Angel Reading For The Week Of Sunday, June 14th, 2020

weekly angel reading Jun 14, 2020


How was last week for you? I hope you are living a Divinely Guided life. It is the nature of life to throw challenges at us, but we can still maneuver well when we take the Divine Help that is always there to guide us. All we need to do is listen.

These angel readings I post each week are a way to strengthen your own intuitive skills too. IF you pick the picture based on your intuitive guidance, you will realize you are getting perfect messages for you.

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Let's get on with this week's Angel Reading now.


  1. Remove all distractions.
  2. Ask your guardian angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  3. Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  4. Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  5. Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:

Choice A:

 If you chose A, your angels want you to know it is a great time to bring about a positive transformation in life. It is time for healing. You have most likely been wanting to change something that you are either not content with, or you feel it is time to move to something better. You might want to declutter your life. The decluttering could be actual, literal decluttering of your home or workplace or a decluttering of your to-do list, decluttering the list of people in your life, or letting go of negative thoughts. If your home or workplace is cluttered you might feel disorganized. Release the things you do not want or need anymore. You might find that you have a lot to donate. The things you are not using anymore could be just the thing someone else needs or wants, but cannot buy at this time. If it cannot be donated, recycle as much as you can. Mother Earth will thank you for returning her resources to her to give them a new life. If you have people in your life who insist on being disrespectful, hurtful, toxic, it might be time you let them go. And sometimes, we just reach the end of a cycle with someone, and it is time to move on. Sometimes we find ourselves clinging to people who don't value us. It will be best for us and them if we let them go and move on. No one is ever separated at Spirit level. This letting go is just for this stage called "physical life". Do not worry, you will never lose anyone for real. And even in real life sometimes when you let go of someone is when the relationship is healed and given back to you. If you have way too many things to do, think about delegating, prioritizing, or simply letting go of some of the things. You cannot do it all. Piling up your to-do list will only stress you out. And finally, pay attention to your thoughts? Are your thoughts predominantly the kinds that make you feel happy, or the kinds that make you sad? Your thoughts do create your reality. So choose happy thoughts. This is not just a fluffy thing to say. Life really does work this way. I have tried & tested it. You do too. The happier thoughts you think, the happier your life will become. Try it for yourself for 30 days if you want to see the magic. But you will need to be 100% watchful of your thoughts. In the beginning, it is difficult, but soon you will see that it becomes second-nature to you. If you chose this picture, your angels also want you to know that you are a very wise person. You have learned much through experiences in life. You have patience and a fabulous sense of humor. You are a person who is real, no pretenses. You have a loving, caring heart, but you can also hide that softness behind a stoic face when you want to.

Choice B:

If you chose B, you either already have a lot going on in your life, or soon your life is going to get filled with action. In fact, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have to do. And yet, you will also feel happy and fulfilled in life because you are, or will be doing things that you really love and value. So just in case, you feel at this moment that your life is slow, at a standstill, know that this is about to change very soon! Usually when we have way too many things to do we feel stressed and negative. But this will be a very different kind of being ultra busy. Your to-do will not be filled with things that seem like a chore to you. Instead, these are the very things you really want to do, things you love to do. So yes, you might still get stressed, but in a good kind of way. Your angels want you to prioritize. Even if these are all things you love doing, you will need to prioritize them in order to make life easier. And if you can ask for help, please do. If you can delegate some of the work, please do. You can always oversee it, but it will help a lot if you can delegate some of your work. Apart from this, some events in your life might suddenly move forward really fast. Situations might change really fast. You might get new information that moves things faster. This could also be the time when you might hear from people you haven't heard from for a very long time. Communication is very important at this time. Make sure you communicate very very clearly with anyone you are dealing with. We are now in the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. The main retrograde will start on June 18th. But this is a time period where communications can go awry. You might misunderstand people or people might misunderstand you, you double-check whatever you communicate. In the whole frenzy of things moving fast do not forget that communication needs to be crystal clear. Your angels are also asking you to get more organized about your plans and actions because when we get flooded with things to do if we do not have a system in place, things can go out of hand. Some of you might need to travel in the near future. Pay great attention to the thoughts and ideas coming to you.  Your angels will be sending you inspiring ideas for your life, work, relationships, and projects.

Choice C:

If you chose C, happy times are coming in soon. It is a time for celebration. Time for a get-together, or a reconciliation. Beautiful news is on its way to you. Someone might be getting engaged or married. Someone could get pregnant, or a pregnancy would be announced now. This pregnancy could also mean you or someone close to you is giving birth to a new project or business, or starting something exciting and new. Someone close could have graduated (and it IS time for graduation for many!). You or someone close could get a promotion or salary raise. It could be one or more of many such lovely reasons, but one thing is certain, a time for celebration is very close. Many of you might have already stepped into that phase. Some of you might find that as quarantine is lifted, you might get more and more reasons and occasions to meet loved ones. Stay safe. Do not forget the need for safety. And take it slow. But slowly and steadily you will be finding your social calendar filling up. This does not just mean meeting physically. You could be talking or meeting even more online, on video, conferencing, etc. Many might find that they are meeting old friends they have not met for a very long time. And some will experience a reconciliation with someone they have either had problems with or someone who just disappeared from their lives because of time & distance. If you had a falling out with a loved one, this could be a good time when you could heal the relationship. Your angels are asking you to make new friends and expand your circles. Meet (even if online) more like-minded people. Get in touch with your friends. Look for online groups that share the same interests and beliefs. When the quarantine is lifted, and we are past the pandemic, look for actual groups and organizations that are about the same interests that you have. Something good will come out of these new associations. Your angels are asking you to open your heart so that new beautiful associations and relationships can enter your life. There could be some sort of a happy ending to a situation going on in your life.

Have a LOVELY week! 



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