Heal Your Hurt Feelings with this EFT Tapping Video

Did someone hurt your feelings?

It happens to the best of us. It's part of being human, isn't it? At some time or the other, we all experience getting our feelings hurt by someone else. It could be anyone - someone close to us or even a total stranger. But it hurts, even more, when it is someone close to us, doesn't it?

And when our feelings are hurt, we often feel the pain even in our physical bodies. This experience ruins our day/week/month/year or even our lives.

But that's not what life is about, is it?

You deserve to be happy. 

You deserve to be free of this pain.

You deserve to enjoy your life.

And you absolutely do not deserve to feel punished by all this emotional pain because of something someone else did. Correct?

Ok, so let's get on with this video.

If you are unfamiliar with EFT Tapping, watch the video once, and then rewind to where I begin the process, and tap along with me. You will feel so much relief that you will feel like a new person. This incident will stop affecting you completely.

Let me know below in the comments how you feel after the EFT tapping process. 

If you want me to write and create a video on a particular topic, let me know in the comments below.

Much love,


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