Weekly Angel Reading April 19th, 2020

angel reading weekly Apr 20, 2020


  1. Remove distractions from your mind.
  2. Ask your guardian angel to guide you to pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  3. Look at the picture below and see which one your heart is pulling you to. 
  4. Do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or pretty or peaceful or anything like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your heart. This is important.
  5. Then scroll down to check your message.



If you were guided to pick A, then most likely you have been feeling stressed. Either because of the current global situation or because of too much to do, or some other personal situation. Most people in the world feel somewhat stressed all the time. Unfortunately, that’s how life is these days. But the people who chose A are most likely dealing with more than normal stress at this time. Your guardian angels are asking you to step back from all you are worried about and take a break. You really need a break at this time. Shift your focus towards something else that will make you feel more relaxed. It could be anything — reading a beautiful book, watching a movie that makes you feel happy (not the stress-causing ones), meditating, taking peaceful walks by yourself, exercising or something else that makes you feel good and takes your focus totally OFF the subject that is stressing you out. Here is why — when you are so stressed you are unlikely to be able to find solutions to your problems. If instead, just for a little while you detach completely from your problems and focus on relaxing, being happy, on laughing, you will find solutions much easier. A relaxed & happy mind always is much more likely to find very creative solutions! In fact, if you start meditating or taking quiet walks, or journaling, you might find that even when you have stopped thinking of your problems, you will suddenly get inspiring ideas pop up as if from thin air. Please take this advice very seriously if you have been very stressed. Also, your angels are saying that if you come across people who disagree with you, do not bother about arguing with them. Let them do what they want to. And you just follow your path to personal peace. Make sure you are sleeping well. If you are not feeling well, it becomes even more important that you follow all this advice very seriously.


If you felt guided to choose B, you too, like people from group A, seem to be going through some stress. But your stress seems to be coming mostly from a specific person or a group of people. If this doesn’t feel right for your situation, choose another picture. This group of people is dealing with stress, anxiety, or negative energy from someone or some people. And because you too are feeling down with all this tension, you are not thinking positively. Your own feelings might drag you down because of this situation. Your angels are urging you to not take any actions at this time that might add to your problems. Before doing anything, ask your guardian angel, “What would I do if I felt Divinely & Lovingly Powerful?”. Then wait for the guidance that will come as beautiful feelings from your heart. You will know it is Divine Guidance if the answer that is coming to you is making you feel happier and uplifted. If you feel more stressed and tightened in your heart area from the answer, then the answer is coming from ego-self. Ask Archangel Michael to vacuum away all negativity from your life. Take up activities that will make you feel uplifted - like meditation, prayer, exercising, learning a new fun creative thing, or even focusing your attention on helping someone else. Often just by turning our focus towards very positive things, the negative situations in our lives automatically change to positive, happy ones. Try it and see for yourself! :-)


If you felt guided to choose C, you are most likely in a place where you need to make some decisions or choices. But you feel confused, or you feel the situation is complex. And it is tough to decide what your next step should be. Either there are 2 or more choices/paths, or maybe you feel you have no choice! In either case, you feel unsure about what you can do next about whatever situation you are in. Your angels are saying there is one path that will take you towards a happy outcome or a happier life. It is not very clear to you right now. But if you slow down, take time to research this matter, or think with a very calm mind, you will be able to see your next step much better. Also, your own intuition will guide you. Listen to your inner voice. It is a quiet voice, but the inner voice speaks with the energy of wisdom and peace. It is a reassuring voice. If the “inner voice” is causing you more fear and doubt then it is not your inner voice really - it is the ego-voice. Your angels are asking you to not procrastinate in your projects. Get clear about what you want, and then confidently take action. Also, some of you might need to detox - either through diet, or let go of stressful thoughts, or let go of people who are causing negativity in your life.

Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

Much love,


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