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angel reading timeless Dec 13, 2020

How is the Holiday Season going for you? Feeling Blessed or Stressed? Let me know. :-)


This is a "Timeless" Angel Reading. Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means that if you come back another time to this same page and choose again, the message will be relevant for you at that time.

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  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or for any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


General:  If you chose A, you might be feeling a bit scattered with a few different things to do, different directions pulling your attention. Sometimes you feel like you have lost your focus. And you might be feeling burdened with a lot to do. Some of you might be feeling like you are being taken for granted. One of the things that I see right away is, you have a lot of beauty around you. This beauty could be in the form of nature, or loving people, your pets...look around, and don't lose your focus on what is beautiful in your life, no matter how much work. You are so busy with your head down in your work that you are not looking at the open Heavens above, and the beautiful earth around you. When we remain aware of the little (or big) lovely things in our lives, our work does not feel so cumbersome anymore. So take a few moments to notice and tell me in the comments below what is beautiful in your life. 

You have been working so much that you are close to feeling burnt out. If you continue like this you might find yourself getting irritable. You need to delegate some work, ask others for help, or prioritize so that you are not trying to do everything together. Take frequent breaks, rest, focus on enjoying yourself too. Funny thing is, the more we take small breaks and make sure we feel rested and happy, the higher our productivity goes. Bring balance back in your life. Don't fill your life with only work. Reduce some work, and add in play! You might be feeling a drudgery in your work, and like there is no fun in life. Our ego-self feels that there is glory in being over-busy, overworked, not having time to relax, and not asking anyone for help. But the truth is, we are all one, part/children of God. We are meant to help each other, and not do everything alone. Overworking can cause stress, fatigue, and health challenges. If you are feeling stressed, do this EFT video I have made, and you will feel your stress melt away:

The good news is, that this phase of stress and feeling burdened will come to an end soon (especially if you make up your mind to end this phase, &reduce your stress)

Relationships: This is for ONLY those who are having trouble in their relationship. IF you are having problems in your relationships, it could be because either you or your partner are feeling that you/they are doing all the work in the relationship whereas the other person is not doing their share. Or some aspect of the relationship might be feeling cumbersome. You or they might be feeling taken for granted. The relationship might be lacking fun, playfulness, and spontaneity. You might be feeling as if you are just doing your duties. Life, if continued like this is not joyful, is it? So take a few moments to think about what you can do to bring fun back into your life, and into your relationship?

If you are single, this lack of fun and abundance of stress might be leaving you with no time to devote to yourself, to dating, or just meeting people (even online), and working on bringing the desired partner in your life.  Make time for yourself. Make time for fun. Work will always be there. You are responsible for making your life beautiful. If not now, then when? If stress is getting in your way, please do this EFT tapping video I have recorded: . No one needs stress.

Work/Money:  Work-life might feel stressful because of way too much to do. Too much work, too many types of things to do can leave you feeling unfocused, drained, and fatigued (emotionally & physically). When work feels burdensome, we lose our enthusiasm and even the will to do things well. Please ask for help, delegate some work, or let go of some of the responsibilities. Your health, your happiness, your sanity is more important than any work. Financially you might be worried that what you earn or have might not be enough for what you wish to do in life, or for taking care of yourself & family. Please know that worrying is manifesting more worries. So instead use this affirmation throughout your day instead of worrying, "I am a money magnet. Money comes to me EAAAAAASILY!". Repeat in your mind or aloud often for a couple of minutes each time, feeling like you are being showered with money. Talk to someone who you trust on financial-wisdom, and plan out a way to improve the situation. If you are worried about money, know that this worry will end soon, especially if you do your affirmations, take divinely guided action, and guide your mind to not worry.

Health: Please reduce your stress levels. Reduce your work burdens. Being overworked and stressed for too long hurts our health. But the good news is that reducing stress improves health hugely. If you haven't already seen this, please go to my EFT video for stress reduction, and learn to reduce your stress levels. You will thank yourself for doing this:

Spiritual Life: If you are not feeling connected spiritually, it's because the burdens of life have taken your focus off your spiritual path. Or, you might be wanting to do so many different things even spiritually that you are losing your focus. Pick a path that is bringing you the most growth, support, and joy, and stick to it. Make time from your busy life for spiritual work, because finally, this is what will help lead your heart to fulfillment. 

