Angel Reading: Dated "Evergreen"

angel reading evergreen Aug 16, 2020

Hey Beautiful Soul! :-)

Like I said last week, I am changing the format of the angel readings...

Here is how it will be for now so that this reading will be useful for you if you revisit later and choose again:

This is an "Evergreen" Angel Reading :-). Whenever you see this reading and make a choice from the 3 pictures, the message will be relevant for you at that time. And this means that if you come back another time to this same page and choose again, the message will be relevant for you at that time.

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  • Remove all distractions.
  • Ask your Guardian Angel to help you pick the RIGHT picture for you: A, B, C.
  • Look at the picture above and see which one you feel guided to choose. 
  • Please do not pick a picture because it looks nice, or any reason like that. Ignore the subject of the picture, and be guided purely by your intuition. This is very important.
  • Scroll down to check your corresponding message.

Your Guardian Angel Message:


General: If you chose A, then your angels want you to know that you are entering a beautiful phase when life will feel charmed. It might even feel at times like a fairy godmother is around granting you your wishes. While this is amazing, it also means that you need to be extra careful about what you wish for and what you think. You need to make sure your thoughts are not running on autopilot. Instead, make sure that you are only thinking of what you want in a way that implies that you already got your wish. For example, if you want more friends, do not dwell on thoughts of loneliness even if that is what your worldly situation is. You direct your thoughts to think in this way, "I'm so blessed that I have so many amazing friends! I wish other people also have friends like I do. I am so lucky because I have always had great friends! Everyone loves me". This was just an example of one situation. Make sure whatever it is you want, you think in terms of already having it. And when you do so, you will see for yourself that you are experiencing things that prove that you are lucky, blessed, and so loved. Your angels also want you to know that you are a wonderful person, and you deserve all this and much more. They want you to stop being too serious, and to enjoy life more. 

If you have experienced hardship or tears, know that bad times are soon coming to an end. A time of happiness and fulfillment is about to be yours. You will be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. You will achieve success & recognition. Just make sure you will keep your thoughts focused on "wish fulfilled" thoughts, and have patience. There will also be celebrations.

Relationships:  If you are in a relationship, the angels are saying that things will only get better! You and your partner will be feeling very grateful towards each other. There will be romance in the air. If you are not yet committed to each other, this time could lead to getting engaged, married, or having kids.  If you are single, you will be feeling very fulfilled on your own and will feel like you don't need another person to be happy. And you know what happens when the feeling of "lack" disappears from our minds? Yep -- you are ready for a beautiful new relationship, so don't be surprised if someone amazing walks into your life. 

Work/Money:  Things will get better at work. You will achieve success in all your do. Your achievements and your work will be recognized. Some might be getting promotions. And if you are thinking of starting your own business, you will be successful. Your angels are saying that finances will improve. You might get a raise, or your investments might do well, or you might even receive money as a reward. Some might win money. You are stepping into a very "lucky" phase. So keep your thoughts fixed on your goal, and on feelings of joy. 

Health:  If you have not been feeling well, then look forward to improvement in health. At the same time, make sure you are taking good care of your diet. Eat healthily and do not overeat. Take rest, and relax if you have been working very hard.

Spiritual Life: You will be feeling content and happy. Your beautiful energy will be felt by others in your life.

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General: If you chose B, your angels are asking you to not hesitate or procrastinate in taking actions towards your dreams or goals. They say you are well-equipped. You are ready. You are powerful at manifesting. So you can do what you wish to do. You don't need to know all the steps towards your dream. Take the first step. Imagine this path like a beautiful, but a misty path. And imagine that your angels are walking with you. The path looks gorgeous, but you can't see all the way through. You can only see things very close to you and can take a couple of steps because that's all you can see. The rest is covered in mist. But you know that when you take the first few steps, you will automatically see the next steps, and so on. This is the same with the path towards your dreams. You are safe. You will get all the help, guidance, and resources you need to succeed. Be brave and step forward, even if you only know step 1. Positive changes in life are ahead.

