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angel reading timeless Dec 20, 2020

Five more days to Christmas...and then soon it will be New Year! Did you watch my video on how to make sure that 2021 is good? If not, please do it, so that we can all have a beautiful new year: Do This For A Wonderful New Year


This is a "Timeless" Angel Reading. Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means that if you come back another time to this same page and choose again, the message will be relevant for you at that time.

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  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or for any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


General: If you chose A, this is a very powerful time for you. Your intuition will feel very strong. Your angels advise you to take time to meditate or go for walks by yourself, or journal because you will be receiving many insights from the universe, your angels & guides, and from your higher self. This is a great time for further spiritual & psychic development. Your connection with the TRUE you - your Higher Self will be especially strong at this time. Pay attention to your dreams - the ones you see at night, and also the ones you dream of with open eyes. Write down the dreams you see at night because you will see a pattern emerging, and you will get messages from your divine helpers. And write down the dreams you want to fulfill in life. What are your hopes and wishes? Ask your Divine Guidance team to give you insights on how you can make your wishes & hopes come true. They will guide you so that this coming year, or in the near future you will take steps to fulfill your most cherished dreams. But now is not the time for action. Now is time to go within and have conversations with your guides and angels. Discuss your hopes and dreams with them, and listen to what they teach you. Take extensive notes because you will receive valuable information. If you are not clear about how to connect with your guides and angels you can watch this video I created on how to meet your guardian angel: Please do set aside a time to connect regularly and set aside a journal where you will write down 1. all that you want to accomplish, 2. the dreams you see at night 3. the guidance you get from your guides and angels when you connect with them. 

Relationships: Despite this being a great time for going within and not taking much action in general, when it comes to relationships, the energy is that of sensuality and mystery, and some action. If you are a man, you will connect with, or already are connected with a beautiful, sensual woman who holds great wisdom and most likely does not talk too much. If you are a woman, you most likely have these qualities and you might experience many people feeling interested in you because of your powerful, enigmatic aura.

Work/Money:  Your work and finances will both do great, especially if you connect with your divine guidance and listen to their advice. For some of you, you might meet a mentor who will help you achieve much at work. Do not discuss your finances with people unless it is absolutely needed.

Health: Your angels advise you to listen to your body as your body has it's own consciousness and is always trying to connect with you and tell you what it needs from you. Also, ask your guides and angels to help guide you to improve your health. 

Spiritual Life: This phase is all about your spiritual life. So if you have ignored this aspect of your life before, make sure you connect with your spiritual path now because it is a very powerful time for you. The guidance you can receive now will be very useful, accurate, and will help you create a fabulous future. 

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General: If you chose B, you are in for a lovely boost of energy. If you have been having a hard time, or seem to be working hard without many rewards, now everything will change. A magical time of dreams coming true is going to be yours. So make sure that you keep yourself balanced, and that you only think about what you want. Write down your most cherished hopes and dreams, and work on manifesting them. There are many ways you can manifest your dreams. Pick a method that you find most fun to do. You could use affirmations,  you could visualize, you could script, there are many methods. If for example, you want a particular salary, then decide on that number, and you can affirm through the day, "I'm so happy my salary is now $XXXX". Or you could visualize someone close to you congratulating you, "Congratulations for getting your dream salary of $XXXXX". One way to make sure a lot of your dreams will come true and the current or next year will be fabulous for you is to follow this easy technique I give in this video: The reason I write about these methods is so that you make the BEST use of the energy around you. This period will bring you much-needed relief.  Happy changes will come into your life. Your dreams will get fulfilled. This will be a joyous time. If you have felt stuck and confused about anything in life, now you will have perfect clarity. In fact, dream big. Do not be afraid to reach for the stars. There is great hope for the future! You will be feeling positive, motivated, and completely in tune with your intuition & your Divine Guidance team. If you need an easy way to connect with your guides and angels you can watch this video I made on meeting your guarding angels: You have most likely come through a very hard time. But this is the light at the end of the tunnel. You have understood your experiences and learned from them. The challenges are now behind you. Make sure you do your part in manifesting your dreams. Trust God. Trust yourself. Trust your angels. Trust your future. Everything will be OK. Better than OK if you follow the steps of manifestation and keep your thoughts positive. Work as a team with your angels and the future you create will be fabulous. Your positive, calm, balanced energy will make people like you, and you will get along well. This is also a great time for artistic projects.

