11 Easy Ways To Feel Happy In The Next Few Minutes

Have you been feeling down lately? Here are 11 simple ways to immediately improve your mood.

  1. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths slowly… expanding your belly first and then your chest. Exhale slowly. Each time you inhale, imagine the cool healing breath filling your head and cooling & relaxing it. Each time you breathe out, make your body limp, loose, and relaxed. Do this for a few minutes in a focused way.
  2. Put some upbeat music on, and let your imagination soar… imagining doing things you would like to do, imagine doing things that will make you smile. It does not matter whether you can actually do those things or not. As long as it will make you happy, IMAGINE doing it. Our brains treat powerful imaginations, and actual experiences very similarly. Your emotional response will be the same. You will improve your mood!
  3. Write a long letter to the Higher Power you believe in — God, Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, or even a departed loved one. Tell them what is bothering you. Pour your heart out, so nothing is left unsaid. Then ask them to help you by giving you ideas, signs, etc on how to be happier. If you can go to the ocean, put a piece of pebble inside the paper, crumple the paper around it, and throw the paper into the ocean to “send” the letter. Or, you can burn the paper up, affirming you are sending the letter through the holy fire. You will feel much lighter.
  4. Take a big trash bag, and fill it with things you don’t need any longer and can donate. Then donate it all. This is a really effective way to improve your mood.
  5. If the weather is pleasant,  lie down outside from where you can see the sky. Watch the clouds float by. There is something about the act of gazing into the sky – it shifts your perception.
  6. Write a list of things you hold against yourself. Then forgive yourself for each one. Once again, let go of the paper and all the things you hold against yourself by giving it to the ocean like in step 3, or by burning the paper in holy fire. Affirm that you love yourself, and will use this life for joy, love, and peace. Promise yourself that you will love yourself unconditionally. Promise yourself that you will be your best friend.
  7. Go for a walk on a path you have never been on. Someplace totally new!
  8. If you can, go get a totally new haircut/hairstyle.
  9. Dig out old photos of yourself and of the people you love. Go through happy times again. Going through old pictures is a great way to improve your mood.
  10. Do stretching exercises… slowly and patiently, really feeling your muscles stretch slowly.
  11. Tell yourself with feeling, "Isn't life wonderful? Thank you Thank you Thank you, God!!". I mean it. Say this with feeling like you are acting out a scene for a movie. Act well. Enjoy acting out the scene. Believe me, you will feel much better!

Have a happy day!




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