Visualization Technique For Manifesting Money

Money isn’t everything, but it is one of the important things we need in our lives. Many think that money is the root of evil. That is wrong. Money is simply money. It is how we use it that is good or evil. You can help so many people when you have enough money, isn’t that true? Money in the hands of the right people is always a blessing for this world.

Here is a very simple visualization that I had learned many years back from one of my Reiki Masters. She said that whenever she does this, money starts flowing into her life. I tried it too, and I must say it works for me! I improvised on it a bit and added my own spin.

Try doing this visualization every day and come back and tell me what happened.

1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

2. Breathe easily and relax.

3. Focus on the sensations you feel within your body for a few seconds. This will make you relax further.

4. Turn your closed eyes upwards about 30-45 degrees like you are looking through your forehead somewhere a few feet away from you.

5. Remember that everything has Consciousness. Money does too. So now, call the Consciousness of Money/Wealth, “Consciousness of Wealth, please fill me and surround me”.

6. Imagine money & wealth in all forms raining all over you and around you.

7. Really feeeeeel the energy of money raining all over.

8. Breathe in this energy. Imagine that with each breath you take in, you are breathing in the energy of wealth, and the energy of wealth is filling each cell of your body, your DNA is also getting encoded with wealth, and see your body shining and radiating like it is full of wealth. Feel the joy as you imagine this.

9. Keep breathing the energy in this way and visualizing what I wrote in point 8 for at least 1-2 minutes.

10. Now imagine that there are barrels all around you and they are getting filled with money that is raining. Imagine your arms outstretched, you are holding one open box in each hand. Imagine these boxes getting filled with all the money that is raining, and see them overflowing.

11. Imagine there is a large warehouse behind you that has a board with your name written on it…like, “Hanna’s Treasure House” or something like that.

12. Now imagine that warehouse getting filled with these barrels of money.

13. Imagine yourself playing joyfully in this rainfall of money.

14. Really feeeeeel and imagine that you are very wealthy. Feel the emotions of how you will feel if this were happening. See yourself as wealthy.

15. Now imagine giving out money to others who need it, because you have an unlimited supply of money. See this cycle…money raining on you and filling you, your barrels, your warehouse, and you sharing your abundance easily, happily and without stress with the rest of the world.

16. Really feel the emotions as you do this.

And that’s it! It looks like 16 long steps, but actually, it is easy to remember and do.

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