How To Manifest The Specific Person You Love

Are you in love with someone?

And is that person not with you? They broke up with you, but you still love them and want them back. Or they live somewhere far away and they think this won't work. Or they don't know you love them. Or they have friend-zoned you. Or...they might not even know you exist!

AND...some well-meaning Law of Attraction coaches are making you feel guilty about wanting a specific person and keep telling you things like - you cannot manifest any specific person, it is against their free will, you should "let the Universe pick the right person for you", etc. Or they might be treating you condescendingly for "wanting your ex back".

In their defense, this is what I will say - they DO mean well, but fortunately for you, they are wrong.

Can you manifest a Specific Person?

You absolutely CAN manifest the one you desire.

But what about their "free will"?

Free-will is one of the most misunderstood concepts. To understand this, I will explain a little bit about how reality is. But I can only describe it in brief because this is a blog post. To understand this well, do read books by Neville Goddard. Also, read the book - Reality Transurfing.

But for now, understand that we each live in our own reality/hologram, and no one else in our reality has free will in the way most people understand "free will". Therefore, in your reality/hologram, you are the only one who has the power to choose what you will experience. To simplify this, think of your life as a fiction book. You are the only author of your book. The rest of the people in your life are the characters from your book. So you can choose how and what each of your characters is like, what each character does, what their relationship with you is like. You can either learn to write your "book" consciously, or your subconscious will write it for you based on your beliefs about them, about yourself, about life, etc. The person you are in love with is a character in your book too.  

Also, every possible reality already exists in this eternal moment. There is no past and no future. Time only seems to appear linear to us. Each and everything you can imagine already exists, and even more possibilities than that exist. Therefore, if you are not with the person you love, it is because your awareness is focused on the reality where they and you are not together. And yet, there is another reality, as real as this one, where you and your person are together, in love with each other, living the life of your dreams. It already exists!!

So when you are manifesting your specific person, all you are doing is choosing to shift your awareness to the reality where you both are together. Do you see how this does not violate anyone's free will? You have every right to choose whatever reality you wish to experience. It is the same as relocating your house. Nothing different from that. 

That is all you are doing when you manifest your specific person - Shifting your reality to one where you both are already together. You never have to persuade your person, beg them, blackmail them or manipulate them in any way. You just leave the reality where they are not yours, and go into one where they are already yours.

Now it won't happen suddenly as they show in sci-fi movies where you suddenly teleport to a new reality. Instead, a series of events will start to happen (even if they sometimes look negative) and they will lead you to your wish fulfilled. It will all look normal and natural. Nothing weird will happen. Remember you are manifesting each moment anyway! The only difference is, most people are manifesting unconsciously and randomly. So we might as well make our life sweeter by Manifesting Consciously.  

So, how do you shift reality to where you are living the life of your dreams with your chosen person?

You need to impress that desired reality upon the creative power within you - your subconscious. And there are many methods/techniques to do this. I will write about one method below:

Imagine a short scene where you both are together in a way that implies your wish has been fulfilled. So if you wish to be married to them, imagine a scene after your wedding. For example, imagine you are celebrating your second wedding anniversary. You and your partner are standing together, talking to your guests. Imagine the scene as well as you can. Maybe it's a beautifully decorated room. There is a small group of close friends around you both. And everyone is enjoying themselves. They are eating, laughing, talking. And your best friend comes to you and says, "I can't believe it's already been 2 years since your wedding with (your person's name). You both look so happy! The perfect couple!". You feel really happy when you hear that, and you turn to look at your husband/wife, and you both smile lovingly at each other and kiss. 

Or you can create another scene like this that implies your wish was already fulfilled sometime back.

Imagine this scene often. And imagine this on repeat at night as you are falling asleep.

During the day, daydream happy scenarios about you and your person as if you are already married and living together. They could even be regular life scenes like you both going grocery shopping! Think like this often. 

And pay attention to what your inner chat is like with you. Do not think things like -- I miss him/her so much...I wish they were mine...why do they ignore me, etc. Basically, do not think about what you do not want to experience in life.

Persist in this effort, and do not keep thinking, "Why hasn't it happened till now?". When we think this way, we are impressing the wrong program into our subconscious mind - that of - "we are not together".

If you are sure this is the one you desire, then do not give up. The only "one" you need to convince is your subconscious. That's all. Do not let anyone make you feel that you are wrong in wanting to manifest your specific person. As I explained already, you are not manipulating anyone. All you are doing is, shifting your awareness from one reality to another.

This works very well. I have seen this work for many. Do not ever give up if this is what you want.

Much love,


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