Angel Reading - Pick A Picture!



CHOICE A: If you chose A, your angels are saying that you are a person who is giving and generous. You somehow always know the right thing to do, the right thing to say, and you are able to help others happily. You are practical, warm, and kind. At this time there is someone or a group of people who especially need your loving attention. Spend quality time with them, and the ones you care about. They need you. Do not hesitate to help them with practical advice. You are the kind who can see the truth of the matter even when others can’t, or when others refuse to see. In all this caretaking, do not forget yourself. Make sure you take care of yourself too!
CHOICE B: If you chose B, your angels are asking you to be brave, take a leap of faith, and start something new in life. Most likely you already know what old things/situations/relationships you need to let go of, and what new path you need to take. This new path will be exciting, fun, and joyful. There will be great opportunities for evolution and growth. What is needed from you is faith. Believe in your dreams. Do not hesitate. Take that first step, and you will find that your angels will send you helpful people to assist you as you go along. If you feel you still need to have some more information before setting off into this new path, then go ahead and do your research. Find out what you need to find out. You deserve this joy that is waiting for you ahead.
CHOICE C: If you chose C, a situation or project has come to an end or will soon end. It will be a happy conclusion. Sometimes the end of something might make us sad, but rest assured, this end is for your good. It is time to move on to something new. You don’t need to set off immediately. You can take time to look back at all the beautiful moments and pat yourself on your back for having completed this phase successfully. You have come to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution. This time could bring in some celebrations. It could be a graduation, promotion, birth of a child, marriage, new job, or achieving a long-held dream. You will feel like you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have dreamed about. You will feel whole and complete. Some of you might even be traveling soon.
Have a BEAUTIFUL new week!! 
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