "invisible friends". Even older children under the age of 8 often talk of friends most adults cannot see. These are Angels. 

11. Flickering light bulbs at home. Sometimes you will notice that a light bulb un your house flickers for no seeming reason. Everything is fine with the rest of the light sources in your house. Just one bulb suddenly flickers. And that bulb is perfectly fine! That's your angels saying hi to you.

12. Do you sometimes see little sparkles of light around you? That's the energy of your angels that you are seeing. I often see Purple, Violet, Lavender flashes, or sparkles of light around me. 

13. Seeing some numbers repeatedly, or seeing the time at exactly the same time very frequently. This could be any number, but often people see these numbers: 11:11, 444, 333, 12:12, 10:10, 999, 888, 222, and so on. People often ask me what the meaning of these angel numbers is, and I will write more on that soon. But basically, when your attention is drawn to the same number very often, that is your angels influencing you to look up and see those numbers. Most of the time they only want you to know they are there with you. 

14. Sometimes when you are trying to sleep or just have your eyes closed &relaxing, or meditating, you might see a bright light in your mind's eyes from above. You might even feel that someone is shining a flashlight on your face from the top of your forehead. But when you open your eyes, there is no light. This is the brilliant presence of your Angels.

15. You might have seen orbs in your photographs. These orbs are very different from the lights that are caused by sun rays or moon rays. The ones caused by external lights like Sun rays are called "lens flares" in photography terms. Some "orbs" appear in photographs because of dust on your camera lens. But often you will also catch real angel orbs in photographs. It is sometimes difficult to tell them apart (real angel orbs or lens flares/dust particles). But when you don't seem to have any strong source of light around, and your lens are clean, they are most likely angel orbs. After looking at many pictures of angel orbs and lens flare orbs you will figure out the difference. It will be unmistakable. They often appear perfectly round and translucent. Sometimes they look like spherical snowflakes. 

16. Jumping books! Have you noticed this in libraries or bookstores? When you are trying to find a book, and then suddenly a book falls off the shelf which is exactly what you are looking for or of the same topic? Or sometimes a book falls off suddenly and you see it and just know in your heart that you want to read that book. These are all signs of your angel walking around with you, trying to help you find the right books. Isn't that so sweet?

17. Sometimes a stranger's presence suddenly uplifts you without their saying much or anything at all to you. Then you look for them again, and you don't see them. Sometimes you need help, and suddenly a stranger appears and helps you and then you look up to say thanks, and they are nowhere to be seen. Sometimes angels DO appear like this. They manifest a physical body just for a short time to help you out and then they disappear. I have had this happen to me thrice. Twice that I know of. We all meet angels looking like normal regular humans who tend to help us, and then we never see them again no matter how much we try to find them. Most of the time we don't think it is something out of the ordinary and don't even realize that we were talking to an angel!

There are many more signs that angels give us. But to cover them all I might need to write a novel. :-)

Which of these signs have you seen? Please do share your angel experiences with me below in the comments. I love to read them. Also, others who read your story will feel uplifted.

If you have not noticed these signs it does not mean that your angels have not been trying to get your attention. It just means you didn't notice. Now that you have read this, notice in the next few days how many of these signs you experience.

I will soon write blog posts on:

1. How to ask your angels for signs

2. Meaning of angel numbers & other signs.

So stay tuned for those!

Until then, sending you lots of love,

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