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Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you celebrate this day with everyone you love - soulmates, friends, family, pets, everyone you love. And this includes YOU. Do not forget to celebrate yourself. In fact, get yourself a special gift, or do something special for yourself.

After all, how you treat yourself is what determines how others will treat you.

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And now on to the Angel Reading.


This is a "Timeless" Angel Reading. Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means that if you come back another time to this same page and choose again, the message will be relevant for you at that time.



  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or for any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


When I tune into group A, I first see some people taking a large piece of tarp and covering something. I kept watching, and they repeated the vision. I asked them to explain, and next, I saw someone covering their face with a visor. Next, I saw a room-divider kind of screen. 

This shows me 3 things: 1) that there is something that is hidden from you right now, 2) The screen is stopping you from going forward, but only temporarily because a room-divider screen can be removed easily, and 3) the person wearing the face visor showed a very determined expression before putting the visor on like she was determined to focus and work hard on something.

The messages that followed were that you feel like your success in something you are working at (in any area of your life - relationships, health, money, work, spirituality, or anything else) feels “hidden” to you. You sometimes might even feel stuck, and success might feel just out of reach no matter what you are doing or not doing. However, the angels are saying that success is pretty close. It is only feeling a bit delayed, but your success will not be denied.

They are saying that this is time for you to work smart, and work hard. It is a time for you to learn some new things, or train more. If you have been getting the feeling or nudge to join a course/training, do it. This is Divine Guidance. It will lead you to the success and happiness you are looking for. Some of you might actually want to go back to school to further your education. You could even find an expert in the field you want training in, and work under them as an intern, or student. And for some this new learning could even mean self-learning - you could find the information online, in a library, or buy books, and train yourself. You will gain a lot by bringing your focus to learning at this time.

This screen between you and your desired success is just a temporary stop sign so that you are better trained for what you want in life. Please remind yourself anytime you feel frustrated that your success is only delayed slightly, it is definitely not denied!

In fact, you don’t even have any huge blocks or obstacles between you and the desired outcome (whatever your desire may be). A serious block/obstacle usually would show in my clairvoyance symbols as something bigger like a huge boulder or a huge mountain. Instead, what I saw was a room divider screen. If you have a simple room divider screen in your room, you know that you can even look beyond it, and can easily fold it and put it away. My seeing this screen is a reassurance that this is very flimsy and a temporary delay. Use this time to get more information or training, and your success will be bigger than you anticipated.

For those of you who want to change their jobs, this is a good time.

If you already are in a job you like, work with all your heart and soul, because you are going to be recognized for the excellent work you are doing. You will be rewarded with either a bonus, or salary raise, or promotion or something else.

I also saw stars and sparkles. What this indicates to me is that your angels are asking you to dream big, to gather information, or get any training you might need to achieve your dreams, because your life seems to be filling up with the power and magic of manifestation. You will be able to realize your hopes and dreams.

You might sometimes feel tired and bored of putting in the effort. But do not give up. You are on the brink of success.

The angels are also saying that you might be spending too much time indoors. And that your mind is feeling fatigued. Too many thoughts might be making you feel a bit confused. They are asking you to go out for walks. Preferably by yourself, and to enjoy the peace of nature. Look around at Mother Nature, and ask the Nature Angels or the Fairies to heal your stress, and to aid you in manifesting what you really want. If you do this regularly, you will find that your mind is feeling clearer and clearer, and you will hear Divine Guidance much more clearly than ever before. This will help you solve your challenges, and help you attain what you desire. One of the videos I made teaches you how to connect with your Guardian Angels, so you can be clearly guided through your life is this one: I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel and clicked the bell icon because that would accomplish two things - you will know anytime I add new videos that would teach helpful tools, and it will support me in creating these tools for you.

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When I tune in for group B, first I see a hand making a list very meticulously, and planning out carefully by putting dates. Then I see a face that is being flooded with too much information from all sides. Then I saw a group of people upside down, and the two opposing leaders lifting up their own banners and either arguing with each other or competing with each other. Next, I saw a person who seemed to be guiding a group of people up through a beautiful serene snow-clad mountain range. The mountain range was at a distance, and this person looked happy, friendly, and confident.

Here are the messages I get from these visions. You are most likely deluged with a lot of work. There are too many things to do, and you can feel confused just because of the sheer volume of your to-do list. And the things in your list are often conflicting with each other when it comes to time or the interests of the people involved.

Your angels are asking you to clear your mind and sit down. Actually, sit down with your planner! And plan all your work. List it priority-wise. And see what you can delegate to others. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Let others help. Or just ask for help. If you can, employ someone to take some of your work off you. Just by planning it out meticulously, and by delegating some of your work, you will feel much better, and your life is going to flow much easier.

You are also flooded with opinions and information from all around. Different people telling you what they think is right. Your angels are asking you to be very careful about what information you take in, and at what speed! First of all, do not let the limiting beliefs of others get through to your subconscious mind, because if your subconscious accepts their views about limitations, you will create limitations in your life.

Also, be careful about the speed with which you try to assimilate information. Do not stress your brain. Prioritize or plan out even what you are learning. Do not try to learn too many things at the same time. Create a plan or a timetable like they have in school so that you can assign different topics to different days, or you will soon feel like your brain is fried.

If you do not plan out things and take things a little slow you might feel like you are having anxiety attacks or similar anxious feelings. Please do take care of yourself because things are moving fast in your life, and there are too many competing interests, too many competing items on your to-do list. Simplify your life.

