Be aware of your thoughts! You are manifesting right now!

It's true. You are manifesting each and every moment of your life.

You are the only author of your book that you call Life.

You are the only Director, Producer, and screenwriter of the movie you call Life.

You are the BOSS of your life.

Why? This is the nature of reality. It is a God-given rule/power. 

And you will realize this the more you practice watching your thoughts in the way I will explain below. Don't just take my word. Experiment long enough, and test it for yourself.

Your Subconscious mind was given the power of creating your reality.

And your Conscious mind was given the power of intellect, reasoning, differentiating between the good and the bad, right and wrong.

Your Conscious Mind is the guide or the programmer. Your subconscious mind is the main computer that does all the work that you program it to do.

Here is how we mess up:

We do not realize that we are creating every experience in our lives, and we think that life just happens to us and that we are helpless victims of the happenings in our lives.

We believe that at best, we can "hope" for something good to happen for us. And we acquire all kinds of false limiting beliefs, fears, etc that keep accumulating in our main computer - the Subconscious Mind, and fill it with junk. 

The Subconscious Mind does not see right or wrong.

It just does what is fed to it. So if you are thinking, "Life sucks", your subconscious (your powerhouse) takes that as a command from you and will create more experiences to validate your statement. <--- This is important so make sure you understand this well.

And then all our lives, we let the subconscious create our experiences on autopilot, and fill our lives with many messy experiences because we think life is random, and things just happen.

Each and every experience in our lives is because of the program fed into our subconscious minds by us! 

And here is how we can fix it:
  1. We need to remember our God-given power. 
  2. We need to CONSCIOUSLY think only those thoughts that we want to see in our lives. Now, this point is VERY important. Keep a strict watch on what you think.
  3. Consciously think of what you want to see in your life, in this way - think of it as if you already have what you want. Example: If you want your dream job, you think AS the person who has that job. So the thoughts running in your mind will not go as, "I wish I had that job", or "Life sucks because I never get the job I really want". Instead, you will think, "Thank God I got this job!! It is my dream job!", "Today was such an amazing day at work". Yes, I know it will feel like a lie. But here's the good thing -- you don't have to believe it, as long as you think it in a dramatic, emotional tone, and FEEL the feelings you will feel if you already had that job.
You have been manifesting all your life. 

You just didn't know. You manifested unconsciously. But when you pay attention to what you think, and start thinking in the specific way described here, you will be manifesting consciously....and so you will actually start experiencing what you really want to experience.

I am starting a free 21-day Manifest Your Desire challenge from the 1st of March in a Facebook group. Stay tuned for this powerful experience!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Much love,


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