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Imagine a new reality where you could...

Feel safe and relaxed about money

Easily fix your relationships 

Find your perfect soulmate

Fix your health by yourself

Help your loved ones, humanity, animals, this planet
easily without worrying

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What if life were just a painting, and you were the sole painter,
and could paint it any way you wanted to?


Life is a painting. You are the soul painter. And you can paint it any way you want to.

About The Purple Flower
Mastery Academy

What is "The Purple Flower Life Mastery School”?

The Purple Flower Life Mastery School is an online school for people who are tired of waiting for the day when life will magically improve by itself. This is a place for people who want to learn a different, more fun, much easier way to live, to feel 100% empowered, and be able to depend on themselves with calm self-assuredness no matter what challenge life throws at them.

They are tired of struggling each day, and are asking, “Is  this how life is going to be? What is the point? There has to be a better way”. 

Yes, there is certainly a better way. In fact many different ways.  I will teach you those different methods here. Use them all. Or pick what you want to use to masterfully conquer life's challenges.

It is the nature of life to throw challenges at us. There will not be a day when there are no problems. And frankly you don’t even want that. Because if you look at challenges correctly, each problem you face empowers you, grows you as a soul. What you don’t want to do is throw in your towel, give up and say, "This life is too difficult, I can’t do it." What you don’t want to do is hope and wish that one day someone or something else will change it all for the better for you.

Because that someone who changes things for the better is you.

Today, everything seems to be getting over specific, over specialized. We are over-complicating life. You do not need to learn one method to earn more money, another method to become healthy, another method to get better relationships, and yet another method to feel happier.

Yes, I will offer you many different tools. You can learn them all and each one of them can solve any problem you have.

Let me tell you a story about money problems someone was having.

My client, Susan (name changed for privacy) was recently divorced, and her alimony was going to end soon. She needed to start earning so she could support herself. She had a dream to have her own business and be self-sufficient. I asked her how much she would like to earn each month. She said hesitatingly, “I think $2000 per month should be good?”. I said, “How about $10,000 per month?” She burst out laughing at the absurdity of the idea. But Susan is also very open to trying new ideas and concepts. She is very coachable. So after her laughter subsided she asked me what she could do. I taught her one of the simple tools. After 2 months, we counted together, she had crossed even the $10k per month. She actually made $13k. And she is going strong now. Helping people, and being very easily self-sufficient.

Who Is This School For?

This school is for you if:

  • You want to try something different and fun to solve your problems, whether they are about emotions, relationships, money, job, health or anything else.
  • You are open to trying new methods
  • You believe that life could actually be simple, and you do not need to learn a different method for every problem there is in this world.
  • You have led a very left-brained life and thought process, but are now open to trying new ways of thinking, even if it sounds crazy. You like to experiment.
  • You have wondered if this is all there is to life — being born on earth, eat, sleep, work, grow old, die and vanish into oblivion.
  • You feel lonely and wonder if there really are angels and spirit guides with us, beings who love us and guide us. And you wonder if you can talk to them, see them, or feel them.
  • You wonder if your departed loved ones still exist, and you want to learn how to talk to them, see them, and feel them.
  • You do NOT believe that God is separate from you.
  • You do NOT think that anything other than your religion is evil.
  • You are open to learning.

Let me tell you another story. This time, about finding love.

Neha had been waiting for the perfect soulmate to appear into her life. When we talked about it, she said she was never married and was close to celebrating her 44th birthday. She was afraid that she was “too old” now. Of course that is BS. No one is ever too old to find love. She told me about what she had been doing so far about finding “the one”. I asked her 5 points she definitely wanted in her man. Then I asked her what she dreams of, her fantasies about romance. And yes, x-rated was allowed too because this solution was going to be for her eyes ONLY. I created a simple video for her to watch everyday. She enjoyed watching it and feeling it every day. Within 3 months she came back to me and told me she met the man of her dreams! And yes, they are now engaged to be married.

What Do I Get From Membership In The School?

  • Many courses under the topic of “Intuition Development & Connecting with The Divine”. Eg: Connecting with Your Guardian Angel, How to see, hear, feel, touch your angel, Archangels and how to connect with them, Healing with the Angels, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Channeling, Doing Angel Readings with cards, Doing Angel Readings without cards, Connecting with Our Departed Loved Ones, Automatic Writing, Being Your Higher Self, and many many other courses.
  • Energy Healing Courses like: Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Ethereal Crystals, Creating Your Own Healing System, Making Healing Essences.
  • Art For Therapy courses like: Intuitive Painting, Making Healing Jewelry, Art Journaling.
  • Conscious Manifestation: Several tools to help you manifest your desires easily. All you need is a very open mind, willingness to know you are the Power that makes things happen in your life (this does not mean you are being blamed for the bad things…just means you are powerful enough to make anything happen), and a willingness to experiment playfully and learn as time goes by that you really can manifest your desires easily.
  • Weekly Advice or Hot Seat sessions.
  • Certifications in many courses so that you can practice these tools professionally.

...and this is a story about improving health:

I had written this story out and sent it to someone who collects Law of Attraction/Manifestation/Success stories. He read it out for everyone. It is a fun story. And I like how he read my story out too (with disclaimers because it is so strange and funny). So watch this video, you will enjoy it:

The methods employed in all these stories were not too different. Same tools, just tweaked to personalize for the personality of the person, so that the person was more likely to use the method happily, and not think of it as a chore.

You really do not need over-specialized tools to solve each of the million variety of problems we face in life.

Finally it all boils down to how your master yourself, your mind, your soul, your connection to God/Universe/Divine/Whatever you want to call It…and how you use this to master your life.

YOU are a powerful being. And you can do anything. Let me show you how.

About Swati Nigam

Hi! My name is Swati Nigam. I am an Intuitive Life Coach who loves to teach people how to easily & happily design their lives the way they want to. And for this I offer many different tools. One can use them all, or or pick whichever they like most.

I used to work in the corporate world, and believed in cut throat competition. I enjoyed it, too. But after my first child was born, I changed completely. I lost my interest in the corporate world, or even in a regular job. I started to wonder more about life, what is beyond what we can see with our physical eyes, if there are non-physical beings who help us, why God created this world, what is the point of it all. And my spiritual/metaphysical training started with traditional Usui Reiki.

After that I learned with all kinds of teachers, and learned many different things. And I had many amazing spiritual, mystical experiences (I had them even as a child, but did not understand then). This led to a lot of understanding...and most of all I understood that we needlessly complicate life. Things are much simpler! We can achieve what we want through our inner world much better than by meddling with the "outer world". 

I was so excited about it all, it felt like I was always in love! In love with life, in love with ALL. And I found myself happily teaching whoever was willing to learn how exciting, how fun life actually is. Doing this made me very very happy!

And now this is what I am doing through my online membership site - The Purple Flower Life Mastery Academy

Other than that, I am wife to a software engineer, mother to two human kids and 5 cats. I LOVE animals. I LOVE the Divine. And I LOVE painting!

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