Some of you might even be feeling that you have to deal with people who are competitive or confrontational. For some, this is just a feeling that is arising from anxiety, when actually there is nothing like that happening. If you are feeling this way, make sure you tell yourself again and again, “This world is abundant. There is no competition”, or else, your imagining the confrontation or competition will create those unwanted experiences for you.

For others, they really might be dealing with very competitive or confrontational people. Do not engage with this useless conflict. Visualize peaceful and supportive situations, and if you persist with this visualization, you will create ease and peace. For example, if there is a person who is a vexation to your soul at this time, frequently imagine them being very peaceful with you. Do not under any circumstances indulge in imaginary arguments with them in your mind. Only imagine peaceful interactions. At the same time, ask your angels to help bring peace between you and that person.

One simple way of using lists to manifest and complete your work is described in this video I made: In this, the first part is people sharing what went well with them in 2020. Fast forward to the point (around 1:09:43) where I start teaching a simple method of manifesting through creating lists. I am mentioning the list-building manifestation technique because of the first vision I had about the hand creating lists. I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel and clicked the bell icon because that would accomplish two things - you will know anytime I add new videos that would teach helpful tools, and it will support me in creating these tools for you.

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The last vision I saw was of the person leading a group to the snow-clad mountains in the distance. This will mean two different things for 2 different groups of people. For some of you, you will meet someone who will help you manifest your beautiful desires that seem distant right now. This person is confident, an expert, and friendly. Mountains can usually mean obstacles. But in this vision, the mountains were looking beautiful, serene, and inviting, so they were obviously not obstacles, but they represented your beautiful desires. The mountains were far, so that means you feel your desires might be hard to reach, or far from you. And the other meaning of this vision is that YOU are that person who is confident, wise, and friendly, and you can help people realize their goals or desires that they feel are very distant. 

The angels are also saying that you are a very creative person. So one way of powerfully manifesting your desires is by using your creativity. You could draw or paint a picture of what you wish to attain. Or you can write a story about it - how you already got your desires. You could even sing about it if you express yourself through songs or poetry!

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When I tune into group C, first I see a notebook and a hand re-opening it from the back. Next, I see cobwebs, and shining light on the cobwebs and clearing them. After that, I saw the scales of justice. And then I saw a banana leaf with all kinds of offerings/blessing on it descending down from the Heavens.

The message I get from these visions is that you might be feeling worried or stressed. You might be feeling this way because of past experiences and so you are worried that something will go wrong in your life again (in whatever area of life you are focused on right now - relationships, wealth, career, health, spirituality, or anything else).

When I see the re-opening of the book it shows that you might be revisiting your past many times, or that something from your past that you are not letting go of is hindering your progress, and causing you unnecessary worries and fears. So the clear guidance is to let go of the past. But that’s “easier said than done”, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I will not just say, “Let go of your past” and leave you at that. This is the reason I am creating these no-cost tools on my YouTube channel so that people have the tools to do what they need to do. You can use this video (along with the blog post I have mentioned under that video) to re-write your past to heal it completely:

And/Or you can use this method to forgive people in your past so that you are completely free of any emotional effects from those incidents that might be stopping you from moving ahead in life, or causing you pain even now: If you are hurting because of any guilt, you can use this process to forgive yourself. I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel and clicked the bell icon because that would accomplish two things - you will know anytime I add new videos that would teach helpful tools, and it will support me in creating these tools for you.

The cobwebs and clearing of cobwebs too were about letting go of the past or forgiving people who have hurt you.

Some of you might be in a legal issue. Or even if there is no legal issue as such, the angels say that true justice will be served. Believe and have faith. Do not imagine scenes of an unwanted outcome or else you might manifest that. Only visualize that which you desire as an outcome.

The angels are saying that mostly your worries and fears are unfounded. They are stemming from past experiences and conditioning. And you really, truly need to let go of all that otherwise when we persist in worrying we start to manifest those things we are fearing. Remember always that worrying is a powerful way of manifesting more experiences to be worried & upset about. We are all always manifesting, but most people are not aware of that. They continue manifesting the wrong experiences in their life by worrying, negative thinking, anger, etc. Learn the correct way to manifest so that you can train your brain to consciously manifest what you really want in life. You can learn through reading, training with anyone you trust, or you can also sign up for the waitlist of my absolutely no-charge 21-Day “Manifest Your Desires” challenge to learn to manifest here:

At the end of the reading, your angels are asking you to truly love and accept yourself. They are saying that your past experiences have hurt your self-esteem. This is again going in line with the above messages of letting go of the past. Your angels are saying that you need to go through the process of letting go of the past, forgiving others and yourself, and of even rewriting or recreating your past (yes, the past can be changed) so that you can heal your self-esteem. They are re-emphasizing the importance of this process in your life. For example (just an example), if you have experienced rejection/abandonment before in life, forgive those people, and recreate the past where everyone was always nice to you, and you were always wanted by everyone. This is not just wishful thinking. All possibilities and all realities exist in this eternal moment. There is no “past”, and no “future”. When you recreate a past, all you are doing is, disconnecting from one possible reality (that you experienced), and connecting to another possible reality which is much better. As a result, the energy that snowballs forward is a beautiful energy and your “present” is healed.

After you complete the above process and heal all those aspects that have hurt your self-esteem and confidence or self-worth, you will start to see yourself as the perfect child of God you truly are.

The last part of the vision about the banana leaf says that once you are clear of all these painful memories, success (in any area of life that you are focused on) will be handed to you on a platter! 

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