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The Coach-Client relationship
is a beautiful thing. 

I honor my clients' vulnerability, resilience, open minds, and open hearts, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives. It is with honor and humility that I share these words of gratitude.

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As a fellow therapist, there are few people I trust to receive guidance on my behalf but Swati is certainly one of them!

She is a deeply intuitive woman with a very pure heart and delivers clear and accurate messages that always leave me feeling uplifted, supported and loved. She also lead me through a Past Life Regression which has had a profound, healing effect on me and is definitely something I’d ask her for again whenever I have the opportunity to visit her in person. I cannot speak highly enough of Swati. She is truly a gift to the world!

Anna Taylor, England

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There are moments in life when you forget yourself. Your soul song and your life purpose gets hidden behind all the daily grind.

That happened recently to me and i got in touch with swati for a reading. Her reading was accurate and the information she gave me was very similar to the information i recived personally many years ago in my meditation. I had completely forgotten about the message. Swatis message was the hands that cupped the flame in a storm. Swati does not tell you what to do. She gives insights helping you make a desicion for the greater good. Simply put, if in doubt let Swati assist you.

Sharanya Ramesh, Ohio

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It’s been a few days since I had a reading with you and there has been such a shift already with my work and general state of mind and feeling about my path and purpose.

You were so spot on from the very beginning and the details that came through were so accurate… everything really resonated. I loved your humour, fun and straight talking but I also felt loved, cared for and protected. This really was an incredible experience and it’s proven to be a huge turning point in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sally Claridge Teixeira

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I absolutely LOVED my angel reading with Swati.

Not only did she introduce me to some new technology that I can use with my own readings, but she nailed my current situation during the reading itself. She was insightful, personable and very engaging. Her reading was very accurate and especially helpful. Her message lit a fire in me to really take the action to step out into the world in bigger and bolder ways. I highly recommend her and have the utmost faith in her skills. It was a truly magical experience.

Sue Krebs

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I worked with Swati and it was the most incredible experience. She was warm and her energy was so nurturing and non-judgemental.

She taught me EFT tapping which has been helping overcome my issues daily and I feel stronger emotionally than I have in years. EFT tapping is teaching me self-acceptance and self-love, something I have struggled with all my life. Her reading was so spot on and meaningful and I hope to work with her again in the near future.

I can highly highly recommend working with Swati. Her healing energy feels like a warm and wonderful hug, I was even laughing during our session, uncontrollably actually, it was truly a special and wonderful experience.

Thank you Swati. I know this may sound crazy, but I love you. I am so grateful I was drawn to you. You are truly a magnificent soul and I feel lucky to have worked with you. I know this is not the last time.

Milly Cohn

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I never got around to writing to thank you for my reading. Your insights absolutely blew my mind!

I am not sure you are really aware of how gifted you truly are. Even your vision that there was a house move on the cards for me (which was not even something we had ever considered or thought was a possibility at the time, just a few weeks ago) looks like it’s now a very strong possibility for the new year! I am amazed that you saw that for me, when it was not even a thought in my mind. The house that we may move to is my teacher Mommy’s (the one you so beautifully connected with in my reading). Her daughter wants to keep the house and would like to rent it to us. It’s my dream home! Not just because of my sentimental attachment to it, but it is also because it is perfect for my family.

So thank you so much! It was a delight to finally speak to you. I will be back for future readings when the time is right. Sending you and your family lots of love. xxx

Linda Pollock

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I have known Swati for over 3 years now. It started with an angel reading that resonated with me and when we started interacting, I realized that there was a reason for our association.

In these three lovely years, she has helped me to discover my hidden potential as a healer and has taught me reiki. It does not end here, she has always been patient and helped me with loads of personal issues – whether it was self-esteem or accepting and loving myself.

Swati is one of the most nicest people I have known, we have never met, but it feels that we have known each other for years! She has helped me heal and explore and learn aspects about myself that I never knew I had.

Her readings and guidance’s have helped me understand situations and made me take the right decisions. I will not just go back to her in the future but also recommend her!

Pratibha P.

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Swati is an amazing angel channel and medium. Her wonderful, warm energy allowed me to be at complete ease and immediately filled me with trust and compassion.

My session was filled with accurate events, loving, clear, detailed messages. Absolutely, blew me away!  She spoke of loved ones and things that she could not have possibly known prior to our session! I was speechless and amazed with the validation of many of my intuitive feelings and she strengthened my own connection with the spirit world.  After the session, I felt a sense of reassurance that my loved ones are with me and at peace.

