Weekly Angel Reading May 17th, 2020

angel reading May 17, 2020

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Before we get into this week's Angel Reading, I just want to make sure you have joined the "Create Your Own Angel Cards" course that I am starting tomorrow. It will be for 7 weeks - and no payment is needed. To join it, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThePurpleFlowerAngelsandAngelReadings/ and click JOIN, and then answer the questions so you are added to the group. The course starts Sunday, May 17th, at 4 pm California time.

The Angels created an AMAZING course outline yesterday for you, so make sure you don't miss it! And it is entirely a gift from me and the Angels for you so that you can learn to connect with them.

Now to this week's angel reading:


  1. Remove distractions from your mind.
  2. Ask your guardian angel to guide you to pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  3. Look at the picture below and see which one your heart is pulling you to. 
  4. Do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or pretty or peaceful, or anything like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your heart. This is important.
  5. Then scroll down to check your message.

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 If you chose A, matters of the heart are at the forefront at this time. And this could be in any field of your life - be it relationships, or work, or hobbies, or selection of life path. Your angels are asking you to make a heart-based decision when it comes to choosing or deciding. For some of you, you are going to be blessed with a beautiful heart-centered relationship. It could be friendship, romantic, or business partner. If this is a romantic relationship, this is like a Twinflame relationship. This relationship is beautiful on a human & physical level, yes, but the beauty of this relationship goes deeper. It is a very divine, spiritual connection. Can you think of such a person in your life? Friend, romantic partner, business partner, or co-worker? The twin flame relationship, contrary to what most people believe does not have to be a romantic one. It is two people whose connection is very pure, divine, spiritual, and they balance each other out. They complement each other. And usually, they make a great team when working together. They can accomplish a lot. Your angels are also reminding you that it is time to once again think about what your core values and beliefs are. This is because you are at the beginning of a new journey, and like we always make sure we have packed all we need for any travel, we need to re-evaluate what values and beliefs are very important to us because in the coming days we will need them. This clarity will help you in decision-making. When you have to make a choice, make sure you stand by what is right by your heart and soul. Make sure you choose Love. The highest Divine Love. For yourself, and everyone involved. This is not talking about sacrifices and guilt. This is talking about true divine love. Sometimes unconditional love can even feel like tough love for you or for another. But when you choose to make a decision based on divine love, you will choose what your Soul-Self will guide you to do.


 If you chose B, there is an energy of charity, help, generosity, gift-giving. You might be blessed with a special gift from the Heavens. This could be money, a child, the birth of a beautiful project, or something else that feels truly beautiful. For many it actually literally means abundance. You might receive a good amount of monetary benefit. It could be a gift, a raise in salary, winning something, or even something like your investments going to do well. Accept this gift with gratitude. This could also mean that you are in such a wonderful position that you can give to charities, or help others, give gifts to others. And remember, this help does not just mean a gift of money. Sometimes, the most valuable gift you can give or receive is the gift of someone's time, love, understanding, or emotional support. So if you are wondering - "How can I help another when I have nothing to give", think again. You have a lot to give. Money is not the only valuable thing in this world. In today's world, loneliness & emotional isolation is such a disease that the gift of your presence for someone alone could mean the world to them! The help could also be in the form of a loan that you receive or give. If you are the one giving a loan to a friend or family, please make sure this is a short-term solution. Your focus should be on helping the person in such a way that they are empowered to stand on their own feet and not depend on you for the loan. If you are the one receiving monetary assistance, make sure you never become dependant on it. This is a time to enjoy a good balance in the inflow and outflow of money.


 If you are feeling sad or heartbroken over something, your angels want you to know that you are not alone. They are surrounding you. And they want to help you heal your sadness. But you do need to ask them so that they have permission to help you. They are saying that it is just a matter of time, and your sadness will fade away. This situation, even though you don't like it, is helping you become stronger, and more spiritually evolved. They are asking you to not isolate yourself. Often when we are not feeling the happiest, we tend to withdraw within our own shells. This is OK for a little while, but if you keep isolating yourself you will feel depressed. So even if we are under quarantine/lockdown, technology today is so advanced that you can connect with anyone anywhere in this world. Even if you wish to withdraw, and especially if you wish to withdraw, make sure you push yourself to talk to people you love, and people who love you. Or talk to a therapist/counselor. Speak to someone who can help you laugh, and help you see the lighter side of life. If you don't know who to talk to, close your eyes, and ask your guardian angels to hug you. You will feel their energy. And then ask them to help you find people who can help you. Believe in your heart that your prayers have been answered, and you will find someone who will uplift you.

Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

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