Do This For A Much Better 2021

2020 has been a terror for most. I think we can all agree to that.

We can also agree that we all want 2021 to be far better, no matter what our country, race, religious beliefs, or political affiliations. 

I have changed a lot for the better in my life just by using the Law of Assumption as taught by Neville Goddard.

There is a short and simple technique that he taught, one that I often to manifest whatever I want in life. This is one of the reasons 2020 was actually quite nice for me personally.

But it does hurt when we see so much grief in the world, doesn't it? I would like each of you to have a beautiful 2021. So I will teach you a short visualization technique that will take only a few seconds of your time each day. Visualize this at least once a day:

Visualize or imagine that it is the 31st of December 2021. You are sitting with your loved ones, celebrating the end of a beautiful year. Imagine someone who is very close to you, whose voice you can easily imagine telling you, "Wasn't 2021 a WONDERFUL year?" And you reply back, "Yes, 2021 has been simply AMAZING for us!!".

Keep the above visualization short, and FEEL it. 

How would you feel if it were really 31st of December 2021, and 2021 proved to be just beautiful for you in every way possible? Feel that...

How would you feel if you and your loved ones all did really well in every way in 2021? Feel that...

Imagine during this short visualization I described above that 2021 really was everything you want it to be. 

Do this visualization every day at least once. It is short enough, isn't it? The more of us do it, the happier this world will be for us all. So let's join hands and give a few seconds each day to creating a lovely 2021.

Much love,


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