I highly recommend Swati to anyone who seeks a touch from Spirit that is true and unique; she is incredibly gifted and can tap into the messages that are personally waiting for you. Thank you and God Bless!

Nancy Robles, Chicago, Illinois

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Swati comes form a place of compassion and love. Her gifts are blessings to all who encounter her.

I lost 2 dear friends on the same day and, although knowing they were alright on the other side, longed for a confirmation. Swati brought me images and messages that resonated for each of them. Things she couldn’t know about. Messages that affirmed for me that they were happy and thriving on the other side. And also messages that they were still here with me when needed. How wonderful is that?!

Eileen Hunter, Pittsburgh, PA USA

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The Kundalini Reiki 1 attunement was awesome!!!

I felt really warm and relaxed my hands & arms relaxed and I felt all the channels open My hands were vibrating & my 3rd eye opened up…I could see the indigo light….this happens when I meditate too!! My arms relaxing was BIG!! As i have Dis-ease in my body….MS, and they are normally tense & sometimes painful & my fingers curl….this all relaxed!!! 

I did a self healing later that day & it felt great!! I walked 12 steps with out my walker!!! Shoulders relaxed & loosened, breathing deeper, pain nearly gone!! More range of movenent in my right arm!!! WooHooo!!!

Anita Griffith

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I had the privilege of receiving a mediumship reading from Swati.

She tuned into my mother right away and even began communicating with my Higher Self and twin flame. It was very in-depth, and she stuck with the reading until all the messages I needed to hear had been delivered. She is truly an amazing and gifted reader.

Caryn Connolly, Integrated Healing Solutions, NJ

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 I’ve never been so affirmed or empowered as I was after one session with Swati. She is truly wonderful.

Sue Fitzmaurice

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I booked an angel reading session with Swati, and I was absolutely amazed!

I was at several different crossroads in my life and wanted some clarity and confidence in my path. Logic was only taking me in circles, so I thought I could benefit from inputs from a different source, even though I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her responses to my questions were specific and concrete, and she knew exactly what I needed to hear. I left feeling good about my choices, more confident about my path, and affirmed where I felt doubtful before. She showed me new ways of thinking which led me to take actions I never would’ve thought to do before, which produced really wonderful positive results.

Not only is Swati incredibly gifted, she is truly kind, generous, and funny – although I only booked a one hour session, I had such a wonderful time in her presence that by the time I left I was shocked to find it’s already been 2.5 hours! I feel she opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities, and I feel excited and optimistic about my path. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Swati


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My angel reading with Swati was really interesting, helpful and accurate.

I had follow her in Facebook page for almost a year and I really had enjoy her posts, they had made me inspired and really open my 6 sense. Once I had asked her through email how to develop my psychic skills and she did replied with out charge with few tips how to do that. At that time I did not know she can do Angel reading, so looking through her face book page I notice she can do the angel reading and I thought …I really need her angel reading to clarify few things that were on my mind. I am so glad I decided to do angel reading as I got the guidance I need it and clarification I need it. It was the right thing at the right time, thank you again Swati for your wise words.

Vjollca Sadiku

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Swati I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you take out of your life to fill our news feed with positive and strong encouraging words.

I haven’t worked in 2 years since I was let go. I will be starting my new job which by the way, I really wasn’t looking for on Monday the 5th. I realize just having a caring person who was a stranger to me take the time to fill me everyday with words of wisdom and encouragement was enough to give me that push of confidence and put my gears into drive. As depressed as I was, I know it doesn’t go away over night but I know you have he helped me put my life into prospective. God bless you always.


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Swati is a gifted angel communicator, medium, intuitive and healer who approaches everything she does with a loving and open heart.

She most recently did a mediumship reading for a friend of mine who had lost a child. This friend was a skeptic, yet Swati brought through details about the child’s life and his passing that were undeniable to his mother. She also did a detailed mediumship reading for me, bringing through a friend of mine who had passed after a long illness. The information received brought me comfort & reassurance. Many synchronicities occurred both during and after this reading, that confirmed for me that my friend was still very much with me in my journey through this life!

I highly recommend Swati’s services for anyone seeking angelic guidance, mediumship or healing. She is one of the most loving, caring, and compassionate people I know — and everything she does comes from the heart and from the highest sources of light and love!

