What Is Your Guardian Angel's Name? (steps to ask your angel)

"What is my Guardian Angel's name?"
Ask them.
"But HOW do I connect with my Angels?"

Is this something you have wondered too?

Many people ask me this very question almost every day. And I can understand this. Many years back I used to think Angels were a figment of my imagination...till one day I saw them with my own eyes. And I was blown away.

Many things happened and I was filled with a deep longing to connect with these Divine Beings whose mere thought would stir profoundly beautiful emotions in my heart.

So I learned to connect with them.

And I will teach you how. 

Here is a simple way to get you started, even if you have never done so before.

1. Close your eyes and relax. 

2. Focus on a bright & beautiful point of light within your heart. You can visualize it, or just feel it. It can be any color you want. I usually choose White, Gold, or Pink.

3. With each breath in, imagine the light getting brighter. With each breath out, imagine the light getting bigger. Do this for a few minutes. Just a few minutes. And you will start to feel happy & peaceful.

4. When you feel happy & peaceful, ask your Angel(s) to make their presence clear to you. And notice how you feel. You might feel even more blissful, or you might feel like someone has enveloped you with a blanket of Love. You might feel a warmth in your body, or a cool soft breeze. Or you might feel a buzzing or tingling. Your only job is to notice calmly. 

5. Ask your angel to be visible to you in your mind's eyes. Then calmly wait and see what visions appear in your mind. Do not strain hard to see. It is just as easy as imagining a rose in your mind. If I ask you to imagine a rose, where or how will you see in your mind? That's where your angel will appear too. And your angel might appear as the winged being we imagine them to be, or they might appear as one of your loved ones who have crossed over, or a great master or teacher, or someone you do not know. You might even see them just like colors, and not in human form. They could appear as light. Your only job right now is to notice how they prefer to appear.

6. Ask them what their name is, and notice the first name that pops in your thoughts. Do not judge. Just remember what you first heard. Angels can have very regular names or such complicated names that we cannot pronounce them. If the name is very complicated, they often give us something easy to call them. They don't really care about names. They give us their names because they know it is important to us.

Practice this often. And practice it playfully. The more you practice, the better you will get!

 Let me know if you found out your angel's name.

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