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Dear Lovely People,

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And now on to the Angel Reading.


This is a "Timeless" Angel Reading. Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means that if you come back another time to this same page and choose again, the message will be relevant for you at that time.



  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or for any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


General: This is a very powerful time for you. Your intuition is getting stronger. Your angels advise you to take time to meditate or go for walks by yourself, or journal because you will be receiving many insights from the universe, your angels & guides, and from your higher self. This is a great time for further spiritual & psychic development. Your connection with your Higher Self will be especially strong at this time. Pay attention to your dreams - the ones you see at night, and also the ones you dream of with open eyes. Write down the dreams you see at night because you will see a pattern emerging, and you will get messages from your divine helpers. And write down the dreams you want to fulfill in life. What are your hopes and wishes? Ask your Divine Guidance team to give you insights on how you can make your wishes & hopes come true. They will guide you to take steps to fulfill your most cherished dreams in the times to come. But now is not the time for action. Now is time to go within and have conversations with your guides and angels. Discuss your hopes and dreams with them, and listen to what they teach you. Take extensive notes because you will receive valuable information. If you are not clear about how to connect with your guides and angels you can watch this video I created on how to meet your guardian angel: Please do set aside a time to connect regularly and set aside a journal where you will write down about your goals & dreams, the dreams you see at night, and the guidance you get from your guides and angels when you connect with them. 

Relationships: When it comes to relationships, the energy is that of sensuality and mystery, and some action. If you are a man, you will connect with, or already are connected with a beautiful, sensual woman who holds great wisdom and most likely does not talk too much. If you are a woman, you most likely have these qualities and you might experience many people feeling interested in you because of your powerful, enigmatic aura.

Work/Money:  Your work and finances will both do great, especially if you connect with your divine guidance and listen to their advice. For some of you, you might meet a mentor who will help you achieve much at work. Do not discuss your finances with people unless it is absolutely needed.

Health:  Your angels advise you to listen to your body as your body has its own consciousness and is always trying to connect with you to tell you what it needs from you. Also, ask your guides and angels to help guide you to improve your health. You will receive valuable guidance from them to progress in your path for better health.

Spiritual Life: This phase is all about your spiritual life. So if you have ignored this aspect of your life before, make sure you connect with your spiritual path now because it is a very powerful time for you. The guidance you can receive now will be very useful, accurate, and will help you create a fabulous future. 

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General:  You might be feeling a bit scattered with a few different things to do, different directions pulling your attention. Sometimes you feel like you have lost your focus. And you might be feeling burdened with a lot to do. Some of you might be feeling like you are being taken for granted. One of the things that I see right away is, you have a lot of beauty around you. This beauty could be in the form of nature, or loving people, your pets...look around, and don't lose your focus on what is beautiful in your life, no matter how stressed you feel from too much work. You are so busy with your head down in your work that you are not looking at the open Heavens above, and the beautiful earth around you. When we remain aware of the little (or big) lovely things in our lives, our work does not feel so cumbersome anymore. So take a few moments to notice and tell me in the comments below what is beautiful in your life. 

You have been working so much that you are close to feeling burnt out. If you continue like this you might find yourself getting irritable. You need to delegate some work, ask others for help, or prioritize so that you are not trying to do everything at the same time. Take frequent breaks, rest, focus on enjoying yourself too. Funny thing is, the more we take small breaks and make sure we feel rested and happy, the higher our productivity goes. Bring balance back in your life. Don't fill your life with only work. Reduce some work, and add in play! You might be feeling drudgery in your work, and like there is no fun in life. Our ego-self feels that there is glory in being over-busy, overworked, not having time to relax, and not asking anyone for help. But the truth is, we are all one, part/children of God. We are meant to help each other, and not do everything alone. Overworking can cause stress, fatigue, and health challenges. If you are feeling stressed, do this EFT video I have made, and you will feel your stress melt away:

The good news is, that this phase of stress and feeling burdened will come to an end soon (especially if you make up your mind to end this phase, & reduce your stress)

Relationships:  This is for ONLY those who are having trouble in their relationship. IF you are having problems in your relationships, it could be because either you or your partner are feeling that you/they are doing all the work in the relationship whereas the other person is not doing their share. Or some aspect of the relationship might be feeling cumbersome. You or they might be feeling taken for granted. The relationship might be lacking fun, playfulness, and spontaneity. You might be feeling as if you are just doing your duties. Life, if continued like this is not joyful, is it? So take a few moments to think about what you can do to bring fun back into your life, and into your relationship?

If you are single, this lack of fun and abundance of stress might be leaving you with no time to devote to yourself, to dating, or just meeting people (even online), and working on bringing the desired partner in your life.  Make time for yourself. Make time for fun. Work will always be there. You are responsible for making your life beautiful. If not now, then when? If stress is getting in your way, please do this EFT tapping video I have recorded: No one needs stress.

Work/Money:  Work-life might feel stressful because of way too much to do. Too much work, too many types of things to do can leave you feeling unfocused, drained, and fatigued (emotionally & physically). When work feels burdensome, we lose our enthusiasm and even the will to do things well. Please ask for help, delegate some work, or let go of some of the responsibilities. Your health, your happiness, your sanity is more important than any work. Financially you might be worried that what you earn or have might not be enough for what you wish to do in life, or for taking care of yourself & family. Please know that worrying is manifesting more worries. So instead use this affirmation throughout your day instead of worrying, "I am a money magnet. Money flows to me easily!". Repeat in your mind or aloud often for a couple of minutes each time, feeling like you are being showered with money. Talk to someone who you trust on financial-wisdom, and plan out a way to improve the situation. If you are worried about money, know that this worry will end soon, especially if you do your affirmations, take divinely guided action, and guide your mind to not worry.

