You Can Change An Unfavorable Situation

When we are going through tough times, or facing any challenge, we often feel alone, and feel like this will be never-ending. Here's the truth though - you can change any situation in your life to feel happy & safe. And you are definitely not alone. You have a team of invisible divine helpers always with you. And you have amazing manifesting tools that you can use to change an unfavorable situation. Read below these heartwarming success stories by Judith. She was there in the last 21-day no-cost Conscious Manifesting course, and she is a member of my online academy. This will give you faith that you too can change your situation, and manifest your desires.
Hello.  My name is Judith and I come from Kentucky, the home of Bourbon, basketball, thoroughbred horses, and Bluegrass. When I meet strangers I'm often asked if Bluegrass is in fact blue. When I assure them that it is indeed blue, a normal response is, "Well, I've never seen grass that is blue." I was like those strangers when it came to manifesting. I had heard of it. People had told me about it and that it worked. However, the important part was that I had never experienced it for myself.
For the past few years, I had dealt with many stressful situations. I can't say I flourished or necessarily came out on top, but I had survived. I knew surviving wasn't enough. I needed to change things. I felt desperate.
Then, across my Facebook Newsfeed, I started getting motivational memes from The Purple Flower. I would look forward to their arrival and they always spoke to me. After that, I started seeing Angel Readings for each week. The readings weren't like newspaper horoscopes or fortune cookie messages. They were actual advice concerning real-life situations. At this point, my interest was quite piqued. The next thing that happened changed my life. I received a notice that The Purple Flower/ Swati Nigam would be hosting a FREE seminar, a 21-day Challenge on manifesting. I immediately filled out the application. That was what I needed, I was open and I was ready--even eager.
I started the class determined to do every exercise, dot every i, and cross every t so to speak. I was totally starting at ground zero. Swati had the perfect technique for me. Her instructions were clear and concise. She used baby steps so I didn't feel overwhelmed and then reinforced it all with small videos and interviews to reinforce what she was teaching. I came in determined to manifest a buyer for a house I had inherited. It was a beautiful 2-story brick home on a half-acre lot, over 3000 sq. ft with a full basement and 2 car attached garage. It should have been a piece of cake to sell, but it had not been. It, unfortunately, was located over 2 hours from my home, and health problems had stopped me from watching the realtors as I should. The result is that the house was sitting with nothing going on. One thing that stalled me was a very aggressive form of cancer being unable to take chemo or radiation. I did have surgery, but without the other assisting procedures there wasn't a lot of hope it would not return. 
So, I started Swati's free 21-day class, learning how to manifest something. My illness had put a lot of stress on family relationships and my daughter had assumed almost all my care, doctor visits, etc. It was very hard on her, and in turn our relationship. We had a stressful blow up one day and that evening I listened to an interview Swati did with one of her students and the woman talked about how she had manifested a change to the relationship between her and her son, That spoke to my heart, and I knew immediately that I would have to once again move the sale of the house to the back burner and concentrate on my relationship with my daughter. She was my best friend--the apple of my eye--and I wanted to make her life and our relationship easier. I went back to my worksheets from the class and re-answered all the questions and did the homework to reflect our relationship instead of manifesting a buyer. Within hours, the tension had left and our relationship had been renewed. "Wow. This stuff DOES work."
I restarted working on the house buyer manifestation but again I got delayed, this time by some reoccurring physical symptoms. I started to worry that old problems were returning and current problems were getting worse. I started writing, "I am so blessed that I am cancer-free." I wrote it 15 times, three times a day. I did a visualization of all my doctors together in a room telling me that all my tests and scans were clear and that I was totally cancer-free. I did this for some weeks and when I returned to the oncologist and she went over my tests and did a physical exam. She said, "I don't find anything that gives me cause for worry." She has stretched my visits to 6 months apart. What a relief. I know when the five years are over she will tell me I'm cancer-free for life.
My relationships were in order, my health was no longer a stress factor, so I returned to the buyer manifestation. The following Tuesday the air conditioner went out on the house where I live. Money is bare-bones in this house and this sent me in a tailspin. How could I cope with this? The woman who had let me know that relationships can be manifested wrote something on Swati's Purple Flower Academy group message board about how her dishwasher had gone out and she had manifested a solution. Okay, I would manifest something too. I wrote lines and had visualizations about my HVAC working and maybe getting it done for free. Maybe a fuse or breaker?  Maybe the thermostat? The next day I called a repairman and he said the unit had died and the whole thing needed to be replaced, costing over $12,000. I felt dizzy and faint. It may as well cost 12 million as far as my finances were concerned. I kept using the techniques Swati taught me and called another company for a 2nd opinion. The second one was more costly than the first. I kept working and called another company for a 3rd opinion. That is when the miracle arrived. This company offered a better unit, larger BTU, reworked some of the piping, and added on an air scrubber because of my breathing problems. He had noticed I was on oxygen. He told me the price and again I felt sick. Then he added that the new unit would be much more efficient and would save me X amount on my monthly electric bill. Then he told me he could arrange a 5 year same as cash, no interest payment. When the figures were worked out, it would cost me less than the unit I had at first. This was definitely a manifested miracle. 
Swati also taught me during the 21-day challenge that we constantly manifest. We need to train ourselves to really look at what is happening in our lives. And she showed me that sometimes the most important things we manifest are not the big-ticket, high-priced things. Many times it is the small daily things that determine our happiness. Small changes can have big changes when it comes to everyday life.
Swati is always cheerful and calming. I am kind of the opposite, but she is patient and meets her students where they are, and helps them on their path. I cannot express what she has meant in my life. Let's just say, if I could have another daughter, I would choose Swati, but since that can't happen, I am grateful she is my teacher and my friend, :).
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