Weekly Pick-a-picture Angel Reading Sunday 12, 2020

weekly angel reading Jul 12, 2020

Hello! :-)

One week left for the Angel Card course to be done. Next Sunday is the last day. I've had a lot of fun teaching it. 

Exciting News:

I'll open the gates of the Academy on the 19th of July. 

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In the Academy, we will start with the course "CASA - At Home With My Guardian Angel" where you will learn to meditate deeply increasing your intuitive senses powerfully so that you will learn to SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, KNOW, & FEEL your Guardian Angel, and actually feel "at home" with your angel.
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And now, let's see what the Angels have to say to us for this week.
  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your guardian angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


You might be feeling sad over something. Could have gone through some kind of a heartache relating to relationships, money, job, or health (yours or someone else's). If none of these, then just a feeling of sadness, or depression. If this is caused by a relationship it does not have to mean an end to your relationship. But it does mean that you and the person in question need to put in some effort to solve the problems (romantic, friendship, family, or work relationship). And if you feel you cannot talk to this person, and yet need to save the relationship, you need to do this: every night go to bed imagining you and this person are talking lovingly with each other and are doing great together. Do your best to resist fighting with the person you are having trouble with because that will worsen the situation. You both could be going through a lack of communication, or you feel betrayed or unhappy in some way.  Always let your heart lead in case you wish to save the relationship. And visualize things getting better. Of course, if the person has been abusive, and if you are better off without them, then letting go is always best. Abuse should never be tolerated. If you are single, you might be feeling lonely, or feeling a heartache from the last relationship. If career or money is causing you concern, this might be a great time to rethink what you really want to do in terms of career. Take this time to plan for a career you really love. Most people are afraid of downtimes, but the fact is, that such phases, even though emotionally stressful are the perfect springboard to manifesting your dream life. If your current work situation is giving you stress, take time to dream of the best career situation, and write it down. Read it three times a day, and trust your Higher Power/God/Angels/Higher Self to open doors for you. Personally I welcome such phases because I know that it is a great time to recreate my life! If money is causing you stress, solving the career problem will most likely fix your money stress. Work on creating a step by step plan to solve your financial problems. For some of you, this stress could be because of your health issues or someone else's health (could be a heart issue for some). No matter what the problem, always remember that no situation lasts forever. This too shall pass. Your angels also want you to know that they are surrounding you and waiting to help you. You need to ask them to guide you. You will emerge much clearer, happier, stronger, and in a much better place once you have faced this situation. This phase is actually a HUGE blessing in disguise. I know that each time I go through it, what happens next is simply amazing!! Remember that you go through very fast spiritual growth at this time. Do not isolate yourself. Reach out to people who you trust, and talk with them and with your angels. You will find great comfort and guidance through this.


You are most likely a gentle, loving, and a very kind person. You would love to talk from your heart to others, and yet you might feel shy doing so. You are creative, you love daydreaming, you are artistic, sensitive and romantic at heart. You also are very intuitive. You have stepped into, or going to step into an emotional experience that has the potential to grow into something beautiful. You will most likely receive messages that make you happy. If you are in a relationship, there is a good possibility of romantic proposals from your partner. Some might get engaged or married. You might also receive news of pregnancies or childbirths. For some of you who are very shy and withdraw into yourselves, and are in a relationship, your angels are asking you to be more open about your feelings to your partner, to be more romantic in the way you behave with them. You are being asked to follow the lead of your heart.  If you are single, there might be someone who is interested in you, and so far has tried to keep it a secret from you. But they might now open their hearts to you or at least send you a message that indicates what they feel for you.  If you are thinking about your career, you might get happy news soon. It could be a promotion, reward, or salary raise. For some, it might be a new job. If you are unhappy with your job, it is a great time to apply for jobs that you feel you will actually love. And if you feel you should get a promotion, be brave and talk to your superior about it. Many of you will do great in artistic careers. If you have been wondering about your financial situation, things are going to start looking better soon.  It is a good time to do solid research into investments and take steps towards investing. If you are thinking about your health (or the health of someone you care about), things are looking up there too. If you were waiting for a particular health test result, the result you will receive will be a good one. Or you will get clarity on what is happening with your health and will make a good plan of action with your health practitioners in helping you heal. Your spiritual life is getting richer too. Your intuition or psychic abilities will improve. Your angels are actively sending you messages and guidance, and you will be able to understand their messages because of your intuitive skills. Pay attention to your dreams as they may contain messages from your angels.


If you chose C, you are starting a new journey/path. This new beginning is most likely a very positive one for you. You might be heading towards an exciting new adventure. Your angels are saying you need to start this new phase in life with a lot of faith and positive thoughts because doing so will help you grow as a person. If you are wondering about a relationship then this is not so much about long-term commitment as it is about a fun-filled romance! And who knows, after a fabulously fun time, if you both feel you are compatible, it might lead to a stable relationship. If you are thinking about your career, then you will find good opportunities coming your way soon. It could be a better opportunity within the same company or it could be a new job. If you are thinking of starting a new business, now is a good time. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back. If other people do not understand, you can try and make them understand if you wish to, but make sure they do not deter you. Keep your thoughts and expectations positive. Do your research on your new job or business beforehand so that you are sure about what you are doing, and after that do not be afraid to jump in. Financially you will do a lot better if you do take this new path after doing your research. Your health will be better in the sense you will have more energy than before. And because you will feel more energetic, you might be prone to getting a little careless about your health. So your angels caution you to take care of yourself like you would take care of someone else you loved a lot. As long as you are a little cautious, all will be well. Some of you might get pregnant or hear news of pregnancy. Spiritually, you are starting a new journey that will lead you to great things.  You will want to learn many new things and go to many different teachers. It is OK to do so, but make sure you focus on whatever you are trying to do and don't get spread out so much that you get confused. Different teachers will have their own way of teaching - remember that. And your own way of understanding will be different from others. If you get confused with all these differences, remember that everyone has their own way of connecting to the Divine. No one is right or wrong. Everyone is unique. As are you. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

Much love,

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