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angel reading timeless Sep 20, 2020

Dear One,

How are you doing? With so much going on in the world I pray that you and your family are doing good.

Here is a suggestion if things are not going too well for you. It is a technique taught by a mystic/author - Neville Goddard. You know how we think all day non-stop? It happens on auto-pilot. Instead, take 1-2 minutes breaks through your day to close your eyes, and repeat with feeling, "Isn't it wonderful! Beautiful things are happening for me now". Repeat this for 1-2 minutes feeling like something wonderful IS happening for you. Don't worry or think about what that wonderful thing is. Just for those 1-2 minutes feel as if your life is blessed and amazing things are happening for you all around. Do this frequently throughout the day. Do this as soon as you wake. Also, when you are falling asleep at night repeat this in your mind and go to sleep in the feeling that something wonderful is happening for you. If you do this diligently you will start to notice good things start happening for you. Will you do this? 

Alright, now for the Angel Reading.

This is a "Timeless" Angel Reading. Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means that if you come back another time to this same page and choose again, the message will be relevant for you at that time.

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  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


General:  If you chose A, your angels want you to know that as you follow your intuition, and listen to their guidance, and as you train in skills you need to accomplish your dreams, you will start seeing great success in your life. Some of you might have already entered that stage. Your angels ask you to follow your dreams. You will accomplish great things in life. Many of you will be starting a new project - either at work or in your personal life. Make plans for what you wish to achieve. And then follow your plans diligently and passionately. You will see that you will be rewarded with great prosperity. Whatever you start now will be a great success - whether it is career-related, or personal. Be confident and positive in your approach to whatever you do. Your angels say that many of you are very home and family-loving. It's a great time to do artistic and creative things. You could be re-decorating your house, beautifying things, maybe gardening. And for some, you are probably going to get pregnant (or already got pregnant). Most of you will be "giving birth" to something - a new idea, or plan, or career, or business, art-work, planting trees or seeds. It is time for action. This is not a time to be passive or procrastinating. If you are a mother, you are an amazing mother. If you are a father, your angels ask you to be nurturing towards your children and communicate more with them. Even if you are not a parent, and do not plan to be for a while, your angels ask you to embrace the softer side of you, pay attention to your feelings and inner guidance. You will see that people will be drawn towards you. Balance your feminine and masculine side. If you feel you are more guided by your head, then make sure you listen to your heart as well. Balancing your feminine and masculine side will ensure that you do not neglect yourself while focusing only on others, and neither will you neglect the needs of your loved ones. This balance will also help you feel more beautiful, happy, and confident. 

Relationships:  This is a great time for all relationships. You will find that your connections are deeper, more loving, and meaningful. In romantic connections, you will find your commitment to each other growing deeper. You and your partner will be romantic, and loving.

Make sure you are expressive of your love towards your partner. And if you are not happy about something in your relationships, make sure you express your emotions lovingly. Do not suppress your emotions for the fear of rejection. And if you find yourself being a bit overbearing towards others then stop yourself and go within. There is something inside of you that is hurting. Address those emotions, and you will experience the beautiful loving connections you are meant to experience! This is the time to experience great love, so do not let any inner insecurities hinder the deep connections and love that is waiting for you.

There is a great chance for pregnancy. If you are not ready for pregnancy, then make sure you are careful.

If you are single, a beautiful, loving connection is on its way. For some, this will feel like the ultimate partnership - the kind that poems are written about. You angels advice you to be loving to yourself, make sure your self-esteem is top-notch because when you show your true self to the world, you will attract great relationships. Do not try and be someone you are not just to please others. That will not help. Just be your own beautiful self. 

Work/Money:  Work-life will be really good! You will find that you are inspiring the people you work with because of your creativity, new ideas, and passion for what you do. If you are thinking of changing your line of work, and are unsure about what you want to do next, try doing something that is creative or artistic. Even if you don't make art as your career, just doing something creative and artistic will help you open up to the perfect idea for your next career move.

If instead, you are feeling unmotivated or unappreciated at work, spend time doing something creative. Your angels are saying don't jump into making an impulsive decision about your work. Wait for some time and spend time in creative or artistic projects. This will help clear your mind, and then you will be able to get to the point that is described in the paragraph above. Your angels are saying that most likely you are feeling this way because of your own inner conflicts and insecurities. Take time to sort those because, in reality, things are much better than how you feel. Everything will be a LOT better once you sort your own emotions and self-worth issues.

