Angel Reading for the week of May 24th, 2020

angel reading weekly May 24, 2020

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Now to get to the angel reading:


  1. Remove distractions.
  2. Ask your guardian angel to help you to pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  3. Look at the picture above and see which one your heart is pulling you to. 
  4. Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or pretty or peaceful, or anything like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your heart. This is important.
  5. Scroll down to check your message.

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Your intuition is getting stronger, and around this time you will feel it especially strong. Pay careful attention to the insights you are getting. Do you remember your dreams? If you do not remember your dreams then do think about starting a practice of maintaining a dream journal. The moment you wake up, do not move at all in bed. And then think back about the dreams you had while sleeping. Then write it all down in your journal even if it feels like it didn't mean anything. At first you might not remember much, but as you continue this practice, you will begin to have vivid dreams. The reason I ask you to do this is, you will start to get (if not already getting them) messages and insights from your angels through your dreams. So pay special attention to your dreams. They might show you insights on your past experiences that are still affecting your life today through your decisions. Once you know them, you can choose to let go of them or heal them so that your life today is not affected by your past anymore. Your dreams might also give you insights on where you are heading in the future. Now, remember, the future is not written in stone. But it is useful to see where you are heading because if you don't like what you see, you can always change your path now. Make sure you do not let fears or worries ruin your today. Some of your plans might need some changes, but that is not a bad thing. Your angels are watching over you and will help you choose a path that will good for you. They will also help you bring the changes that are needed in your life.


Something good might happen soon. You might get some news that will make you happy or uplift your soul. If you have been looking for a job, then you might get one soon. Or if you have been looking forward to joining a particular school or course, you might get an acceptance or opportunity very soon. Some might get bonuses or some kind of rewards for a job that you did very well. Or you might get a message about salary raise. This is a time for some sort of a happy message - most likely about finances, but it could be anything that makes you happy. Your angels are saying you are ready to take on something more challenging - especially when it comes to your work. You have the abilities. You have the talent. It is time to raise your work to an even higher level. Think of doing something that feels fulfilling to your heart and soul. Energy-wise you are heading towards a time that is beautiful. Make sure you always keep your hopes, dreams, beliefs, and talks very positive. What that really means is, if you don't want something to happen in your life, do not talk about it, do not obsess with it, do not focus on it. If you still find yourself worrying then distract yourself and do something that will make you laugh. I always say this to people because this is what my angels taught me. To stop me from worrying, they would distract me towards something fun, something that would make me a funny movie. Laughter has a HIGH vibration. It can uplift you in a moment! So focus on thinking or talking about things that you DO want in your life. What you will focus on will grow in your life. So make sure you grow good things! Also, if things have been feeling like they are on stand-still, then get ready because life will get moving again!


If you chose C, you can now relax. Some situation that was bothersome has already come to an end or will end very soon. Your difficulties are now on the way to end, and you can feel some relief. If times have been challenging you can be happy now because they will move into your past now. You might have been waiting for this situation to end. Sometimes an ending is painful. Even if the situation wasn't helping, sometimes people hang on to a bad situation hoping it will change. The thing is, when we are in a bad situation, and when we feel totally broken or hopeless, the situation does not improve. Whatever emotion we are focused on will keep on repeating in that particular situation. So for some things, even if you want to hang on, you know in your heart that letting go is the best way out. For example, it could be a relationship that was doing you no good. It was hurting you more than helping. But you kept hanging on hoping that your sorrows will end because that person will change. What finally changes things is the ending of the relationship. Or you might  be in a job that is causing you way too much stress, you might even hate your job, but you do not leave it because of fear that you might not get a better job. If you keep thinking you will not get a better job, you will not. We all need to realize that we have a God-given power within us that helps us get what we want if we only focus on it as if our prayers have already been answered. Most people do not realize this, and they live in fear. So the person with the bad job continues living in fear and does not leave the job. The situation finally ends because he/she might end up losing the job for some reason. So the ending in both these examples was painful...and yet, it was much needed. Once you are free of a bad situation, and once you feel emotionally better, you will create much better situations for yourself. If this is happening with you, thank God that this situation is ending. Focus on healing your heart, and write down what exactly you want to create now in your life. Read it often. You will make it happen.

Have a BEAUTIFUL week! 



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