Angel Reading - Pick A Picture!


This is a timeless Angel Message - which means - it is not date related. Whenever you come across this article and pick your picture guided by your intuition or by your Guardian Angel, the message is meant for that time. 


  1. Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the right picture for your message.
  2. Then see which picture you feel drawn towards.
  3. Scroll down to check the corresponding angel message for you.



You might be in a situation (or will be soon) where you are asked to handle the matters with utmost emotional maturity. You will need to have complete trust in your abilities and in the ones helping you. Rest assured that the people involved do have everyone's best interests in mind. The good thing is, that everyone here really does desire to resolve the challenge in the most compassionate way. Your angels also say that you are an honorable person. You have great integrity. You truly do care. You have control over your feelings and can accept them without allowing them to get the better of you. Because of your emotional maturity, you are often a mentor, coach or spiritual guide to others.


 If you chose B, you are either thinking about the happy memories from your past, when you were a child, teenager or young adult, or a situation might arise where you will actually visit or meet people from your past. It is also possible that you might meet someone really special you had lost touch with. It is a time to enjoy harmony in your relationships. Your angels are also asking you to reconnect with the child within, be more playful, and have fun. There could be news of pregnancy or childbirth. If you have kids or grandkids, spend more time with them.


If you chose C, your angels are saying that you are very talented. You have some beautiful skills. You can achieve amazing success if you truly follow your passions. What is it that you really LOVE doing? If you feel you don't know enough on this topic that you love, then, by all means, learn more. If you feel called to continue your education or join a training or a course, please do so. The point is that you should do what really makes you happy. Teamwork might be a good idea at this time. Teamwork and commitment to your work will bring you financial success and recognition. 

Have a beautiful new week!

Much love to you,


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