SUCCESS STORY: Achieve AMAZING Physical Healing Through Manifestation

Story Time! Many years back, in 2006, when I gave birth to my second child, I was diagnosed with "dangerously high cholesterol".

Now, this was a shocker for me, because all through pregnancy I could eat nothing but cucumbers, lettuce, and sometimes bananas because I had extreme sensitivity to taste and smell. I couldn't imagine how I could have managed to get high cholesterol on that diet!

My doctor was horrified at the numbers and said I will need to be on medication for life. But I didn't want that, so I asked her, "Can we wait for 30 days before starting the medication?". She said she doesn't see anything changing in 30 days, but if I could improve my diet and exercise and if my cholesterol went down, she would think about it. 

Of course, I couldn't "improve" upon cucumbers, lettuce, and bananas! And my child was an infant, so I had no time to cook for myself or go to the gym. I was enjoying eating food after a long time, so I was mostly ordering in food, and often even from Burger King or McDonald's. Yes, yes, don't roll your eyes at me. I was bored with 9 months of lettuce & cucumbers, and I really had no energy to cook healthy for myself.

Manifesting Method:

But what I did was, I asked my doctor was number will be good, and she said my LDL should be below 100. So I picked a random number 90 for LDL. Every day I visualized for 2-5 minutes that my doctor had the blood report in her hands, she was looking surprised, and was telling me, "Your LDL has dropped to 90! What did you do to make this happen?" And then I would write down the affirmation, "My LDL is 90". 

Guess what happened after 30 days? Yes! EXACTLY what I had visualized and affirmed.

I met my doctor after the blood test, and she had my report with her. She looked very surprised and said, "Your LDL has dropped to 90! What did you do to make it happen?" I didn't know what else to tell her but the truth. I told her I visualized, affirmed, but couldn't eat healthily or exercise because I didn't have the time or energy. She didn't know what to make of it, so she didn't ask me anything else.

And, I didn't need to be on lifelong medication!

Of course, I don't advise you to go eat junk, because most of us have strong beliefs about food. It is our beliefs that manifest experiences in our lives. So please DO eat healthily, and exercise. I was 100% sure that if I affirmed and visualized I would get the exact results I wanted, and my belief made it happen. My recommendation to people is to always follow the medical advice, eat healthily, and at the same time work on your health through Manifesting Tools so that you get your desired result.

Learning how to consciously manifest our lives is a very important skill to have. And this is my way of life, so most of the time I do get what I want. Anyone can! All you need to do is learn how to train your mind to do this.

I will be running a free 21 day "Manifest Your Desire" challenge in March to teach people some simple methods, and I will post a lot more about Conscious Manifesting so others can learn to do this easily too.

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