How To Use Your Vision Board To Make Your Dream Come True (part 3)

NOTE: If you haven't seen parts 1 & 2 of the Vision Board series, you can see them here:

How To Make Your Vision Board - Part 1

How To Make Your Vision Board - Part 2

Now that you have created your vision board, what are some of the best ways to use it?

1. Keep Your Vision Board in a Place Where You Will See It Often

If you are OK with others seeing your vision board, this would be an excellent place to keep your Vision Board. Usually, this place is your office, your family room or someplace where others are around too. So do this only if you are comfortable sharing your goals & dreams with others.

Keeping it in such a prominent place will ensure that you will see it often. And the more you see it, even if just a glance, the more it is etched into your subconscious mind. 

Our subconscious mind dictates what shows up in our lives, so the more effectively we impress our goals upon our subconscious, the better.

2. Keep In a More Private Place, But Remember to Look at...

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How To Make Your Vision Board - Part 2


Last week we covered the types of Visions Boards. If you want to read part 1 again, go to https://swati-nigam.mykajabi.com/blog/how-to-make-your-vision-board-part-1

I hope you are ready with these:

  1. Which type of Vision Board you want to make.
  2. Which life areas you wish to transform?

NEXT: Find The Right Pictures and Words

The next step is to find the right pictures and words that show you what you desire.

For example, if you want to lose weight, find pictures of people who have fit, healthy bodies that inspire you. If you want a new house, and if you already know which one you want, take a picture of that house. If you don't know which house, then find pictures of houses that are like the dream house you have in mind. If you want to earn a certain amount, for example, $10,000 per month, you write down in bold and beautiful letters, "I earn $10,000 every month".

This way, find pictures that show your dream realized in every area of your life that you wish to transform...

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How To Make Your Vision Board - Part 1



A vision board is a manifesting tool. You use pictures and words to represent what you want in life, and stick them up on a board, in a frame, or in a digital file, or an online album like Pinterest. It is like goal setting but in a pictorial way. 

Many people have had amazing successes with vision boards. I have done this in different ways, not exactly on a board, but by sticking pictures in my notebook, or just often looking at pictures I loved and ended up getting those things. 

So this time I have decided to make a more regular vision board :-).



There is no fixed time for it! You can make it anytime you want and can make as many as you want! Here are some of the times when people create their vision boards:

  1. Year-end/start of a new year.
  2. Start of a month.
  3. Birthdays.
  4. End of a job/relationship.
  5. When feeling like one has hit the rock bottom in life.
  6. When someone wants to start a new...
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