You CAN Change Your Past By Re-Writing It


If you can stop negative events from your past from affecting you now won't it make a huge difference in your life? Read the rest of this blog post and do the meditation to achieve this.
We have heard many times: “The past is gone, we cannot do anything about it. 

They say to let the "past go" because it is already done, and we can do nothing about it. I have discovered something different sometime in 2012. I learned that I can re-write my past so that I am aligned with the energies of the happier past. Later in 2019 when I came across the amazing Neville Goddard's teachings, I realized that he had taught the technique of changing the past too! He called it "Revision". It made me feel that I was not crazy after all! Neville had taught this process ages back. I wasn't even born then! And many people had already applied his technique and changed their lives. 

I came across this process when I was really upset over something from my past. The angels led me through this exercise and it was very healing.

What you read below might sound controversial, but keep an open mind and read on.

This process is based on the following premise:

1. All time is NOW. All things we see as past or future are all in the present eternal moment. We experience time as linear and chronological on earth. But it is an illusion. (This concept of the illusion of time is explained very well in the book “Conversations with God” part 1)

2. Every possibility that you can imagine and cannot imagine, already exist in another reality. (Again this concept is also beautifully explained in the book “Conversations with God” part 1)

Therefore, if the past is happening now, and if whatever you can imagine already exists in some reality:

1. You can imagine (re-write) a completely healed and beautiful past that makes you happy and know that it already exists because every reality already exists. To understand this concept I strongly recommend you read the book "Conversations With God - part 1".

2. When you reach out to that lovelier past, you re-align your emotions and energies to it.

3. And that brings emotions of harmony, peace, and happiness to you.

4. The emotions of basic happiness is what we seek in anything we do. And this state of happiness creates a happy “future” (ie, leads you to that possibility of a future that is happy).

5. Don't be surprised if changing your past will bring about some amazingly beautiful changes in your present life, almost effortlessly, and sometimes really without any effort. I know someone who changed his past that was poverty-ridden. He and his family were homeless very often in the past. When he learned of this way, he re-wrote his past and wrote that he and his family were wealthy. He created many detailed "memories" of his wealthy upbringing. And soon things started changing for him and his twin brother (his parents had died by then). He and his twin brother had their own families by then, married, and had kids. And both of them started getting wealthier and wealthier easily. Events seem to happen automatically that made them both really wealthy people -matching the description of his newly created "wealthy past"! I can never forget this story!

So, isn't it a worthwhile exercise to re-write and heal our pasts? 

1. Just for one last time think of the event from the past you want to change.

2. Re-write in on paper exactly as you wanted it to be. An example of how you can rewrite your past is this: If someone had a humiliating experience at school when they were little, they should go back to the start of that day, even before anything had gone wrong. They should then recreate that day…dream a beautiful day, making it go exactly as they would have liked it to go…imagining things that would make them feel very happy and peaceful. 

3. Do the meditation I have in the video below using the new details you wrote.

4. Listen to the meditation once so you know what is being said. Then settle down, close your eyes, and start the video again, and meditate. 

When you “re-write” your past, or “visualize” your future with emotion and feeling in a way that it all looks and feels real to you, you powerfully re-align yourself with that version of the past or future. And your present is affected by the energies and emotions of what you are aligning with. <----- Read this part again. It is important.

Many of you are already used to visualizing a better future. Re-writing your past is exactly the same process because in reality there is no past or future.

I had someone come to me who had suffered from sexual abuse as a child. As you can imagine, her present (and future) was not very happy because of the energies that carried over from that experience. So I led her through a meditation where she re-wrote her past. In this past, she was not abused. She was loved, protected, and cherished as a child. She repeated this meditation a few times, and she felt a lot better. She couldn’t get upset again by those memories anymore, and that was the most important thing — it stopped affecting her.

Trust in the process. It works. And works beautifully.

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Much love,


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