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Purple flowers hold a very special meaning to me. The story began when I was still learning to trust that I was actually hearing Archangel Michael.

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Can I see your I.D.?

I wanted him to appear before me like a human and tap me on my head and announce that he was AA Michael, and probably show me an I.D. card as well just to make sure. Oh, I won’t say I have given up that dream. I still have to see him do that. Yet apart from actually showing me his drivers licence, he has done so many things to prove that he is here with me. And in the past few years or so I have seen him with my eyes too.

A Special Delivery

So it was on one of those days I made a friend channel him for me, and I argued with him constantly about: How would I know I was not a nut imagining that he was speaking to me? How would I know if I wasn’t simply crazy? How could I be sure I wasn’t not making all it up? He kept trying to tell me, “I have sent you flowers so many times, but you cast them aside. Take time to smell the flowers”. After a long session, I remained stubborn. Many others who had brought me messages from him said the same thing to me about flowers. I was wondering what flowers…yes..I took it rather umm…literally.

That night I called on him (never at peace after fighting with him, or with any of my guides and angels), and asked him again, “How do I know its you?” My eyes were closed, and suddenly I saw this beautiful purple flower in my third eye. I inhaled slowly and deeply to see if it was real. And I could smell such a beautiful fragrance! I knew what that meant. I associate purple with Archangel Michael (one of his signature colors). And because I was stomping my feet about flowers, I was given a purple flower. After that it began to happen on a regular basis.

Today the purple flower remains a symbol of angelic love for me.

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A Lesson in Believing

When I went for my Angel Therapy Practitioners® training with Dr. Doreen Virtue, I was once again facing my same old battle…telling him, “You must appear before me now in human form”. Basically, I was throwing a tantrum. During our ATP training, we noticed that the things that troubled us the most were resurfacing to be released. And of course, the issue that arose with me was that of my desire to have Michael appear before me in human form. Finally one day I got so upset, I told him, “I don’t wish to work with you anymore. Go away. I cannot deal with this”. Of course, after saying that I was chewing my nails off, fretting that he might have actually left. That evening I had a wonderful reading with a lovely staff member from Doreen’s program: Wendy Gabriel. I sat gloomily in front of her wondering if he was really gone. She asked me if I had a question. I said, “None”. She began with, “They are showing me a beautiful purple flower…do you have ANY idea how loved you are?”. Phew! He was still there!

Later when I decided to make a website, I wondered what the name should be. And I thought, why not, “The Purple Flower”! While I was still thinking about it, a good friend Jennifer Spears, who got messages for me from Archangel Michael often, emailed me, saying, “You should name your website “The Purple Flower”. I emailed her back, saying, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Then I felt I was being told, “YOU are the purple flower”. And guess what happened within seconds? My friend emailed me, saying, “Oh, Archangel Michael is saying that YOU are the purple flower”.

So this is the story of naming my website “The Purple Flower”.

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