Weekly Angel Reading April 26th, 2020

A new week, new energy! :-)

And I have no idea what messages will come through. So I will begin by choosing my picture. I'll close my eyes and ask my guardian angel to guide me to pick a picture from - A/B/C. You do the same. And then open your eyes and choose one guided by your gut feeling, not because you like the picture, or because you like the color. Choose purely by the guidance of your intuition.  I choose A. :-). Let's see what the angels say to me.

Comment below or on my Facebook post and let me know what you chose.


  1. Remove distractions from your mind.
  2. Ask your guardian angel to guide you to pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  3. Look at the picture below and see which one your heart is pulling you to. 
  4. Do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or pretty or peaceful, or anything like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your heart. This is important.
  5. Then scroll down to check your message.


Your angels are asking you to step up and be a leader for the people around you. Your leadership qualities are needed at this time. Focus on the project or situation at hand. You are a natural-born leader. You are charismatic, and your personality is such that when you assume leadership, people listen to you. You can provide creative solutions to any problems at hand. At this time you need to motivate those around you. This is especially needed at this time. The people your angels are talking about could be your immediate family, or even your family & friends who you cannot meet, but can always help through your words. These people can be your co-workers who you meet if you are still going to work, or with your words, if you are working from home. Or your work could be such where you can help many through your words. The important thing is that you step up and assume your role as a leader or motivator. Also, for some of you, this could also be a message to start your own business. And if you already have a business, then motivate the people in your influence. If you feel inspired, create an online group or platform through which you can communicate with all those you can help. You are already making a difference in this world. Your angels say to continue doing your beautiful work.

If you chose B, your angels are saying your best path at this time for anything will be a path of moderation and balance. Do not make impulsive decisions. Whatever situation you are in, whatever project you are doing, you will experience much better results by carefully studying your current circumstances, and seeing if you need to change your approach. If a situation or relationship needs healing, this is the time when all can be forgiven and rectified. If you need to make big decisions or life changes, do not make very quick decisions. Take your time, and make these changes step by step, and you will be successful. These days the world situation is such that people are not their normal selves. You might be meeting or dealing with people who could seem cranky or unreasonable. Be patient with them. Most likely you are a person whose strength is to maintain a calm and balanced energy. But many others are not like that. So to understand them, try to see things from their point of view. They might be very nervous. Your angels encourage you to be even more compassionate than you already are. If you follow these guidelines in dealing with others, you will achieve success in whatever you are doing. Do not let others' behavior make you doubt your own skills, talents, and self-worth. Their behavior has nothing to do with you. Call upon Archangel Zadkiel to help you if you feel the current situation is affecting your inner peace or self-esteem. 

If you chose C, you are most likely a very highly intuitive person. You trust your inner voice to lead you in your life.  You are kind-hearted, empathic, patient, and generous. You are one of those people who understand others easily. At this time matters of heart or emotions are at the forefront for you. Relationships with others will improve and go to a higher level. There will be a feeling of peace within you even if things around you are not going right. In the current global situation, you are most likely the kind of a person who can maintain a sane, peaceful mind despite all the anxiety around in the world, because you know you can trust your inner guidance. You know what to do most of the time, no matter what situation life puts you in. You are a good judge of people. And because of your kind heart, you are usually the one taking care of others' emotional needs. Your angels remind you to not forget yourself when you are busy nurturing others. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

In your comments below or on my Facebook post do let me know how it will help your life if you could know, hear, see, and communicate with your angels. :-)

 PS: Please share this post with others so that more people could read their own angelic guidance. Thank you so much.

Sending you love,


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