When Archangel Michael sent me a Purple Iris through my friend Sharanya

Angels can send you their love in many different ways. And it is so amazing when that happens. Archangel Michael sent me a beautiful gift through my friend Sharanya, who was not technically a friend at that time. 🙂 We knew of each other’s existence, but that was all. He sent me a painting of a Purple Iris through her.

Purple flowers are a sign from Archangel Michael to me. I have written about this in the story of the purple flower.

As I said, I did not really know Sharanya well then. We both used to visit an online angel forum but did not really interact with each other.

Here is Sharanya’s story in her own words:

I love Irises, and one day there was this urge, a strong urge to paint a Purple Iris. So as usual I argued and found reasons not to till one day the urge was so great everything else seemed to melt away. So I sat down and painted it, then as soon as I was done I put it away, with no attachment, no pride or anything.

One day soon when I was reading one of Swati’s posts on the ATP forum I heard the painting was for her, and I thought, “Yeah RIGHT!”. I didn’t talk to her then. I did not know her. So I couldn’t understand why this would be for her. And I let the thought slip away.

Sometime later, there came a time when I was not feeling too connected to happiness. So for the first time, I felt that I should contact a “psychic”. I found an angel reader. Her name was Dumari. I was surprised because normally when I am in that space I feel blocked off from all external reassurances. No phone calls, text messages, or emails go through to my angel reading friends. But this time I heard, “Yes, call Dumari”. 

So I set up an appointment with Dumari. She connected with Archangel Michael to give me a reading. But something strange started happening. Each time she would try to give me angelic guidance, the phone would get disconnected! We did try many times! If we talked of something else, the phone remained connected. So for a while, we dropped the idea of reading and just talked. The phone remained connected. And somehow in our conversations, I got to know that Dumari was very good friends with Swati. As soon I got to know that, I heard Archangel Michael tell me clearly to mail the painting to Swati. So I took Swati’s mailing address from Dumari and asked her not to say anything to Swati. Even I didn’t say anything to Swati…after all, I didn’t even know what kind of a person she was.

And as soon as I took the address, and decided to send her the painting, we found that there were no more disruptions in our phone call, and Dumari went on to give me a beautiful reading.

After that, I sent the painting to Swati, and she was overjoyed! That’s when I got to know about her connection to purple flowers, and that they were a sign from Archangel Michael to her.

And this is the Purple Iris she painted and sent to me:

Yes, I was overjoyed!! It was a huge surprise! I have mentioned in my other blog posts, that I like irrefutable signs. If a friend had sent it to me, I’d say – “Well, he/she knew about my connection with purple flowers. So it’s not really a sign”. However, at that time, Sharanya was practically a stranger to me, so I could not reason it away. She didn’t even want to contact me in the first place because she knew nothing about me. So this was a sign, a gift I could not reason away. This was an irrefutable sign.

Years later, Sharanya and I did suddenly become friends, really really really good friends – because of Archangel Michael. He reached out to her again one day and said to her that I needed to hear a message from him. By then Sharanya knew me enough to know that I wouldn’t go all weird on her if she sent me the message. But we couldn’t really call each other “friends” yet because we hardly knew anything about each other’s personal lives, or what was going on with the other person. This time she listened to AA Michael, and found me online on Facebook one day and said she had a message to give. And then she went on to channel the most beautiful, really needed message! It was about something I was going through then, and the message was truly most comforting!

Of course, today Sharanya is one of my dearest closest friends. 🙂

Have you experienced anything like this? Please do share with me in the comments. If you want to, you could ask your angels to send you a beautiful sign, something that will help you smile anytime you think of it. 

Much love,


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