How To Clear Limiting Money Beliefs With Affirmations

Affirmations used over and over again, spoken, thought or written, over time re-program your subconscious mind.

And the best part is you don't even need to believe them! In fact, do not force yourself to believe or you will create more resistance. All you need to do is invoke emotions or feelings of what you will feel if what you are affirming were true. Most likely, you will feel happy or relieved.

However, make sure, you have worked on your limiting beliefs about wealth creation first because that makes using affirmations even easier. And when you are using these affirmations, if you become aware of any negativity you are feeling, stop, and take note. Write down what those negative thoughts and feelings are, and then use EFT tapping as I have shown in my last article to remove that limiting belief:

How to use affirmations:

1. You can repeat them in your mind as often as you can especially as soon as you wake up, or just before sleeping. When you use before sleeping, keep repeating till you go off to sleep. Do not repeat mindlessly. Speak in your mind with feeling. Feel how you would feel if your affirmation were true at that very moment.

2. Speak the affirmations aloud, with feeling.

3. Write the affirmations 15 times a day.

4. Record the affirmations in your own voice, and play your recording while working or doing other things.

5. Create your own subliminal recording of the wealth affirmations, or ask someone to create one for you in your own voice (there are many online who provide this service).

6. Write your affirmations on post-it stickies and stick them around where you will see them through the day.

7. Use EFT Tapping while speaking your affirmations. This makes it even more powerful.

A few Wealth Affirmations:

I will list a few of my favorite ones here, but it is important that you choose or create affirmations that feel powerful to you. Not all words have the same impact on everyone. What might strike the right spot for me, might feel like mumbo-jumbo to you. So choose words that feel JUST RIGHT to you.

Here are 26 of my favorite money or wealth affirmations:

1. I love being wealthy because I know I can help so many beings with my wealth!

2. I am rich rich rich beyond my wildest dreams.

3. I love money! Money loves me!

4. So much good can be created with money.

5. I am a loving person, and I know how to use money for the good of all.

6. I deserve to be rich.

7. I love being rich! Being rich is fun!

8. I earn [fill with whatever number seems exciting & believable to you] per month.

9. God/Universe (whatever term you wish to use) is my supply of money and all my goodness.

10. The Universe is an unlimited supply of money and everything good.

11. Every day, in every way, I am getting richer and richer.

12. I AM wealth incarnate!

13. I release all negativity towards wealth. I know much good can come from money. It depends on how I use it.

14. Money is raining into my life.

15. I am a millionaire/billionaire/multi-billionaire/(whatever you want to call yourself).

16. I have an unlimited supply of wealth.

17. I am a VERY wealthy person.

18. I have unlimited wealth.

19. The flow of wealth into my life gives me joy and peace. And I share my love, joy, peace, and money with those who need it.

20. Money flows into my life like a powerful river, limitlessly.

21. I create money effortlessly.

22. I create money from thin air.

23. Making money is so easy for me!

24. Money comes to me easily.

25. I love money, and money loves me.

26. I am the Angel of Wealth!

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