How To Use Your Vision Board To Make Your Dream Come True (part 3)

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Now that you have created your vision board, what are some of the best ways to use it?

1. Keep Your Vision Board in a Place Where You Will See It Often

If you are OK with others seeing your vision board, this would be an excellent place to keep your Vision Board. Usually, this place is your office, your family room or someplace where others are around too. So do this only if you are comfortable sharing your goals & dreams with others.

Keeping it in such a prominent place will ensure that you will see it often. And the more you see it, even if just a glance, the more it is etched into your subconscious mind. 

Our subconscious mind dictates what shows up in our lives, so the more effectively we impress our goals upon our subconscious, the better.

2. Keep In a More Private Place, But Remember to Look at It Often

If you are not comfortable sharing your dreams and goals with others, keep it in your closet, or if you don't share your bedroom with another, keep it in your bedroom. Some people even keep it in their bathroom if they don't have to share it with others. 

If you keep it tucked away in the closet or someplace you might forget, then keep a reminder object with you. You could keep a pretty little crystal or pebble on your nightstand or your bathroom sink which is specifically there to remind you to look at your vision board. When you see your reminder object, it is your cue to go take a look at your vision board for the day.

3. Look At It At least Once a Day

I usually see it twice a day. The moment I wake up, and then before I go to sleep. When you wake up, and when you are sleepy at night, your subconscious mind is usually most receptive to suggestions because your mind is naturally in an alpha state (light meditative state). So these two timings are perfect for this purpose.

4. Add Visualization Often

You don't have to do this every day, but whenever you have a few minutes look at your vision board, and go through all the items there one by one, spending a few seconds to FEEL as if that goal has already been met. For example, if you want a particular house, look at the picture, and imagine how you would feel if it were yours already? One way to get the feeling is by asking yourself questions like this:

"Wouldn't it be nice if I were the owner of that house and living there happily?"

"Wouldn't it be nice if I were walking arm in arm with my soulmate on a beach?"

"Wouldn't it be nice if I were already at my goal weight?"

...and so on.

Try it. Ask yourself questions like this for your goals, and you will find yourself smiling happily already. And when you FEEL that feeling of having ALREADY achieved your goal, you know that there is nothing that will stop you from having it. Our subconscious mind is MOST receptive to FEELINGS. That's why this technique is very powerful.

If you don't have the time to do this exercise every day for each item, pick up one or two items and bring the feeling up.

5. Bring The Feeling From Step 4 With You Through The Day

If you find yourself worrying during the day, immediately stop, and ask yourself the magical question from step 4 to bring back the feeling of having it. Do not let the feeling of lack be the predominant feeling in your mind. Either get busy doing something else so you are not thinking about it at all, or if the thought does come up, keep the thought positive. 

Your predominant emotions & beliefs dictate what you will manifest - the lack of that goal, or the fulfillment of the goal. 

6. Do Not Let It Become a Chore

If you find looking at your vision board a chore, then don't look. Just ask yourself the happy-making-question of step 4 every now and then to make yourself smile.

If you have made your vision board pleasing and neat to your eyes, you will most likely not find it a chore to look at it.

7. One Last Tip

You don't HAVE to add this tip, but if you do, you will add more power to this process. 

Every night when you are in bed, make sure you think thoughts that make you happy. Going to bed with worries, anger, negativity means you are programming your subconscious mind with instructions to bring you negative experiences. The time just before sleeping is extremely important. So even if you think of imaginary things that make you happy, do that. And one great thing to visualize before sleeping is:

Imagine someone close to you congratulating you, "Wowwww (insert your name)!!! You manifested each and every goal from your vision board!!!" And you smile back happily at this person. 

That's it. Just a short imagination. Really FEEL it when you imagine. How would you feel if you manifested it all, and your best friend/parent/spouse/someone close to you was congratulating you? Feel that happy feeling, and go to sleep feeling that joy, peace, and fulfillment. When you go to sleep every night in this happy state of mind, you are sending powerful instructions to your subconscious mind to make your dreams come true!

Good Luck to you! May I hear many happy stories from you all about how you manifested everything from your Vision Board!

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