This Is How You Can Manifest GOOD Health

You Can Easily Improve Your Health With Affirmations.

If you don't believe me, give it a try, and see for yourself. But do it with an open mind. Let me tell you 2 stories first.

A Client's Story of Healing:

She had chronic migraines. And she needed strong, prescription painkillers almost every day. So I advised her to visualize for 3 minutes or so every day that she is telling someone about her miraculous healing, and how she does not get migraines anymore. And then I asked her to write an affirmation 15 times (right after visualization) that went like, "I, (her name), am completely free of migraines now". Within a month her migraines stopped completely, and she didn't need painkillers anymore.

My Story of Healing:

At one point in time, I had very high cholesterol and my doctor was worried. She wanted me to go on lifelong cholesterol medication. So I asked her if I can wait for 30 days and see if I can improve it on my own. She looked skeptical and said that I can try improving my diet and exercising, but my cholesterol is so high that most likely none of these things can control it. But she agreed to wait for 30 days because she didn't see any harm in that. I asked her what a good number for the cholesterol should be. She said I need to get my LDL to be around 100 for it to be called really good. So I decided my LDL will be 90.

I have no idea why I asked for 30 days. That was the first thing that came out of my mouth, so I said it.

I had recently given birth to my second child, and my baby was just a few weeks old. I didn't have any help at home with the baby or housework, so I didn't actually get the time to cook healthy for myself or go and exercise. Also, I had been having only Lettuce, and sometimes bananas during my pregnancy because I was extremely nauseous. So I didn't really know how I could improve upon that to lower my cholesterol!

Because of my time constraints, I ended up ordering fast food very often. And there was absolutely NO time to exercise during those 30 days.

What I did though was, I visualized for a few minutes each day that when I met my doctor, she had my blood report, and she was looking really surprised, and telling me, "Your LDL is only 90! How did you do that? Whatever you are doing is working, so keep doing that". This took barely 3-5 minutes a day. And right after that, I wrote this affirmation 15 times every day, "My LDL is 90". I could do this easily while sitting with my baby.

And I had 100% faith that it will work!

After 30 days when I met my doctor (I had got the blood test done a couple of days before that), the EXACT scene played out that I had been visualizing, and my LDL was exactly what I had been affirming. My doctor had the blood report in her hand, and she looked surprised and said, "Your LDL is 90! How did you do that? Whatever you are doing is working, so keep doing that". I wanted to laugh out loud because I felt so good!!! But I had to keep a straight face to be polite.

She asked me what I ate, and what exercises I did to accomplish that. I couldn't help but tell her what I did because I really didn't have the time to cook for myself or exercise. So I told her that I ate fast food, but I visualized and affirmed. She had never heard of such a thing, so she didn't say anything.

IMPORTANT: I am not saying do not follow the advice of your doctor. It is important to follow the guidance of your doctor. But add this routine too, to help your healing process. 

What do you need to improve in your health?
  1. Create a short imaginal scene that implies that your illness is gone and you are healed. Just like I did, and like my client did.
  2. Create an affirmation that says that you are healed of whatever problem you have. Just like in the examples above. And write it down 15 times a day right after you visualize for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Have faith.
  4. Persist with this process till you are healed.
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