Angel Reading - Timeless - 19

Hello, Superwomen & Supermen!

Are you wondering why I am calling you that? Because each and every one of us is a Superhero, but most of us have forgotten this fact. No, I am not writing inspirational stuff here. I am writing facts.

Here is a letter to you all, please read this before you scroll down to the angel reading.

We each have an undying connection to God/All-That-Is, and NONE of us is less than another. None of us is more special than another. So if anyone tries to tell you they are more special than you, better than you, superior to you, walk away. Because we are all the same Being. ONE Being - God. God created to experience everything God is. And that's why we are here. We have no REAL separate identity from God. 

So as "God-particles", each of us is powerful beyond words. 

One of the ways to realize that you are powerful beyond measure is to work with Conscious Manifesting. When you realize how easily you can change what you call "reality", you will realize...

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You CAN Change Your Past By Re-Writing It


If you can stop negative events from your past from affecting you now won't it make a huge difference in your life? Read the rest of this blog post and do the meditation to achieve this.
We have heard many times: “The past is gone, we cannot do anything about it. 

They say to let the "past go" because it is already done, and we can do nothing about it. I have discovered something different sometime in 2012. I learned that I can re-write my past so that I am aligned with the energies of the happier past. Later in 2019 when I came across the amazing Neville Goddard's teachings, I realized that he had taught the technique of changing the past too! He called it "Revision". It made me feel that I was not crazy after all! Neville had taught this process ages back. I wasn't even born then! And many people had already applied his technique and changed their lives. 

I came across this process when I was really upset over something from...
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Manifest Your Perfect Career By Writing A Daily Diary


You can absolutely have THE Dream Job you want.

Don't just hope for things to change. Don't believe in some destiny or fate that has decided that you will always have tough luck with your work. You are not a helpless victim of life. You can change anything you want to change in life. And that includes your career.

If you have been following my posts on Conscious Manifestation, you already know that the beliefs or programming you have in your Subconscious Mind create your experiences in life. And you need to Consciously program your Subconscious to do what you want.

Writing a daily journal is one of the ways you can Consciously Program Your Subconscious. This is how you do this:
  • Get a physical diary just for this, or sign up for an online journal like Penzu.com. 
  • Determine what kind of a job or career you want.
  • And then write it down as the first entry of your Daily Diary. Write it as if you got your job offer today. Write down just like a normal diary entry, something...
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Be aware of your thoughts! You are manifesting right now!

It's true. You are manifesting each and every moment of your life.

You are the only author of your book that you call Life.

You are the only Director, Producer, and screenwriter of the movie you call Life.

You are the BOSS of your life.

Why? This is the nature of reality. It is a God-given rule/power. 

And you will realize this the more you practice watching your thoughts in the way I will explain below. Don't just take my word. Experiment long enough, and test it for yourself.

Your Subconscious mind was given the power of creating your reality.

And your Conscious mind was given the power of intellect, reasoning, differentiating between the good and the bad, right and wrong.

Your Conscious Mind is the guide or the programmer. Your subconscious mind is the main computer that does all the work that you program it to do.

Here is how we mess up:

We do not realize that we are creating every experience in our lives, and we think that life just happens to us and that we...

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Manifest your soulmate while you sleep - yes you read that right

I bet when you read the title of this blog post, you thought this was clickbait. But that's the thing -- it is not.

This is exactly what this process revolves around - sleep time, and sleep. This process is based on Neville Goddard's technique of manifesting in a state that is called "State Akin To Sleep". Neville Goddard was an amazing mystic, and he taught powerful methods of manifesting our desires. My favorite book by him is: "Feeling Is The Secret".

And even Neville Goddard used this process to manifest the love of HIS life! His wife!
So, let's get on with it. Here are the simple steps:
  1. When you lie down in bed to go to sleep (whether night time or a nap during the day), close your eyes, and imagine the one you want to be with. If there is someone specific you want, then imagine that person, or imagine your dream-person.
  2. Imagine this person lying next to you in bed.
  3. Imagine you and your person have your arms around each other. Really feeling that delicious feeling of...
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How to Heal Your Relationships Through Conscious Manifestation

Some years back, I read this book where the author conducts a 30-day experiment to see if Conscious Manifestation works. And he had GREAT results. I thought that was a great idea, and decided to conduct a series of experiments myself.