As far as money, follow your intuitive guidance when it comes to investing or other money decisions because your inner voice will give you great advice and you will be rewarded with prosperity. Be wise with your money. Even if you are worried about your finances, your angels are assuring you that things not actually bad, and will get even better soon. Make sure you also help others who are not as fortunate. This will make your world a better place, and in turn, you will see that you are blessed in many ways. 

Health:  The angels are asking you to be nurturing towards yourself. Listen to how your body feels. If it needs more rest, then do so guilt-free. Follow the feelings and signals your body is giving you. If you are feeling unmotivated, sad, or binge-eating, address your emotional needs. Addressing your emotional needs will help your health a lot. The angels are asking you to exercise and choose those kinds of activities that make you happy. This will help you feel happier and will in turn improve your health. If you are planning on getting pregnant, you will be successful in that. And if you do not want to get pregnant, make sure you are very careful about that. 

Spiritual Life:  Your angels are asking you to absolutely make sure you are taking time to listen to your intuition and the divine guidance coming your way. If you feel disconnected to divine guidance then make time to meditate, reflect, or talk to your angels, and any sadness you might be feeling will disappear from your life. Ask your angels to help you, and talk to them more often. If you are already doing this, and even if you start now, you will find that your intuition will get really strong. And this will serve you well! Connect with women who are spiritual and wise if you need advice. They will guide you well. For some of you, this might even mean connecting to your mother, or mother figure, or Mother Earth. Connecting with the Divine Feminine will help you with whatever you wish to do.

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General:   If you chose B, you might find yourself having a difficult time making a decision about something. You might have 2 or more options/paths that you might have to choose from. This might not actually be a bad situation! :-) Having options is a great place to be in. Multiple possibilities :-). The only problem is, sometimes one has a problem choosing from so many options. And this can lead to procrastination. Your angels are saying if you are stalling because you want to take time to make a wise decision, then all is well. If you are stalling because you are procrastinating, then make a choice to move forward. You can always use the wisdom of your body to make the right decision. Imagine choosing each option one by one, and ask your Guardian angel to help you feel the feelings you would feel if you chose that option. So suppose you pretend to choose option A out of all your options, close your eyes, and imagine you have decided on A. How do you feel? Do you feel expanded, light, happy, or any other good feeling? Or do you feel constricted, scared, worried, or any other negative feeling? Do this process with each option. This will help you get clarity. If you still feel unclear, ask your Guardian Angels to help you make a choice. 

For some of you, it might mean that you have a lot of things going on in your life at the same time. You might have too much to do. And this might cause a problem in focusing. Prioritize, or work on removing a few things from your to-do list. Learn to say no. There is no point in overloading yourself.

If you take time to prioritize and in figuring out which direction to choose, you will start to find clarity.

For a small group, you actually are finding your situation quite the opposite from above. You might be feeling like you don't have choices, and are feeling stuck. If this is the case, do not worry. This situation will change soon. Ask your angels to help you get unstuck, and you will find yourself deluged with opportunities.

Relationships:  If you are in a relationship, and you IF this area is causing you problems, it could be because - you might be in that comfortable phase of life where you both know each other well, life is going on, and yet you have started to feel some kind of discontent because life is getting too predictable? You might wish there was some more spark, more fun. And you might look at others and wonder if you are in the right relationship or not. Remember, all you need to do is put an effort towards creating more fun. The grass might appear to be greener on the other side, but in reality that might not even be the case. Make the effort to take stock of what is causing you the heartache or discontent in the relationship. And fix it. Create what you wish to create in this relationship. And you will see that all starts to feel great again.

If you are single, you might find that you either have plenty of people interested in you, or you might find a lot of different people interesting. And this can create plenty of opportunities for romance. If you are having any problems here, ask yourself if you have created a very unrealistic or unclear picture of your version of a perfect partner. Try and be adventurous, and date different kinds of people. Even the ones who do not fall under your description of the perfect partner. We don't really know a person just by their initial description. It takes a little bit of time to really know something about a person. So be adventurous and go out of your comfort zone of perfect partner description. You might be surprised. :-) 

Work/Money: For most people in group B, you are heading towards an amazing time where you will have many opportunities and possibilities for new careers or career advancements. Just make sure you will be careful about picking and selecting what projects you say yes to. Do not bite more than you can chew. Also, do not procrastinate or take way too much time thinking and planning. You need to take action too to make your dreams come true. 

