Let's Talk About Our Relationship With Money

What are your beliefs & thoughts about money?

Do you happen to have a problematic relationship with money? You’re not alone if you do. Many of us have strange, weird beliefs about money. And these beliefs stop us from earning well, or from having enough money. I used to have many such faulty beliefs too. 

Everything has consciousness. Even money. Tell me, if you think badly about someone, and have strange beliefs about that person, will that person want to be with you? Money will behave in the same way.

It is never bad to be wealthy. Remember, money in the hands of good people brings blessings to the world.

Below is a list of faulty money beliefs that I wrote down from my client sessions as well as my own weird beliefs. See if you can recognize yourself there in these beliefs, and then work on letting go of these beliefs:

  1. Asking for money is being greedy (even if I worked for it - this was my belief).
  2. Accepting money from anyone is being greedy (even if I worked hard for it - this was my belief).
  3. Money is the cause of all kinds of problems.
  4. I just cannot earn money (this was my belief too).
  5. One must never charge money for spiritual work ( This one was my belief. I didn’t wonder how people who did spiritual work full time pay their bills, neither do other people with this belief wonder).
  6. Spiritual and good people do not think about money.
  7. Good people are not rich.
  8. Kind, caring, helping people are not rich.
  9. Business-minded people and people who have plenty of money are not kind, caring, helping people.
  10. Wanting money and material things is selfish and materialistic.
  11. Spirituality/Faith and abundance of money do not go together.
  12. Rich people are jerks.
  13. Nice people are not rich.
  14. You can have just enough if you work hard and budget very carefully. But things will always be tight. 
  15. I am lazy and spoiled. I don’t have it in me to earn a good living. I will always be dependent on someone else to provide for me. 
  16. If I do work hard enough to earn my own living, I will end up exhausted, sick, and having little time for my children (I used to have a similar belief).
  17. Buying anything for yourself is selfish, but buying for others is fine. And it doesn’t matter how much you spend on someone else, it’s always ok.
  18. I’m a spendthrift. Money never stays with me. And I can barely save. 
  19. All rich people have gained money through ill/illegal ways. Hardworking people just have enough to survive.
  20. If you have money, the government will fleece you.
  21. Money is the dirt of your hands, here today gone tomorrow. 
  22. If went and got a job, I’d be neglecting my children.
  23. I never can ask people for money even though I paid others.
  24. I don't have a business mindset so can't earn.
  25. If you’re rich and have money like the Kennedy’s you’ll have tragedies.
  26. You can work your fingers to the bone, be a good and honest person, but still barely get by.
  27. Money doesn’t like me. Money runs from me. 
  28. I don’t have a good track record with money; I always mess it up.
  29. I do not feel worthy or deserving of having money.
  30. No matter what, my money situation cannot improve.
  31. I feel uncomfortable when people buy me things. I always wanted to pay for everybody.
  32. I just can’t save a dime.
  33. I don’t know how to manage money, so please can someone else handle it for me?? This is such a PAIN! I don’t like it! (This is STILL my belief, and I make my husband take care of my business accounts)
  34. I hate money talk. Yawn! Can we talk of something else?
  35. If I go out to eat with friends I absolutely MUST pay for everyone. Always. It will be totally shameful if I let someone else pay for me. (This was my belief before)

I had many of the above beliefs myself. No wonder money stayed far away from me. And even now sometimes I can discover limiting money beliefs that were hiding inside me. Life is a journey, a process. It is like a game where you uncover blocks and potholes and conquer them to move forward. We are always work-in-process, so don't beat yourself up if you found many of the above beliefs applicable to you. Can you add more to this list? 

Finally, I went around diligently changing my relationship with money by changing my mentality, my thoughts, beliefs, emotions, & limitations, through meditation, Law of Attraction, and EFT tapping.

And magic seemed to start happening in my life as a result.

Would you like to change your relationship with money and change your money patterns?

If you do, make your own list, and use tools like EFT tapping, etc to remove those beliefs. I have one video (at the time of writing this blog) on my YouTube channel on EFT Tapping for removing limiting money beliefs. It is an actual client session - she let me put it on YouTube to help other people. You can watch it to see how I removed her wrong money beliefs. Tap along with us in that video by using your own beliefs. You can see the video here: https://youtu.be/NTNkwntGBP4

I will be creating more EFT Tapping videos for money beliefs and will add them to my YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/ThePurpleFlower, and click the bell icon so you will be notified each time I add a new helpful video.

Much love,


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