How To Make Your Vision Board - Part 1



A vision board is a manifesting tool. You use pictures and words to represent what you want in life, and stick them up on a board, in a frame, or in a digital file, or an online album like Pinterest. It is like goal setting but in a pictorial way. 

Many people have had amazing successes with vision boards. I have done this in different ways, not exactly on a board, but by sticking pictures in my notebook, or just often looking at pictures I loved and ended up getting those things. 

So this time I have decided to make a more regular vision board :-).



There is no fixed time for it! You can make it anytime you want and can make as many as you want! Here are some of the times when people create their vision boards:

  1. Year-end/start of a new year.
  2. Start of a month.
  3. Birthdays.
  4. End of a job/relationship.
  5. When feeling like one has hit the rock bottom in life.
  6. When someone wants to start a new chapter in life.
  7. One person told me that he makes it every day! Yes! Each morning he looks at his to-do list, and decides how he wants his day to go, and finds 2-3 pictures that depict it, and he puts them in his phone collage making app! He said this works wonderfully for him.

So basically, you can make it anytime you want. There is no rule about what time is good and what is not.


  1. Pictures and words stuck on a regular board, corkboard, or a collage-like picture frame.
  2. You paste digital pictures in a Word file and print it out.
  3. You create a digital collage of pictures and words and make it your phone background or laptop wallpaper, or you print it out and frame it.
  4. You create a Pinterest board and pin-up pictures of things you want to manifest in your life.
  5. can do what I have been doing so far -- I take a regular notebook, and paste pictures in it, creating an album of my dreams.


After you decide what kind of vision board you will make, make a list of life areas you want a change in. For example, I might make my life areas: 

  1. Health
  2. Career
  3. Relationships
  4. Spiritual


  1. Decide what kind of vision board you want to create.
  2. What are the life areas you want a change in?

In my next post in this series (next Wednesday) we will go through various methods of picture selection, what methods I like best, and examples of each kind of a vision board.

If you want, you can always share with me what life areas you want improvement in, and what kind of a vision board you would like to make.

Put good thought into what you desire, and you have already made a STRONG start into manifesting your wishes! So take your time, and give this GOOD TIME AND THOUGHT. Do not rush this process :-)

See you on Sunday with the weekly Angel Reading!

So remember Weekly Angel Readings on Sundays, and Vision Board series on Wednesdays.

Much love,


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