Relationships:  This will be a very good time for relationships if you have let go of all hurt, grief, misgivings, lack of trust, anger, etc from past relationships. If we continue to hold on to past hurts, we often recreate similar experiences. However, the beautiful energy now is here to change it all for you. Let go of the past, because the future promises to bring you exceptional experiences. EFT Tapping is a very quick and efficient way to let go of hurt feelings. I have created a video to help you quickly let go of hurt emotions. Please watch this video and tap along with me, and you will feel amazed at how good you feel: EFT To Heal Hurt Feelings You will meet new people, and have a good chance of creating romance. Some of you will have people from the past come back into your life and rekindle the connection. If you have been having problems in relationships, now is a very good time to let go of the hurt and heal the connection. If you are already in a relationship, your connection will deepen.

Work/Money: Everything looks lovely on the work and financial front, as new opportunities will be flowing into your life. If you are looking for a new job, chances are great you will find one. Some will be getting promotions or salary raises. Something really good is coming your way. Those of you who are artistic should also look for work that is creative or art-related and you will do well in those projects. Financial problems will be easing up too. And if you make well-informed decisions on investments, you will do well there as well. 

Health:  You will be feeling more positive and hopeful about your health if you have been having health issues, and as a result, your health is going to improve. If there is a health problem you are vexed with, try affirming through your day, and especially at night before sleeping, "I am completely healthy now". Or you can use the afformation (the question form of affirmations), "Why am I so healthy and vibrant?".

Spiritual Life: This is a great time to work with spiritual & psychic development. Any training in this field will help you progress fast. At this time you are very connected to the higher realms.

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General: If you have chosen C, it is time for a new beginning! Beautiful, exciting new beginnings. You have most likely been wanting to start a new journey, path, or project. Your Guardian Angel is here and is especially close at this time in preparation for the adventure. Your angel is asking you to let go of all fear and hesitation and have faith that everything will be OK. This is a path you and your angels will be walking together as a team. Let go of any past baggage that is causing you any fear or hesitation. Stay in close communication with your angels and guides because with their help your new adventure is going to be a great success. If you need help connecting with your guides and angels, please watch my video here where I explain how to connect with your Guardian Angel: This is the moment. Some of you will feel like you are starting a new life altogether. You will need to trust in yourself, your abilities, and you need to trust that God and the angels really want you to be happy. If you do not feel sure about what path to take, think about what makes you really happy. If money were not a problem, doing what would make you happiest? Have a talk with your Guardian Angel, and start doing this more. Even if you don't jump into it fully, take the first steps. Ask for guidance on how you can also make it your career (IF you want to do that). Get all the information you need to start whatever you want to start and ask trusted people for their advice. And then step forward with confidence. Do not let any fears hold you back. 

Relationships: If you are looking for a relationship, you might have an exciting new beginning or rekindling of an old romance. Open your mind and meet different kinds of people, widen your scope beyond the regular type of people you date. And if you are already in a relationship, you will likely take it to the next level.

Work/Money:  The theme is new paths, so it's a great time to start a new business if you wish to, or get a new job if you want to. Even if you have naysayers around you, stay focused on your dreams. Be informed and ready for what you want to do, and step into your dreams boldly. If you are already in a good career where you wish to stay, you will be getting inspired by new ideas that will help your career advance.

Health: If you had health challenges, a new healthcare routine of correct diet, exercise will help you feel more energy. Your health will improve. At the same time make sure you are not reckless with your body.

Spiritual Life:  You might be starting a new spiritual path or training. It might even be different from what most people around you believe in. And they might not understand your new choices. But that is OK. You need to do what is right for you.

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Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

Much love,



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