Your Personality Based on Your Color Choice

Which color do you like most from BLUE, RED, YELLOW, and GREEN? If your favorite color is not in these 4, don’t worry, I will write again about more colors in a few days.


If you chose Blue, you are trustworthy, reliable, and responsible. You love to help others. In fact, you are a rescuer. You cannot help but reach out to someone you see struggling. You are a courageous person, and helping and rescuing comes naturally to you. Your friends are lucky because you are a loyal friend who will always be there for them. At the beginning of any relationship, you are cautious and take time to trust. You build strong relationships. If your trust is betrayed by another, you have a very hard time dealing with it. You also have a deep need to be trusted. You often tend to be conservative or traditional in your thinking. You are a thinker and do not act impulsively. You take time to think before acting or speaking. Peace and harmony are very important to you in your life. To people, you appear to be very strong, confident, unperturbed by anything going on around you, but you do hide within a very soft vulnerable heart. You are usually calm and composed, but if your emotions get stronger than you, you can get moody and can appear to be aloof and cold. Because of your friendly disposition, you tend to have many friends, but in reality, you truly feel close to only a small group of friends. Your work, workspace, and home are orderly and neat. Untidiness upsets you.



If you chose Red, you are passionate, extroverted, courageous, and confident. You like to be physically active. You have an earthy charisma, and people are naturally drawn towards you because you are so full of energy. And that is great because you do like to be in the limelight. People in your company tend to feel excited about life too if they spend enough time with you. You are competitive and ambitious. Winning is quite important to you. You are one of those lucky ones who are not afraid to pursue their dreams and ambitions bravely and enthusiastically. People often respect you because of your dynamic, yet practical personality. You love adventure and can be an entrepreneur. Patience is not your strongest point, and you can be impulsive. You seem to be in a hurry often. The good side of this is, you are definitely not a procrastinator. You work hard at whatever it is you are passionate about. You are quick to flare up with anger, but you also cool down quickly and feel like nothing ever happened. You do not hold grudges, and forgive easily.


If you chose Yellow, you are most likely very intelligent. You are a thinker. You love learning. You are a curious person, and love researching any topic you are interested in. You like to dig deep to find out more and more information. You tend to have a joyful, happy, uplifting energy. You have a way of making others feel more full of hope and cheer. You have the ability to make others smile with your vibrant cheerful nature. You often are full of new ideas, and new/different ways of solving any problem. More than a dreamer you are a thinker/analyzer. You are enthusiastic about life and can bring optimism and confidence in people. You might enjoy doing puzzles because you love mental challenges. You are a great communicator and love to talk or write or both. You look at both sides of the coin before deciding and are very methodical in your decision-making. You can entertain others easily because you are witty and funny. Your mental energy is very high which brings you intellect, clarity of thought and great ideas, but this can also lead you to experience nervousness and anxiety at times. It can also make you critical of yourself and sometimes of others too.


If you chose Green, you are a practical person. Very down-to-earth. You also love nature. You are admired for your stable and balanced nature. When you don’t feel balanced you don’t just stay in that state, you actively work towards balance. You are kind and generous. You have the gift of remaining calm in times of crisis, and can easily be counted upon to help bring a situation to peace and harmony. You are very caring towards others, sometimes to the detriment of yourself because you tend to forget yourself in taking care of others. You are intelligent and love to learn. You can understand new concepts quite easily. You are a very loving person, emotional too, and wear your heart on your sleeve. You can love others easily, and one of your own deepest desires is to be loved the way you can love others. You are home-loving and are loved for your beautiful way of behaving with others. Always well mannered, and you know just the right things to say. You do a lot of good for the community and can feel hurt when you see that people often do not recognize the work you do. All you really need is a simple “thank you”. You are a loyal and loving partner, but might not be passionate. You love food, and might have a problem with weight. You are not a risk-taker (because you prefer balance and stability). You are not too action oriented. You are a great observer and listener, and also because you are so heart-oriented, you make a great counselor, therapist or social worker. You have great empathy, so it is easy for you to understand others.

So, which color did you choose? And did the description sound like you? Please comment below and let me know.


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