When Archangel Michael sent me a Purple Iris through my friend Sharanya

Angels can send you their love in many different ways. And it is so amazing when that happens. Archangel Michael sent me a beautiful gift through my friend Sharanya, who was not technically a friend at that time. We knew of each other’s existence, but that was all. He sent me a painting of a Purple Iris through her.

Purple flowers are a sign from Archangel Michael to me. I have written about this in the story of the purple flower.

As I said, I did not really know Sharanya well then. We both used to visit an online angel forum but did not really interact with each other.

Here is Sharanya’s story in her own words:

I love Irises, and one day there was this urge, a strong urge to paint a Purple Iris. So as usual I argued and found reasons not to till one day the urge was so great everything else seemed to melt away. So I sat down and painted it, then as soon as I was done I put it away, with no attachment, no pride or anything.

One day...

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How Archangel Michael Guided Me Back Home

angels archangel michael Jan 29, 2021

I have a sweet story for you today.

It’s about how Archangel Michael held my hand and guided me back home last Saturday (27th February 2016). He has done this for me before. There are many stories by others too about being guided home by him.

Why do I want to share this story? 1. Because I loved what happened. It made me happy. 2. Because I want you to have faith that we are not alone.

I was to travel back from San Francisco to San Jose on Saturday evening by the 6:15 pm train.

Sounds straight forward enough? Yes. Except that I was the traveler. There are a few things I am absolutely terrified of: 1) Cockroaches 2) Grasshoppers 3) Driving long distances or traveling alone. “Driving long distances or traveling alone” because I have no sense of direction. You must have heard of people with a good sense of direction or a bad sense of direction? Well…I don’t have one. Not even a bad sense of direction. It really terrifies me.

Normally there is one...

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I Met Archangel Michael At Borders Bookstore!

In the video below I talk about this experience, as well as two other times when I met angels:

We have often heard about being kind to everyone because you never know when you might be meeting an angel. This actually happened with me - I met Archangel Michael, much before I knew about the existence of angels.

Sometime in 1996-1997, I was planning to get attuned to Reiki or learn any other form of energy healing. So I visited my favorite haunt – Borders bookstore to see if I could find a book first. I was looking through them all, confused about which one I should buy. I wanted to learn energy healing but did not know which energy healing technique would be best for me to learn.

Suddenly out of nowhere, two young men appeared. One stood behind, and the other stepped forward to speak to me. I did not have any book in my hand, I was standing in front of the Spiritual book section, wondering what to look at. So they had no way of knowing what I was looking for. The man who...

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The Story of The Purple Flower

The Story of The Purple Flower

Purple flowers hold a very special meaning to me. The story began when I was still learning to trust that I was actually hearing Archangel Michael.

I wanted him to appear before me like a human and tap me on my head and announce that he was AA Michael, and probably show me an ID card as well just to make sure ;-). Oh, I won’t say I have given up that dream. I still have to see him do that. Yet apart from actually showing me his driver's license, he has done so many things to prove that he is here with me. And in the past few years or so I have seen him with my eyes too.

So it was on one of those days I made a friend channel him for me, and I argued with him constantly about: How would I know I was not a nut imagining that he was speaking to me? How would I know if I wasn’t simply crazy? How could I be sure I wasn’t not making all it up? He kept trying to tell me, “I have sent you flowers so many times, but you cast them...

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