Do This If You Feel All Alone, Or Ignored.

No matter who, sometimes we all feel all alone, sometimes we all feel ignored, abandoned…and unloved.

Feeling like this once in a while is OK. It passes. But do you feel this way most of the time? Has it been a long time since yo have been feeling like this?

If so, do not ignore it. You really do not need to dwell in this experience. There IS a way out. And the method is simple. All that is needed is – PERSISTENCE in this method. Do not give up. It might take some time, but it WILL work. I promise you this. 🙂

Pick one of the following sentences, or create a short statement of your own that is similar to the ones below, and repeat it mentally to yourself often:

  1. I am awesome, and everyone wants to be my friend.
  2. I am beautiful, and everyone LOVES me.
  3. I am absolutely enchanting, and people CRAVE my company.
  4. I am lovable, and people LOVE to love me!
  5. Why does everyone love me so much?
  6. Why do people crave my company?
  7. Why am I so loved?

Just pick one of these and tell it to yourself very often. Even if it does not feel true in the beginning, PERSIST. In fact, if it does not feel true to state something, pick one of the questions from the list above. Your mind will not mind those as much.

This is not just a senseless repetition. Here is why it works: We talk to ourselves all the time. We are constantly telling ourselves something or the other mentally. And these conversations carry your order to your subconscious mind…read below why this is important.

Our subconscious mind is listening to what we are telling ourselves. It is our subconscious mind that creates our experiences. Whatever you think with emotion, whatever you repeat with emotion, your subconscious takes as an order from you to make MORE of. It does not judge whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. It is totally obedient to you. It listens to our predominant thoughts & emotions, and takes it as — this is what he/she is focusing on, so he/she wants more of that, so I will create more experiences like that.

What I wrote above is important. There is no one punishing you. You are powerful. You are part of God. What you want will be obeyed by your subconscious mind.

Do not give up. Persist. Pick just one statement. And tell it to yourself often. Be mindful of your MENTAL DIET. Watch your thoughts for the next 30-60 days, and anytime you catch yourself thinking something sad, telling yourself something sad, or feeling sad, stop IMMEDIATELY, and tell yourself your chosen statement with emotion. Just keep telling yourself again and again.

And you WILL start to see a change in how people treat you.

You will not need to do anything else to have loving company. People always treat us according to our beliefs, thoughts, conversations about ourselves, about the world, and about people. That’s all.

You will NEVER again need to beg anyone for attention.

All you need to do is change your inner programming. And do not give up. PERSIST in this experiment. If you want to read more about this, read the works of the great author and philosopher – Neville Goddard. His work has changed many lives.

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