The Basics Of EFT Tapping

The video above shows the basics of how to do EFT Tapping.

This video shows the ORIGINAL LONG VERSION EFT TAPPING. I had recorded this video in 2015, and now I often use shorter versions of EFT Tapping. But it is always good to know the original long method because this method always works. Most of the time in my sessions I do the long version to cover all points first, and then I do the shorter version. Read this article after watching this video to get a better understanding of the process.

I work extensively with EFT Tapping in my coaching sessions. In fact, the combination of Life & Manifestation Coaching with EFT is very powerful.

I would like to share some tapping videos from now on specific issues like stress, procrastination, pain, letting go, forgiveness, sadness, anxiety, etc. If you tap along with them, you will feel a lot better, but please remember, without knowing your exact problem, I cannot help you eliminate something completely. I will need to uncover the underlying reasons for a problem. Stress, sadness, anxiety, etc. are very general. Each of these has many underlying causes for each person.

That said, just repeating the rounds of tapping with me on the video for your specific problem will help ease your problem.


"EFT" in EFT Tapping stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique". It works wonderfully, quickly, and efficiently with healing emotions, physical pains, performance, changing beliefs, working with affirmations, etc.


These are some of the meridian points used in Acupuncture and Acupressure. We use the same points to tap with fingertips instead of using needles or pressure. When you focus on the problem and tap on these points, your problems are alleviated.


1. Emotional pain

2. Physical Pain

4. Sadness

5. Anxiety

6. Low Self-Esteem

7. Performance

8. Letting go

9. Forgiveness

…and many other issues. Try it on everything! You might be amazed.


1. Determine what you want to work on. Eg: Stress, headache, limiting beliefs, past painful incidents, etc.

2. Determine on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you feel this? 1 being least, and 10 being maximum.

3. Say the set-Up statement 3 times while tapping with your fingertips on the karate chop point — the side of any hand.

Eg: Even though I feel very stressed, and my back is hurting, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

4. Tap on the tapping points using your fingertips while talking about what is bothering you.

5. After one round, go within and determine how much you feel it now on a scale of 1 to 10.

6. If it hasn’t gone down to 1 or 0, repeat the tapping round starting with the set-up statement, till you bring the problem down to 1 or 0.

7. Do the positive tapping round.


1. Eyebrow point: Beginning of the eyebrows.

2. Side of the eyes: Where the eye socket bone is.

3. Under the eyes: Where the eye socket bone is.

4. Under the nose.

5. In the chin crease.

6. Collar bone point (as shown in the video).

7. Under the arm – for women, where the bra strap is.

8. Inside the wrist.

9. Karate chop point (see the video).

10. Side of the nail of the thumb.

11. Side of the nail of the index finger.

12. Side of the nail of the middle finger.

13. Side of the nail of the little finger (yes, miss the ring finger)

14. Back of the hand between the ring finger and the little finger:

Eyes open

Eyes closed

Eyes open

Eyes hard right down

Eyes hard left down

Eyes clockwise in a big circle

Eyes anti-clockwise in a big circle

Hum a tune

Count 1 to 10

Hum a tune

15. Top of the head.


Either side is fine. I tap both together.


Either will do. I use both.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section of this blog post.

NOTE: This is not to treat any medical condition. If you have a medical condition please talk to your doctor.

Much love,


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