SUCCESS STORY: Manifesting A Dream Job & Salary in Record Time

This is the story of a member of my online Life Mastery Academy. The name and all personal details are hidden for the sake of privacy at his request.

As many people did, he too lost his job during this pandemic in 2020. He had been very unhappy for a long time in this job but did not know how to switch jobs. He was also worried that he might not get another job as he was the only earning member in his family. So he didn't go looking for another job despite his unhappiness.

And finally, he lost his job.

He was extremely worried because during the pandemic more and more people were getting laid off, and there was a complete hiring freeze in his line of work. 

So we talked about it and I taught him some manifesting methods. He was still unsure because of the hiring freeze. So we talked about how we create our own reality no matter what the circumstances were. 

I told him:
  1. He would get a new job that month itself.
  2. He would get his DREAM job so that he can stop being unhappy about his work.
  3. He would get 6 times his last salary. 

He was totally incredulous and said that was not possible at all. I told him that I put these 3 points in the job manifestation just to prove to him that WE are the creators of our lives and that we can manifest anything, despite what the outer circumstances may be. 

Manifesting Method:

He agreed to learn and do as I asked. I asked him to visualize for 5 minutes each day that his desire was fulfilled and to watch his thoughts like a hawk. I asked him to think only those thoughts that he would think if he had got his dream job and dream salary already. For example, instead of thinking, "I don't have a job, what will I do?", "Will I ever get a job?", etc, I asked him to think things like, "It's so FABULOUS that I got my dream job! And I can't believe my salary is $XXXXXX!!! I am so lucky. I LOVE this job!". 

And this happened soon...
  1. He got two job offers in that month itself!
  2. Both fell under the "Dream Job" category for him!
  3. He picked the one that gave him 6 times his old salary.

Needless to say, he was, and is still overjoyed! And now he uses Conscious Manifesting to solve most of his problems in life successfully. 

For me, the biggest win was that he changed from feeling like a helpless victim in life to feeling totally empowered, and knowing he creates his own experiences.

And for him of course, his dream job, his dream salary, in record time, despite the hiring freeze was the win.

My point is, anyone can do this. What is it that YOU would like to manifest? 

I will be running a free 21 day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge in March to teach people some simple methods, and I will post a lot more about Conscious Manifesting so others can learn to do this easily too.

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