Meet Your Guardian Angel


Why should we learn to communicate with our Guardian Angels?

They are here to guide us and protect us. If we are able to communicate with them, we make our lives easier, happier, and we help them do their jobs better. 

Learn to talk with your angels:

Our angels exist at much higher vibrations than us. So to meet them, and be able to converse with them, we need to find a common ground. We need to raise our vibrations, and they need to lower theirs a bit. We need to improve our psychic senses (we all have psychic senses – we are born with them), so we can communicate better.

Here is one simple way to raise your vibration and ask your guardian angel for help and advice (or you can watch the video above):

  1. Settle down comfortably and close your eyes.
  2. Breathe comfortably and easily, and focus on your breath for just a few minutes.
  3. Bring your focus to your heart.
  4. See a golden ball of light in your heart.
  5. Each time you inhale, make this light brighter, and each time you exhale, make the light bigger.
  6. Do this till you are filled with golden light and you are sitting within a bright ball of golden light.
  7. Now imagine a beautiful place. You can imagine it any way you want — a waterfall, beach, mountain, garden…anything that you find beautiful. Take a few minutes to imagine this place.
  8. Now imagine a bench there. Imagine sitting on the bench.
  9. Ask your guardian angel to come to sit next to you.
  10. If you are very visual, you will see someone come and sit next to you. If you are more a person who feels rather than see, you will sense a beautiful presence sit next to you.
  11. Notice whatever you see or feel.
  12. Begin by asking simple questions. And practice 'hearing'. You will most probably hear the answers as thoughts, or feelings, or a sudden knowing.
  13. Do not get stressed and work hard. This is not about working hard. This is about relaxing and allowing.
  14. If you are not able to hear anything at first, start making up a conversation in your mind. You will notice that with daily practice, you will start having real and valuable conversations with your Guardian Angel. Always remind yourself this takes practice, and that at first making up a conversation is key to this process. Do not worry, you will realize that very soon it not a made-up conversation anymore.

Please remember this takes practice. So set aside some time daily to practice. The more you practice, the better you get at this.

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