I Met Archangel Michael At Borders Bookstore!

In the video below I talk about this experience, as well as two other times when I met angels:

We have often heard about being kind to everyone because you never know when you might be meeting an angel. This actually happened with me - I met Archangel Michael, much before I knew about the existence of angels.

Sometime in 1996-1997, I was planning to get attuned to Reiki or learn any other form of energy healing. So I visited my favorite haunt – Borders bookstore to see if I could find a book first. I was looking through them all, confused about which one I should buy. I wanted to learn energy healing but did not know which energy healing technique would be best for me to learn.

Suddenly out of nowhere, two young men appeared. One stood behind, and the other stepped forward to speak to me. I did not have any book in my hand, I was standing in front of the Spiritual book section, wondering what to look at. So they had no way of knowing what I was looking for. The man who stepped forward to speak to me pulled out “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan, and spoke to me about how good the book was, and that it will be a wonderful book for me to read on this topic. He spoke many other things too, but I do not remember most of it. All I remember is that he spoke about why this book was good. I just stood there transfixed. And then he left.

I ended up buying the book, and it IS a wonderful book. Very detailed too on many topics involving healing.

Fast forward some years. I don’t remember which year it was. By then I was working with angels, and most closely with Archangel Michael. I guess many of us love to work with him. I used to keep hearing about how angels appear in human form and help us but we never know because they take on the appearance of being human.

I had by then made friends with an amazing person – Jennifer Spears. She is very psychic, and very connected to Archangel Michael too. Often Archangel Michael would repeat to her things he would tell me, just so I could have confirmation that I really was hearing him.

So I asked her one day if I had ever met Archangel Michael in human form. She asked him, and told me, “Yes, long back when you had gone to a bookstore, and were wondering which energy healing book to buy, he had walked up to you, and told you which book to buy”. She went on to give me more details about the event, and they were all accurate!

I was stunned…because I had never told Jen about the bookstore incident. It had happened much before I met her, and I had actually kind of forgotten about it. So for her to say this was astounding for me. It made me feel very excited, very happy, and at the same time made me feel like kicking myself — He was there! Talking to me! And I didn’t know! LOL!!!!

So, the moral of the story is, angels, do materialize and talk to us sometimes. Or who knows…many times maybe? We just don’t get to know most of the time. And they don’t appear only to save your life, or under very dramatic conditions – they can appear for very “normal” reasons…like choosing a book.

Do you have experiences like that that you can share with me? Do you feel you have met an angel?

Much love,


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