Health: Please reduce your stress levels. Reduce your work burdens. Being overworked and stressed for too long hurts our health. But the good news is that reducing stress improves health hugely. If you haven't already seen this, please go to my EFT video for stress reduction, and learn to reduce your stress levels. You will thank yourself for doing this:

Spiritual Life:  If you are not feeling connected spiritually, it's because the burdens of life have taken your focus off your spiritual path. Or, you might be wanting to do so many different things even spiritually that you are losing your focus. Pick a path that is bringing you the most growth, support, and joy, and stick to it. Make time from your busy life for spiritual work, because finally, this is what will help lead your heart to fulfillment. 

Check out the academy details, and join before the end of the 29th of March. I close the doors at midnight 29th of March. After that this low rate and the amazing bonuses will never be repeated. Check out the Academy HERE.


General: It's "out with the old, in with the new" theme for you whenever your angels guided you to this reading. Your angels are asking you to look carefully at your life and see what you need to change in your life. Ask your Guardian Angels to help you see things clearly. Sometimes a change becomes absolutely necessary to improve our lives. And if we don't bring that change ourselves, the Divine order steps in to remove things from our lives that are not working for us. However, change is much easier when we bring about the change ourselves. If the Universe needs to step in, we often go kicking and screaming through a change (which finally ends up good for us), because it feels difficult and against our wishes. Finally, "the Universe" is your own Divine Self. So if your human self and Divine Self work hand in hand, things are much better. If you do not know how to change things or do not know what to do to change things in your life, meditate each day, and in your meditation, just imagine yourself feeling very happy, feeling like something beautiful is happening for you now. Do not overlook this process in the sentence before this one. It is a very powerful exercise. It might take some time, but be patient, yet diligent about this exercise. Do it every day with faith. You will end up being pleasantly surprised about the way your life changes! :-) 

When change happens, even if we are fully aware that this is for our own good, often there is sadness or some sort of grief. If you are experiencing this, tell yourself again and again that all the changes will lead you to happiness. Also, remember that after endings come beautiful new beginnings. Be proactive, and end whatever is not working anymore, and begin something new. 

If you feel sad, honor your feelings. Honor what you are letting go of. And welcome the new beginning with an open heart. What is past will always remain a part of you. And remember that a positive mind will bring about positive outcomes.

Relationships:  If you feel that the changes are coming in the relationship area of your life, look at what is not working in your relationships. Think rationally about whether a relationship is best saved, or best to let go of. Whatever you decide, it will finally be OK. If you wish to save a relationship, loving honesty with each other in bringing positive changes will help. So will visualizing positive changes. Suppose you want to bring beautiful changes to your relationship with someone, focus on only imagining beautiful scenes/dialogues with that person in your mind. Yes, in your mind. :-) We often fantasize about overly dramatic or sad things in our minds. Instead, daydream or imagine having loving conversations with this person. Imagine both of you being really respectful, kind, understanding, and loving with each other. Do not allow negative inner conversations or imaginations about this person. If you stick to this, your relationship will absolutely change for the better. And if you really wish to let go and move on, even then you will be fine. Everything will lead you to happiness - remind yourself of this.

Work/Money: If your career is what is to experience the changes, you will know by checking your emotions. Are you truly happy where you are in your job or business? If not, make the changes you need to make. If you are proactive in bringing the changes (like changing the job, or manifesting that your current situation becomes much better), you will hardly experience any roller-coaster events. But if you refuse to bring about the change, there might be a sudden change in the area of your career. Any sudden changes that happen without us willingly participating can feel like an upheaval, but again, remind yourself -- this is leading you to something much better. That is the only reason the change is happening. Be prudent with finances, but then we should always be that way.

Health: You could feel stressed in general, and you might wish your health was better than it is. And it will be. Take command of your health, and bring about the changes you need to improve your health. You will be happy with the changes. This phase might be calling for a lifestyle change or a change in your way of thinking. You must have heard this many times, but - try and remain happy, lower your stress, and you will see improvement in your health as well. Visualize the change you want to see in your health. Affirm (even if you don't believe it), "I am completely healthy" over and over again. You don't need to believe in your affirmation. As long as you can bring a feeling of how you will feel if you felt totally healthy (physically and/or emotionally), that's all that's needed. You can bring that feeling by asking yourself, "How would I feel if I were 100% healthy now?", or, "Wouldn't it be nice if I felt happy all the time?". Or you could try what is called an "afformation" - "Why do I feel so healthy and vibrant?", "Why do I feel so happy all the time?". Afformations are affirmations spoken as questions so that they bypass the questioning ego.

Spiritual Life: In your spiritual life, you are being asked to let go of old outmoded beliefs, and be ready for a spiritual breakthrough.

Check out the academy details, and join before the end of the 29th of March. I close the doors at midnight 29th of March. After that this low rate and the amazing bonuses will never be repeated. Check out the Academy HERE.

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