Manifest Your Perfect Career By Writing A Daily Diary


You can absolutely have THE Dream Job you want.

Don't just hope for things to change. Don't believe in some destiny or fate that has decided that you will always have tough luck with your work. You are not a helpless victim of life. You can change anything you want to change in life. And that includes your career.

If you have been following my posts on Conscious Manifestation, you already know that the beliefs or programming you have in your Subconscious Mind create your experiences in life. And you need to Consciously program your Subconscious to do what you want.

Writing a daily journal is one of the ways you can Consciously Program Your Subconscious. This is how you do this:
  • Get a physical diary just for this, or sign up for an online journal like 
  • Determine what kind of a job or career you want.
  • And then write it down as the first entry of your Daily Diary. Write it as if you got your job offer today. Write down just like a normal diary entry, something like, "I am so happy today! The Hiring Manager of XXX (company's name) called me today and offered me THE JOB I have always wanted! I am now (write your designation), and I have been offered my dream salary of (write the amount). I can't believe this was so easy for me. I mean, the interviews had gone really well, but I didn't know they would contact me so soon, and give me everything I asked for! I'm still stunned by this amazing news. Tomorrow when I feel more in my senses I will go out and celebrate with friends". You don't have to write these exact words, but you get the idea of how you will write? 
  • Next evening write another diary entry of how your day went. Write each day as if you went to work at your dream company, working at your dream job. Make it sound real. Write things from your current life as part of your dream life. For example, is there a restaurant or cafe you frequent? Maybe you love going to Starbucks. So you will write something like, "Today I and my colleagues went to Starbucks after work. It is so much fun hanging out with them. We all get along so well. I ordered a (your favorite thing you order), and sat there eating with my colleagues who feel like friends already...." and so on.
  • Make sure you take 5 minutes each day to write in your diary, really immersing yourself in that experience, and really feeling for that time that it is all already happening.
I have tested this out, and it works powerfully. Read my mindblowing experience with this technique:

Last year I was wondering how nice it would be if I could be paid to travel all over the world and get paid to go stay in the best resorts. This is not what I really like doing in general. I am a home-loving person. But after returning from my trip to Greece, I was missing that. 

I don't travel much. Actually I hardly ever travel. I don't like traveling. But at that time I wanted to.

So I started writing in my journal like I was already doing it all. Each day I wrote as if it was an actual day from my life - my resort living life. 

I had NO clue how such a "job" would happen, and thankfully when you Consciously Manifest by programming your subconscious, you do not need to know "how" something will happen.

After a week of writing my heart out, and enjoying it, I got bored and stopped writing because like I said above, I don't really like traveling! I wanted it at that time only because I was missing my time in Greece.

And then, it happened...

The person whose retreat I had attended in Greece messaged me on her own (she had NO clue that I wanted this or was writing about it), and asked if I could work with her for her new high-end retreats! She said all I needed to do was get people interested in her retreats, and I would get to travel for free, get paid even, and get to stay in high-end resorts!

Can you believe that?? Crazy! Isn't it?

I had stopped wanting that by then, but the point is, you can make anything happen. I didn't even know such a "job" existed. And I didn't try to figure it out. All I did was write in my diary each day as if I was already living that life.

What is it that YOU want to manifest in your life? Join me in my free 21-day challenge "Manifest Your Desire" starting from the 1st of March.

Much love,


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