For a few of you in group B, you might be feeling stuck in where work is concerned and you might feel like there is no way forward. You might feel you missed the right opportunities because you were not focused in the past. Do not worry at all. The past is the past. Let it go. Take steps now to change this. Get clear about what you want. What is it that will make you happy. And do not worry that you might make the wrong choice. Staying stuck and not moving forward is the wrong choice. Take that step towards what you feel will make you happy now. You always have the choice to change your mind later. When you start your efforts, you will find plenty of opportunities opening up to you. 

When it comes to money, make sure you consult a financial adviser before you make any investments. Make solid decisions based on good information. This will make sure you do well with your money. 


Your angels are asking you to make sure you do not overwork yourself. Take time out to rest and relax as well. Taking on too many things to do will have a negative effect on your health. But if you take a little care about not overdoing things, all will be well. Talking of overdoing things, some of you might also need to curb overindulgence in food or drinks. 

Even if you are exercising, make sure you do not overdo it. Do everything in moderation, and enjoy your life. It helps in keeping good health. 

Spiritual Life: 

Some of you are very interested in developing your spiritual gifts, and you might be interested in many different types of spiritual practices. Do not try and do all at once. Make a list and do a few fully well at one time, and then try a few more. Select which one feels right to you at this time. 

Some of you are feeling a bit cut off from your spiritual practices, and are more focused on the materialistic side of life. You do not know how to start your spiritual practice. Just like the group above, pick one or two that appeal to you at this time and start doing it. If you don't enjoy it, try another topic. If you try this way, you will find something that is interesting to you at this time. Working on materialistic pursuits is not wrong. We are physical beings, so we need to focus on that as well. But focusing only on this aspect and ignoring your spiritual side will leave you feeling discontented. Everything needs balance. You are capable of achieving a lot in life in both aspects - material, as well as spiritual. Bring balance, and go at a comfortable pace. You will surprise yourself with how you begin to feel.

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General:  If you chose C, you will be beginning something new. It could be a new job, project, journey, relationship, or even a totally different path in life. You have actually been waiting for a time like this. Be fearless in making bold changes in your life. If this new path makes your heart flutter with joy, then do not be afraid. Your Guardian Angel walks with you. It is time you followed your long-cherished dreams. You will have unexpected opportunities come up for you. Have faith in yourself and in your connection to your inner guidance. Let go of your fears or anything that is stopping you from joyfully following your heart. Trust that you have unique gifts to offer the world. 

Relationships:   If you are in a relationship, you will find a lot of fun, and excitement. There will be spontaneity, and you will feel so in love that you will your heart will be bursting with all the excitement. You or your partner might not be thinking much about long term plans about your relationship because your minds and hearts will be more occupied with ideas of having fun and being in love. If you are single, you can look forward to a carefree, fun romance. For some of you, it might even mean that you or your partner are enjoying pursuing adventure and fun so much that it might come in the way of a true, deep, committed relationship.

Work/Money: This is a time of opportunities coming your way. So if you have been wanting to go after a new path in your career, or find a new job or project, now is the time. Take that step! If you want to start a new business, take steps towards making your dream come true. If you don't want to go for something entirely new, you will be filled with fresh new ideas for your current work. The opportunities to take you ahead in your career will present themselves. Even if people around you want to stop you from marching forward because they are worried about you, take those steps. Do your research, know what you are doing, and make sure and confident steps towards your dreams. Your courage and success will inspire the very people who were stopping you before. Be confident of yourself, work with passion, and money will come in abundance. All you need to do before taking the plunge is to do your research so that you know exactly what you are doing. You might not know all the steps or even half-way there. But research the new job, business, or investments, and then take the first steps. The path ahead will reveal itself to you.   

Health: If you haven't been feeling well, good times will be here soon. You will be full of energy. Because of this extra energy, you might be prone to not being careful about your adventures, so your angels gently remind you to enjoy the new energy, but also be careful how you treat your body, and any machines you operate. And by doing so all will be well. If there is some health issue, do try alternative treatments along with your medical treatment. You might find something that helps you in a big way. For some, pregnancy is also possible. 

Spiritual Life:  You are starting a new kind of journey in your spiritual path. In fact, you might wish to try many different approaches. Try them. Some people might not understand what you are doing, but a spiritual journey is a personal path. You don't need to worry about others agreeing with you. Do what you feel is right for you.  You will know what path is right for you by trying different things and seeing what really sits well with your heart.

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Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

Much love,


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