You Can Win Any Challenge In Life

Dear Beautiful People,

Here is an AMAZING manifesting story for you so you can be inspired to work on your own desires.

This is the story of one of the members of my online academy. He was in my previous 21-day manifesting course. And he wanted to win an award for his unpublished book. That was his desire when he was working through the 21-day course in March. I am sure he faced his share of challenges. But he didn't give up. And he got his wish in 45 days!! He won the award he manifested! The newspaper even published the exact heading he visualized! His name is hidden for privacy. Read his story below in his own words:

One of my friends referred me to Swati's 21-day manifestation course knowing that I was curious about the Law of Attraction. When I went through the first few classes, I was very clear on one thing to manifest, it was an award for my unpublished book in one of the Indian languages. Swati's manifestation techniques and meditation audio helped me to have a clear visualization where I was visualizing the award announcement in newspapers with my name in the heading and my photo too. I followed the complete course with 3 times a day manifestation meditation. The 21-day course kept me in positive vibes and within 45 days, my dream came true! 
I was in the newspaper with the exact heading which I wanted. I got the award which helped me as it gave me recognition in the literary circle!! Now I have published the book which is being well received by the critiques. The organizer had called me and said it was a tie in the final round. But the judge loved my book more because of the artistic nature of writing. I believe it was the manifestation that helped to get my book to the final round, and then to finally win the award. I had faith. I completely believed that I was going to win the award this time. I didn't have to rethink my decision to subscribe when Swati opened the academy.  
Thanks, Swati for all the wonderful courses of the purple flower academy. Listening to you gives me positive vibes and the clarity you have will give us more confidence in manifestation techniques. Thanks!! 
Wasn't that beautiful? He won the award while competing for it with a huge number of people! You can win too. Whatever your challenge might be in life. All you need is faith and perseverance. Don't forget to sign up below for the FREE 21-day challenge that he had participated in:
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