Laurie Moss Nashville, TN

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The reason I am a healer today is because I was lucky to have Swati in my life as a teacher and guide.

After my mother’s death about five years ago, I was so immersed in my own sorrow that I had forgotten to feel a sense of joy in anything. With her compassion and caring, she guided me through those years and made me see that my mother had not really ‘died’ but merely crossed over to the other side. Swati ‘knew ‘ I was healer a long time before the idea crossed my mind.
It is not often that you meet a teacher / healer like Swati. Yes, she knows and uses different healing modalities and yes, she really has perfected the art within each modality yes, she is excellent at everything that she does. …but what separates her from all other healers I have met, is her freshness, her total love and commitment to whoever goes to her for healing and her deep sense of ethics. Though she is hard pressed for time, I have never seen her saying ‘ no ‘ to anyone. ( I often feel I exploit her with my repeated requests for something or other). In fact, I think it these very qualities – the very purity of her intent – that help her communicate so well with the Angels and even our near and dear ones who have crossed over.

Just last month I asked her to communicate with my mother. And the messages that she gave me were amazing. It completely changed my way of looking at things! Swati is a person who makes you believe in all the goodness that is there in our souls. She is everything a teacher and a healer should be. Thanks swati, for being there.

Nandita Asthana, Hyderabad, India.

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Swati has been my spiritual teacher and guide for many years. Her loving non judgmental self has always helped me get messages from angels and my higher self for guidance on issues I have not even discussed with her or anyone else.

We have done many past life regression sessions together over the years, but a few that stand out. About 15 years ago, I wanted to understand why I loved being with children so much and why I felt motherly towards them. She took me to a past life experience which was intense but gave me the answer to my question. It was wonderful to see myself in that life and learn from the experience from that life. The best part was that when I got out of that intense experience, she was right next to me with a loving hug and made me feel very safe and grounded to this world I now live in.

She also has taken me through many visualization meditations and a recent one was three years ago when I was looking for career growth….she walked me thru this visualization which made me look into details of how successful I see myself in my career, she made me imagine my ideal job like i am living that moment right now, the best part was that I saw all those things coming true in the next three years. She was also very careful in telling me to think through and make sure I see things that I want because when you don’t ask you don’t get!

I can talk to Swati about spiritual experiences I have had without worrying about her judging me or thinking I am crazy! Many a times when I share an experience with her she says yeah, that’s very normal, or sometimes explains things like, yeah that’s an out of body experience and you tend to feel like this when you have this spiritual experience and there is nothing to worry or be scared of. Next time it happens, here are some things you can do. That’s very reassuring to hear.

I will highly recommend you to reach out to Swati for her clairvoyance and healing powers because there is something about her that very comforting very home like and even when we are not talking about spirituality or angels and higher selves, being in her company always uplifts my sprit and makes me happy. I have seen many others experience this with her including my kids who simply adore her and don’t want to leave her home. Love you Swati and thank you for being my spiritual teacher.

Ruchi Sinha Murlidhar, CA

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I recently enjoyed working with Swati which has proved to be an incredibly empowering and inspiring experience!

I chose to do this as a few months ago I requested a one question email reading and was deeply impressed by the response I received. The email response was prompt and surprisingly in depth and filled with compassion and empathy. Swati came through as a genuine caring person with a true gift to share; what impressed me most was an extra thing which was added – completely separate to my question which was incredibly relevant and important.

So when I started to feel deep changes in myself and my life I decided to connect with Swati again in order to receive guidance for steps to put in place now to help me reach future outcomes for my higher good. I was not disappointed. Effortlessly Swati started bringing up topics which were exactly right and resonated deeply with me. She was able to sketch out a plan for me which filled me with excitement and ideas which had been lurking in the shadows of my mind started bounding forth into the light! Swati was also able to offer gentle insights into concerns and suggest ways to move forward- without creating expectations or making overt predications. Free will and choice remains key and I like that. The guidance is gentle and extremely helpful.

Thank you Swati for an amazing reading! I am brimming with enthusiasm and ideas and eager for the weekend when I will have time to start putting more ideas down on paper- create a vision board and map out a clear plan! I highly recommend this lady if you have any queries, concerns and blockages in your life – she is the ‘real deal’ and the angel wisdom received is absolutely incredible. Many thanks. ~ Blessings xox

Angela Alexander

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