Weekly Angel Reading June 21st 2020

weekly angel reading Jun 21, 2020

Hey, :-)

Happy new week!

Some important questions for you before heading off to angel messages:

1. Do you wish you could easily get guided by your angels so you don't have to ask anyone else?

2. Do you wish you could talk to your departed loved ones on your own so you could ease the pain of grief a bit, and feel their loving presence with you?

3. Do you wish you could help others through Divine Guidance?

4. Do you wish you could solve any relationship/money/health/career problems you might be having with guidance from your angels?

5. Do you wish your angels could help you make the best decisions?

6. Do you wish to see, hear, touch, know your angels?

7. Do you feel you have a mission here on earth that you need to fulfill?

8. Do you feel life could be much easier than how it is now?

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  1. Remove all distractions.
  2. Ask your guardian angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  3. Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  4. Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  5. Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


Wow!! If you chose A, the energy is very positive for you at this time. PLEASE make sure you make the BEST use of this time. There is a high chance of receiving public recognition for all the good work you do. Some might get awards, promotions, scholarships. Please do not procrastinate. Do not hide. Do not be hesitant. Be confident. This is a time of achieving great success.  It is time to shine! You will be getting beautiful new ideas for whatever it is you are focused on at this time: business, job, relationship, money, health, life purpose, or anything else. Life is sunny. bright and happy. You will be getting inspiration from your angels. If you get an idea suddenly that fills you with uplifting feelings, follow through with those ideas without killing them with diffidence & fear. :-) You might see new, amazing opportunities opening up for you. They might be opportunities you have never had before. It could even be a totally new path! Be vocal, be honest in expressing what you want to say. Do not be afraid. If you have been walking a spiritual path, you might have some beautiful new experiences. If there have been health concerns (for you or someone very close), there is a great chance of things improving. You will feel like your life is blessed. And you know what's a good way to increase the blessings in your life? Repeat to yourself with feeling every now and then, "I am sooooo BLESSED!!!". And that's not a lie! Look around you. I am sure you can find at least 10 things you can be very grateful for. If you can't find 10 things, take a look around and think if all those things disappeared, what would life be like? Clean air? Clean water? Electricity? Food? Clothes? The list goes on. Please know that at this time you have many people around you who you can trust. If you are working on any kind of project, it will be completed successfully. This is a time for all-around success & joy! If you had a yes/no question in your mind, the answer is yes.


If you chose B, your angels want you to know that beautiful times are about to start (or could have just started). It is a time for great new beginnings. This is a time for optimism, exciting energy, and inspiration. Buckle up, because it is time to start making your dreams a reality. Stay motivated so that you can make the best use of this time. When it comes to money & career, you can look forward to a promotion, salary raise, new job, or start a new amazing business. You could have a windfall of money & resources to help you start things off. Stay open to people you meet at this time because they can be helpful. The help you get doesn't just have to be just money. It could be their time or advice. It is a great time for investing too. Plan on setting aside some money from the abundance coming your way for later use (like purchasing property, retiring, education). If you are single, there could be a fresh new start. You might meet someone new through your work, and this person could be a source of great comfort and security. If you are in a relationship, these are good times, and you might take your relationship to the next level. If you are dealing with a health issue, then this is a very good time to start a new routine, eating plan, exercise routine, or treatment plan. This will be lead to an improvement in your health. If you are walking a spiritual path, this is time to start a new spiritual practice or learning. 


If you chose C, no matter what you have been going through so far, you are heading towards peaceful times. The worst, most stressful times are now fading behind you. You might soon have to travel, provided quarantine situations allow. In some cases, this journey is more a spiritual, mental, or emotional journey towards peace & new amazing revelations. If you have been having problems with your relationships, know that things will smoothen out soon. Keep your expectations and emotions peaceful towards the person you are having problems with. Whatever is causing you problems with this person, think just the opposite of it. So if person XYZ is being rude, forgive that person and keep telling yourself with full confidence "XYZ is so polite". Whatever you tell yourself with belief, trust and confidence will be seen in this person's behavior. It can also be a time for some people to let go of troublesome relationships and walk away. When they let go and walk away, they will find themselves walking into new healthy relationships. If your focus is money & career, then things will be getting calmer and happier at work front. You will be doing great at your projects. If money has been a problem, your angels are asking you to make sure you work at fixing those problems. Do not ignore them. If you work at fixing them, you will find that those money problems are eased out of your life. Health will improve too. If there are some acute issues, you will feel an easing off of symptoms. Many of you might be feeling tired and lethargic because of past stress. Take some time to rest and heal. This will do you a world of good! Your angels specifically want you to know that they are surrounding you, and sending you guidance on whatever you need help with. Please listen carefully to your intuition, learn to listen to, and communicate with your angels. Pay attention to your dreams too because you might get messages through them. Life will get better soon. Stay positive. You could be starting a very new path in life.

Have a BEAUTIFUL week! 

Much love,

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