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Life doesn't have to be overwhelming, complicated, or stressful...

You want to have enough money so you never have to worry about paying the bills. You want to be able to actually enjoy life, not just scrape through. 

You are ready to find the love of your life, yet you spend your days pining for them. 

You’re worried about your physical or emotional health and the health of those around you. How can you enjoy life when you are worried about your medical report? How can you enjoy life when every part of your body is hurting? And how outright scary is it when someone you love is not well.

You want to feel loved and respected by the people in your life. You want a better education, car, house, a better life for your children. And maybe a part of you even feels a little guilty for wanting all these things. 

It’s not as if you didn’t try to fix the problems in your life. You work hard. You are a nice person who does a lot for others. You stay up at night thinking of how you can make your life better.

But day after day, it feels as if it is the repeat of the same day.

You just want to give up because nothing ever changes. You begin to think - “What’s the point of trying? Nothing ever changes.

Let me tell you why nothing ever changes.

Most people are trying to fix the problem in the wrong place. It’s like trying to fix your makeup in the mirror instead of fixing it on your face. It is like watching a movie, and scratching the screen when something is undesirable in the story instead of fixing the main movie.

The physical life we see is only a reflection of your true story. Your true story is within your subconscious mind. Struggling with the reflection does not work.


The TRUTH...

Most people know or have at least heard that we need to think positively because our thoughts & feelings determine what we experience in life. And let me tell you, this is true -- tried and tested! 

However, when you are hurting, when you are feeling defeated, when you are feeling really sick or broke or heartbroken, and I come and tell you, "Hey, just think positive, OK?", will that really work?

You will most likely tell me to shut up and get lost. And I won't blame you if you do! You cannot go from being heartbroken and defeated one moment to -- "Oh...let me think positive now". That is totally illogical!

This is exactly why I created a very unique approach to Conscious Manifestation that my students and I use every day to create miracles in our lives. Miracles actually are the normal way to live. If we are not creating miracles as a regular way of life, then we are doing something wrong.

Again, trying to “fix” the reflection of our story does not work. But when you learn to fix the REAL STORY, what you experience in your life becomes more and more beautiful every day. 

Introducing...The Purple Flower Life Mastery Academy!

Imagine being able to see, know, hear, and touch your Divine Friends (our guides, angels, the Ascended Masters, our Departed Loved Ones). 

Imagine being able to heal your feelings in minutes. Yes, minutes. Not months and years. 

Imagine being surrounded by a community of like-minded souls working together to manifest wealth, health, and relationship miracles. 

Join us in the Academy, and let us create a new way of living.

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Pamela Johnson

On the very first try, I saw my beloved husband Alan more clearly than I have ever seen him since he passed and felt his deep love for me. I began to cry before I even saw him because I could feel him approaching! Yes, I asked to meet my husband rather than my angel--and I did! Alan is as excited as I am to be able to develop a closer bond with each other. He says that being able to see him will change everything for us, and it already has! I know my clairvoyance will only get stronger with each meditation. Swati, we love you more than words can say! Thank you!!! Anyone who doubts the power of your courses and your meditations better think again--because they have no idea. All of this Angel Magic is possible because YOU ARE AN ANGEL yourself!

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Sujata R.K.

I am to bringing major changes in myself successfully everyday. I wanted to increase my intuition and that is happening. My immediate Head in my office has softened towards me that she actually acknowledges my work abilities. And I know others things too will materialize. My childhood grudges are almost 85% gone. I am working on my low esteem and my insecurities and slowly I am seeing the light. The academy is helping me to change my thought process, to widen my understanding. You are the sweetest teacher that I ever had in my life, very helpful and supportive. You made me open my heart. You are the first person that I poured out my heart to.

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Madhu S.

I really appreciate Swati’s genuine loving and kind nature. She is funny, loves animals, very supportive and very knowledgeable. She is a very down to earth person & very approachable. Through her Academy she gives back to you a world of amazement, open your mind and eyes to miracles and manifestations, giving your life a new meaning. She is a lighthouse of enlightenment. She has empowered so many people that there isn’t any count. She stands there with you in your pain and grief.  Swati has a Midas touch because whoever is touched by the love and light of her Soul is never the same. I bet you won't regret once you join her academy. Before joining I had a lot of physical & emotional pain. I had many fears and couldn't forgive easily as if the world had turned against me but now I am a peaceful person, & I forgive easily. Thanks to Swati I am very happy and as now I can manifest what I desire in my life I have figured out so much with her help that now I feel that I can do anything.

Sneak Peek into the Academy

The Purple Flower Life Mastery Academy is a growing library of live training, programs, courses, and certifications to help you master conscious manifestation. It is also a loving and supportive community of like-minded people with similar goals and desires. 


OK, but how much is my investment? 

The Life Mastery Academy may not be FREE. And that is for a reason. From my many years of helping people to manifest their goals, it is the students that invest in themselves that see way more success than those that do not have any energetic investment in themselves and their desires. 

It is a very small investment in yourself that gives you a HUGE return on investment for the rest of your life. Mastering the skills you learn in the Life Mastery Academy, you will be able to manifest and create the life that you want! 

This is exactly what I teach and share in my 1:1 coaching. The Academy is a library of everything I teach, a supportive community of conscious manifestors, and the best way to work closely with me. Plus, my courses are certification courses, which means you can go out and practice these tools professionally! 

When you weigh all of that against the investment and what it will do for you for the rest of your life, it’s a no-brainer! 

And because I’m committed to helping as many people like you to consciously manifest their biggest dreams with ease, joy, and FUN...you can join us in the Life Mastery Academy for just $365 for the year. 

However, since you’re reading this during my first big promotion of the year, I’ve decided to offer the Academy for just $37/month! 

That’s right, Until Thursday, March 28th. you can join us inside The Life Mastery Academy for just $37 today! 

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Now you have a choice to make! Remember, if you change nothing, nothing changes. 

Join us and start manifesting TODAY. The last day to enroll is October 28th, 2021









Here's what a few of our current Academy members have to say...


Join us in Purple Flower Life Mastery Academy and start manifesting your miracles today. 

I'm ready, Swati!
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About Swati Nigam

Hi! My name is Swati Nigam. I am an Intuitive Life Coach who loves to teach people how to easily & happily design their lives the way they want to. And for this I offer many different tools. One can use them all, or or pick whichever they like most.

I used to work in the corporate world, and believed in cut throat competition. I enjoyed it, too. But after my first child was born, I changed completely. I lost my interest in the corporate world, or even in a regular job. I started to wonder more about life, what is beyond what we can see with our physical eyes, if there are non-physical beings who help us, why God created this world, what is the point of it all. And my spiritual/metaphysical training started with traditional Usui Reiki.

After that I learned with all kinds of teachers, and learned many different things. And I had many amazing spiritual, mystical experiences (I had them even as a child, but did not understand then). This led to a lot of understanding...and most of all I understood that we needlessly complicate life. Things are much simpler! We can achieve what we want through our inner world much better than by meddling with the "outer world". 

I was so excited about it all, it felt like I was always in love! In love with life, in love with ALL. And I found myself happily teaching whoever was willing to learn how exciting, how fun life actually is. Doing this made me very very happy!

And now this is what I am doing through my online membership site - The Purple Flower Life Mastery Academy

Other than that, I am wife to a software engineer, mother to two human kids and 5 cats. I LOVE animals. I LOVE the Divine. And I LOVE painting!

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