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General: If you chose B, you might be feeling sort of "under fire". Your angels say - Stand your ground, but also choose your battles. Not everything is worth your time and energy, not every battle is worth fighting. No matter what challenges or opposition you are facing, your angels say that you are strong, and have an advantage over your opposition in some way. And you might be aware of being on higher grounds. But even if you are not aware of what that advantage is, trust your angels that you are in a stronger position. 

Do not let others create any doubts in you. If you are sure about something then stand your ground. Let go only if it is not worth the trouble. Use your inner guidance to feel each situation out -- is this worth your time? Is it worth your energy? Is the outcome of this meaningful to you? If it is, then do not back down, and stand up for yourself. Archangel Ariel - the Lioness of God - is with you. But if the situation is not that important, let it go, don't waste your energy on it. 

Also, do not let someone's position of authority intimidate you. Be assertive. If you need to say no, say it. Be courageous. 

Relationships:  This section is for you ONLY IF you are having challenges in your relationship. If you are in a relationship and having problems, you will need to work to improve things. Life is cyclical, we all have ups and downs in relationships. If you are having problems now, know that the next phase is peace. Do you want to stay on in this relationship and improve it? If you do, there is nothing that can stop you. There might be some kind of a blame-game going on, but if you want peace, you will have it. Sit down calmly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths till you calm down. Then in your imagination surround your partner with divine love and light. Imagine you and your partner talking lovingly and peacefully with each other, laughing together, having a beautiful time together. Any time you think of your partner, only think of the good things about them. And imagine your partner saying only nice things to you. In your mind only affirm those things about your relationship that you want. Be patient with this process, and you will get what you want.

Work/Money: The theme is the same even in work or financial issues. If you are facing any challenges, and you feel and know that you are right and that the cause is worth it, be assertive and stand your ground. Stay strong and do not let others' words or thoughts or actions bother you. Stand up for yourself, and you will win. Trust yourself.

Health:  If you are facing any health challenges, know that you can overcome them. Follow the advice of your doctor, and at the same time visualize yourself completely healthy each and every day. Be careful of what you think about your health. What we talk with ourselves in our minds is what manifests in our lives. So consciously direct your mind to think only about what you want to experience. Affirm, "I am completely healthy" several times a day. Do not worry whether you believe it or not. Keep affirming and imagining you are perfectly healthy. You will see your health changing for the positive. Here is a health affirmations video I made that had helped me a lot:

Spiritual Life: If someone ridicules you for your spiritual beliefs, stand up for yourself. Remember that only insecure people attack others. You have a right to follow your heart.

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General:  If you chose C, you will be feeling relief or a feeling of an amazing accomplishment. You will be experiencing financial abundance, getting recognition from others for who you are, or for your work. Life goes in cycles. As you complete a project or phase successfully, it will soon be time to start the next amazing phase or project. Your angels are saying that you have magic wands in both your hands and you have the skills, power, and knowledge to achieve success in whatever you take up next, so have confidence in your abilities. You ought to be proud of yourself. Some of you will be experiencing great spiritual growth. You have the freedom now to choose whatever it is you want to do next. Be confident and you will do it very well. You will have clarity on your purpose, and you will know what you wish to do next. You could repeat the same thing and get another round of success or you can do something totally different. The choice is yours. You can be a success at anything. 

You will feel as if the world is yours to experience! And if you could travel now, this would be a beautiful experience! I know that at the time of writing this there is the Covid19 pandemic going on, so there are travel restrictions. But this is a timeless reading, and if you have come across this reading at a time when you are free to travel, know that it will be a beautiful experience for you. For those who cannot travel, this time is more about a world of opportunities opening up for you. It is a time to celebrate everything you have achieved.

Relationships:  If you are in a relationship, this time could signify achieving your relationship goals. You both have worked hard in your life, and towards your relationship. Your relationship will either go to the next higher level of commitment, or you will feel really contented in the light of your love & commitment for each other. And if you are single, you will have many options opening up for you. Make sure you are focused inwards on feeling really good about yourself. When you feel happy and stable, you will attract partners who are happy and stable too.

Work/Money:  You will be reaching your career goals, your dreams. If you had started a business yourself, know that you will soon get out of the stressful phase of birthing a business, and reaching a stage where you will feel comfortable, successful, and safe. Finances will be doing great too!

Health: If health has been a challenge, you will be happy that your health will be getting better soon. 

Spiritual Life: Spiritually, you will have a feeling of fulfillment soon. And this comes from learning the lessons in your life well. 

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Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

Much love,



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