Relationships:  If you are in a relationship, or asking about someone you have in mind, know that things will become better, but you need to use your manifesting skills. You have the power and the capability to make your relationship as beautiful as you want to. What new beautiful level do you wish to take your relationship? Imagine a 10-second scene implying you achieved what you want. For example, if you want commitment from your partner, first ask God & the Angels for their blessings to make this a blessed union for the good of all. Then imagine that you and your beloved are celebrating your first wedding anniversary. Keep the scene very short.  Maximum 10-15 seconds. So it could just be your beloved wishing you, "Happy first wedding anniversary to us both". And every night, before you sleep, imagine this scene on repeat till you go to sleep. This is just an example. You create your scene depending on what you desire.

Work/Money: Your work life will feel enchanted because beautiful new opportunities will come your way. Be brave. What were your dreams to begin with? What did you really want to do? What were your ideas? Work success will require you to make a brave move and to put your original ideas into practice. You might need to be careful who you share your plans with though. It is best to keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself for now. And work closely with your inner guidance. If you are thinking of starting a new business, then it is a great time to do so. Promote your work in the way you wish to. Be confident of yourself. Big things are coming your way. You might help someone do better in their work. Or someone who is really resourceful and wise might step forward to help you make your dreams come true.  Money matters will improve too.

Health: If you haven't been feeling well, you might start feeling better. And if you don't feel better, look for alternative healing methods to assist whatever your doctor is helping you with. You will also do well to tell yourself in your mind often that you are completely healthy.

Spiritual Life: This is a great time to work on spiritual development. You are already a naturally strong manifestor. With intuitive and spiritual development you will see amazing results in your life.

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General:  If you chose C, then your angels want you to know that you have great inner strength and courage. There are times when you feel you are not strong enough, and sometimes you feel you cannot face certain situations in life. But your angels want to assure you that your superpower is your inner strength. Look back in your life. You have survived each and every hardship that came your way. You didn't just survive, you came out even stronger, and victorious. You are someone who can solve any problem in life. Along with inner strength and courage, your other superpower is compassion. The people in your life are lucky to have you. Your angels are saying that you care so much for everyone that you can even forget yourself sometimes. They want you to be as caring and loving towards yourself as you are to others. And they are saying that if you come across a situation where you know you need to say no, then say no. You also might have situations where you have to overcome emotions and bring yourself back to calm. You will overcome any challenges that come your way, but the challenges will be mostly inner challenges at this time. The challenges you will overcome are your own inner doubts and fears. Be compassionate with yourself, and encourage yourself like you would encourage the ones you love.

Relationships:  If you are in a relationship, your angels are saying you both have a strong bond. If you have faced any challenges in your relationship, you will overcome them, and in fact, these challenges will only make you come closer to each other. If you are single, be confident of yourself. Your confidence is what will shine through and attract to you a relationship that is worthy of you. Your partner might be a very courageous person too. He or she might come across as not taking their responsibilities seriously. Or they might feel like they are not interested in commitment. To help them you will need to use your superpower of compassion, and gentle persuasion. Do not try to bulldoze your way, because this situation needs your peaceful strength. 

Work/Money:  Your angels are saying that your desire to move forward and achieve more will be fulfilled. And what is needed here is your confidence, your courage. Speak up where you have to. If you need a new job, be brave enough to take steps to find one. If you feel you should get a raise or promotion, speak up. If you want to start your own business, have the self-confidence to make your dreams come true. And where money is concerned, all will be well. Just make sure you do not make any impulsive purchases, decisions, or investments.

Health:  Your health will be improving a lot. If you have been over-indulging, then you will need to start to have more self-control to live a healthier lifestyle. And this will be easier for you than for many others because of your ability to remain calm in the face of turmoil, and your inner strength. 

Spiritual Life:  If you put in the effort, you will see that you are coming closer to your Divine Self/Higher Self. As you merge more with your Higher Self, you will see your own life improve in beautiful ways. Your Higher Self will guide you in practical ways to improve your life, and at the same time will guide you to progress on your spiritual path.

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Have a BEAUTIFUL new week! 

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