This way I could prove to myself, and to others that this stuff really worked and that we actually can design our lives the way we want to. 

So here is one of my stories with my experiments with Conscious Manifestation.

I know someone, who we shall call Sarah (not her real name). I have known her for a few years, and she has always been really nice and friendly. But to my extreme confusion, she had started being really unfriendly towards me. She tried not to meet my eyes whenever we met, and we used to meet regularly as we used to visit the same place regularly. She stopped saying hi or bye to me. And she outrightly refused to even acknowledge my presence. That felt really weird. I even tried asking her once or twice if everything...

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Angel Reading - Timeless - 18

timeless angel reading Jan 31, 2021

Happy New Month to you! Write to me below:

1. What did you manifest in January?

2. What do you desire to manifest in February?

3. What do you plan on manifesting in 2021?

4. What do you plan to manifest for your lifetime?

I will soon be starting a series of mailings on manifesting your desires. You can use the techniques that I send you to manifest whatever it is you want. So if you haven't already subscribed to my mailing list, do subscribe so that you will be getting the entire series on learning to manifest. Plus these weekly angel readings will be sent right to your inbox. I send lessons on many metaphysical/spiritual topics. And you get to download my free ebook on learning how to see auras. This is where you sign up for my mailing list: https://www.thepurpleflower.com/auras 💜


This is a "Timeless" Angel Reading. Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means...

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When Archangel Michael sent me a Purple Iris through my friend Sharanya

Angels can send you their love in many different ways. And it is so amazing when that happens. Archangel Michael sent me a beautiful gift through my friend Sharanya, who was not technically a friend at that time. We knew of each other’s existence, but that was all. He sent me a painting of a Purple Iris through her.

Purple flowers are a sign from Archangel Michael to me. I have written about this in the story of the purple flower.

As I said, I did not really know Sharanya well then. We both used to visit an online angel forum but did not really interact with each other.

Here is Sharanya’s story in her own words:

I love Irises, and one day there was this urge, a strong urge to paint a Purple Iris. So as usual I argued and found reasons not to till one day the urge was so great everything else seemed to melt away. So I sat down and painted it, then as soon as I was done I put it away, with no attachment, no pride or anything.

One day...

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How Archangel Michael Guided Me Back Home

angels archangel michael Jan 29, 2021

I have a sweet story for you today.

It’s about how Archangel Michael held my hand and guided me back home last Saturday (27th February 2016). He has done this for me before. There are many stories by others too about being guided home by him.

Why do I want to share this story? 1. Because I loved what happened. It made me happy. 2. Because I want you to have faith that we are not alone.

I was to travel back from San Francisco to San Jose on Saturday evening by the 6:15 pm train.

Sounds straight forward enough? Yes. Except that I was the traveler. There are a few things I am absolutely terrified of: 1) Cockroaches 2) Grasshoppers 3) Driving long distances or traveling alone. “Driving long distances or traveling alone” because I have no sense of direction. You must have heard of people with a good sense of direction or a bad sense of direction? Well…I don’t have one. Not even a bad sense of direction. It really terrifies me.

Normally there is one...

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You Can Manifest The Life You Desire

You can rise above any crisis. You can rise above any challenge. And you can Intentionally Manifest the life or experience you truly desire. This post shows how to Intentionally Manifest what you want.

You can rise up from anything.
You can completely recreate yourself.
Nothing is permanent. You’re not stuck.
You have choices. You can think new thoughts.
You can learn something new. You can create new habits.
All that matters is that you decide today and never look back.

– Idil Ahmed

You are powerful beyond words.

And these are not just some vague platitudes to make you feel better. You really are powerful beyond words. Read on to see why…

And the reason is – you are part of God. We all have our own definitions of the undefinable God. In my definition, God is ALL. And we are part of ALL.

God has created everything. Anything you can think of, imagine, or conceive has already been created by God. It exists in many different realities that co-exist with each...

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